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Good News Friday: Dwayne Johnson can’t make a Minnesota girl’s prom, but does something even better. Truck drivers combine forces to prevent a suicide. And a beautiful gesture from Indiana U. students to an employee in need

And a Happy Friday to you! As I contemplate buying a Sam Darnold Jets jersey, and wonder how the Browns will somehow have screwed up having two picks in the top four, I say hi and how you be on this fine April Friday.

Lots of good stuff to choose from today but I gotta start with one of my favorite gestures by a celebrity in a long, long while. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known as an all-around good dude, an actor who gets it and uses his celebrity for the power of good.

Recently a high school student in Stillwater, Minn. named Katie Kelzenberg made a short video asking her idol, Johnson, to the prom. It was a cute video, one high school kids make all the time in this age of social media, and I’m sure Katie figured she’d maybe get a quick Tweet from Johnson, maybe a tiny bit of a thrill as he politely says no, something like that.

But oh no. The Rock doesn’t do anything “small,” and this gesture was massive. He “hijacked” Stillwater Area High School’s P.A. system, and sent this incredible message to Katie and her shell-shocked friends, renting out an entire theater for her to see his new movie “Rampage” with her friends.

The expressions on their faces while Johnson is on the PA are priceless. Very, very cool.

**Next up today, a very unusual story from Oak Park, Mich. (I seem to be featuring a lot of Michigan stories lately, right? Maybe I miss my awesome friends Anu and Abel who just moved back there.)

Around 1 a.m. on Monday night/Tuesday morning, semi-truck drivers in Oak Park got a distress call from area police: A man was standing on the edge of a local bridge, looking like he was ready to commit suicide by jumping onto the freeway below.

Thirteen truck drivers responded with a pretty fabulous move: They lined up their trucks under the bridge where the man was, providing a safe landing space in case he decided to jump.

The man didn’t.

This was not a random act of kindness by the truckers; the local police department told the Detroit News that the police and truckers have trained for this kind of a scenario, but they didn’t expect so many to show up.

Very interesting. And glad to see so many truckers show compassion for another person. The near-jumper is now receiving medical treatment.


**And finally today, one more small tale in one pocket of the world that makes the world a little better.

A student at Indiana University tweeted the below message a few days ago. It seems that a beloved IU employee named Oscar Arreaza, who works as a convenience store clerk on campus, had a financial need. His adult daughter Mariana, still living in Venezuela where the family is from, has been suffering from internal bleeding and needs a surgery soon. A surgery she and the family couldn’t afford.

A freshman named Becca Richter, who has befriended Oscar, agreed to help him raise a little money. Well, a “little money” has grown to $8,000, and the other day the students at IU presented their funds to Oscar. Watch the video below, and realize there’s SO much more good than bad in the world. Just look at this man’s face, and the joy and shock he feels at others’ generosity.