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The SI Swimsuit issue is a relic of the past. An ode to a Latvian hockey goalie. And a funny video with balancing goats


Just a quick and chilling reminder as I, and millions of others, enjoy the spectacle of the Olympic Games from Russia, about just what kind of country these Games are being held in: Wednesday, members of the band Pussy Riot were whipped and beaten in public while trying to hold a protest performance. Watch the video; it’s horrifying.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue arrived in the mail on Wednesday.

And I shrugged. I’ll probably look through it in a couple of days, ogle a few of the beauties in it (Kate Upton is beyond gorgeous in my book), and then toss it aside, never to be looked at again.

It’s kind of hard to overstate how much teenage boys with raging hormones like me in the 1980s and ’90s loved and looked forward to the SI Swimsuit issue.  We had no Cinemax, no Playboy channel, no Internet porn. We had the occasional pilfered Victoria’s Secret catalog from a friend’s house, and we had the SI swimsuit issue.

My friend Andrew’s dad knew a guy who knew a guy who used to get the covers blown up into posters each year, and we thought that was the greatest thing ever, to have Elle MacPherson and Kathy Ireland staring down at you while you lay in bed.

The Swimsuit issue meant something to us, because it was a little dirty, yeah, but it was Sports Illustrated, which made it OK.

Now any kid with a modem and a free minute of time can see 47 naked women any time he wants.

It’s kind of anachronistic that SI still puts out a swimsuit issue, even one as “classic” as this year’s 50th anniversary (can’t wait to see how well Christie Brinkley and Cheryl Tiegs have aged).

The innocence has been long gone, but SI still trudges along.


**If you didn’t see the Canadian men’s hockey team’s 2-1 win over Latvia in the quarterfinals of the Olympic tournament in Sochi, I can understand you not caring too much about the game.

Canada is a much, much better team, they were expected to win, and they did, setting up a two-day festival of awesomeness of hockey, with America and our neighbor the north facing off Thursday for the gold medal in women’s hockey (noon on NBC), and the two nations facing off Friday at noon (on NBCSN) in the men’s semis.

But I want to write a few words about Canada’s win because of the amazing play of Latvia’s goalie.  Kristers Gudlevskis (above) is not anyone even hardcore hockey fans had heard of before Thursday, and he may never be heard from again.

But for one remarkable hockey game, he was as good as the best goalie in the world. Latvia had very little chance to win this game; they’re a tiny nation with only a handful of rinks, and it was a small miracle they even got this far.

And Canada pummeled Gudlevskis with 57 shots Thursday. Fifty-seven! That’s an enormous number. The Canadians came in waves, crashing shot after shot at Gudlevskis, but he kept stoning them and keeping the score tied at 1.

You saw Team Canada’s faces, and you saw frustration. Who in the hell was this Latvian goalie to ruin their Olympic dream?

The poor goalie was so exhausted they were giving him ice packs during stoppages of play, and he looked about ready to keel over several times. But he kept making save after save until finally, late in the third period, Canada scored to take the lead.

There are so many heroes who come out of any Olympic Games, and most of them are famous because they achieved glory.

But one of my enduring memories from Sochi is definitely going to be the little goalie for this little country, coming oh-so-close to giving Latvia their own “Miracle on Ice.”

**And finally, some mindless fun: A video of goats on a sort-of balance beam. I totally think this should be an Olympic event someday:


Harvard’s shocking upset caps a great day of hoops. A kid asks Kate Upton to the prom, and she says maybe. And a man proposes to his anchorwoman girlfriend on live TV

We begin Good News Friday with the glorious news of a huge upset in the NCAA Tournament Thursday.
In case you didn’t stay up late and missed it, after a day of near-titanic upsets that didn’t happen, the scrappy kids from Harvard, a No.14 seed, beat powerful New Mexico, a No. 3 seed, Thursday night just before midnight.

They didn’t do it with anything fancy, no tricks or incredibly unusual plays. Just a solid, well-coached team beating a powerhouse who thought they could just walk in and roll over the “smart kids.”

It was a wonderful topper to a pretty good first day of Madness, of which I imbibed about 9 hours of.
Some quickie thoughts on a fun Day 1 of the Tournament:
— As great as I feel for Harvard, you have to bleed a little for the kids from Davidson and from Southern. Davidson, a 14 seed that’s a mid-major fixture at the NCAAs, was up six points against No.3 Marquette with a minute to go, and lost by a point, 59-58. The Wildcats made only one mistake and it killed them.

And Southern, a tiny school in Louisiana, came thisclose to being the first No. 16 seed to beat a No.1 seed, taking Gonzaga to the wire before falling by six. Southern tied the game at 56 with three minutes to go and upset-lovers like me were going nuts. But the Jaguars just couldn’t quite get it done, and were understandably devastated afterwards.(Here’s a great story from the NYT about what life as a No. 16 seed is like)

— It’s only the first day of the tournament, and I’m already sick of the Charles Barkley/Alec Baldwin Capital One commercials. Good Lord CBS and TNT run those things every timeout, it seemed.
— Thursday night near the end of Louisville’s beatdown of N.C. A&T these guys a few stools away from me started whooping and hollering and screaming “yes” and “no!” in the final minute of a 30-point blowout. Of course, they had money on the game, and only cared about covering the point spread or the over/under or some idiotic thing like that.

Call me a prude or a purist or whatever, but I hate, hate, hate people who watch sports games just because they bet on them. Totally ruins the fan experience to me, if that’s the ONLY reason you care.

— Watching the Tournament at a bar has lots of advantages, but one definite disadvantage is I don’t get to hear the announcers, so I didn’t get to hear Bill Raftery yell “Onions!” all day. I love me some Raftery. Just found out he’s doing the best game of the day on Saturday, VCU vs. Michigan, at 12:15 p.m. Both those teams looked very impressive Thursday.

**This was just the cutest thing. A local television news anchorwoman in Huntsville, Ala. named Jillian Pavlica was reading the news when her teleprompter told her there was some “Breaking News” to report.

Little did she know as she started reading that “she” was about to become the subject of the breaking news, as her boyfriend had planned to propose live on the air.

Pretty awesome.

**Finally, young Jake Davidson needed a date to the prom. So he made this video asking gorgeous supermodel Kate Upton if she’d go with him. It’s hilarious and self-effacing and was just cute enough to work; Upton saw it after it went viral and she said she’d check her schedule but would definitely like to go.
Even better, after watching Jake’s video above, check out this clip from the “Today” show Thursday where Kate Upton called in and talked to Jake while he was being interviewed; so sweet.