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An enormous win for the Jets over the Giants: I’m going to enjoy this one for a while. The Seahawks and Pats moving in different directions. And Julianne Moore, acting her ass off in Times Square


It’s not easy being a New York Jets fan, no matter where you live in the world.

But in New York, it’s really not easy. Because everywhere you go, everywhere you look, everywhere you listen and read, you’re reminded that the Giants are the best and most important football team in the state.

It’s the Giants who have the four Super Bowl titles, the Giants who are a first-class organization, the Giants who have the great tradition and fans and yada yada yada I want to throw up. Hell, for more than 20 years the Jets played their home games in a place called GIANTS STADIUM!

The Jets and their fans are second-class, and there has never been any doubt about that. There have been maybe five moments of my life as a football fan where I have thought, “I’m glad I’m a Jets fan. I’m glad when I was 6 years old I chose the Jets to root for, and not the Giants.”

The whole rest of the time, I definitely feel I made a mistake.

Which is why Sunday felt so incredible. So satisfying. So… great. For three quarters, big brother bullied little brother around the field, as the Giants grabbed a 20-10 lead. I was depressed, I was mad, I would’ve thrown things at the TV if I hadn’t been at my in-laws family Hanukkah party (oh and hey, Happy Hanukkah to my fellow Members of the Tribe out there.)

And then, the heavens opened, the angels sang, and Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Marshall decided to make some beautiful music. Giving me flashbacks to Ken O’Brien and Wesley Walker, the Jets QB and wide receiver just dominated the fourth quarter. The Jets scored 10 points to tie the game, the defense played great, and then in overtime, Gang Green kicked a go-ahead field goal.
The Giants drove down inside the Jets’ 30 and had a chance to tie, but Josh Brown’s 48-yard field goal try was wide, and euphoria erupted in Jets-ville.

Huge, huge win. Moves the Jets to 7-5 and firmly in the playoff race. So many heroes of this one, after such a miserable first few quarters. Fitzpatrick was sensational, best game a Jets QB has played in a decade. Marshall is the best Jets receiver since Keyshawn. Eric Decker was stellar, as was Bilal Powell, as was the defense for most of the game.

Man, this one feels good. So rare to be able to look down on the Giants. Maybe that’s not very polite of me, but dammit, it feels good.

Couple other quick-hit NFL thoughts…

— Looks like the Seahawks are back and ready to kick ass again. What a destruction of Minnesota Sunday.

— Patriots losing streaks are as rare as an interesting Bill Belichick quote, so pay attention to this one. New England fell way behind Philly Sunday, 35-14, and almost came all the way back before falling short. Pats are banged up big-time but suddenly Tom Brady’s crappy receivers are reverting back to form.

— The Falcons are done. Never seen a team go from 5-0 to 6-6 and look this bad. Disgraceful.

— Cam Newton for NFL MVP, and there really is no other choice. What a thrilling player he is to watch. I don’t care about his silly celebrations and histrionics; guy has grown up and has fun playing the game.

— The Cleveland Browns lost in epic fashion Monday night, and the Detroit Lions lost on a Hail Mary Thursday. Which reminds me once again: As miserable as it usually is being a Jets fan, I could still have it worse. I could root for the Browns or Lions.

**Finally today, maybe you’ve heard of the comedy show “Billy on the Street,” on TruTV, where Billy Eichner ambushes people on the street with funny comedy bits.

I don’t watch the show but have occasionally seen clips, and laughed. This one, though, is downright hysterical, and if my admiration for the awesomeness that is Julianne Moore could possibly be increased, it is now.

Billy and Julianne decide to go to Times Square and tell tourists that instead of giving money to begging schmoes in superhero costumes, they should make a small donation and watch an Oscar winner act out scenes from her movies.

The reactions are priceless; my two favorites are the woman walking behind Moore at 2:13, and the Japanese guy who has no freaking idea what is going on at 2:36. Warning: Definitely some NSFW language here, so use headphones if at your desk.

I love this so much.

The Growing Pains of Mark Sanchez, and Holder disappoints



Here’s just one tiny slice of what it’s like as a New York Jets fan:

This year’s Quarterback of the Future, a.k.a. the next Joe Namath, threw an interception return for a touchdown on his first pass. And frankly, I wasn’t even remotely surprised.

On his next throw, Mark Sanchez hit Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis right in the chest. Lewis dropped it.

About what I expected.

Earlier tonight, while I watched the Jets’ new hope show he’s, um, a rookie, I tried to remember all the young quarterbacks I’ve been excited about as a Jets fan for the last 29 years (I don’t count my first 5 years of life; no football memories back there).

There was Ken O’Brien, who, while very accurate, got sacked more often than Scott Bakula at the beginning of “Necessary Roughness,” (an underrated movie, in my opinion. I tried to link to a clip from the film here but not one single clip was on YouTube. A disgrace, people of this world, an outright disgrace! Anyway…)

There was the legendary Browning Nagle, who was going to be so awesome after a great 1991 preseason (then they went 4-12). Who could forget the magnificent Glenn Foley era, or the one that followed a few years later, the Glory that was Ray Lucas?

You get the point. All those guys after O’Brien stunk more than four-day-old garbage. And each time, like Charlie Brown running at Lucy, I get my hopes up.

So, I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic about this new kid, Sanchez. He’s saying all the right things, he’s respectful, seems to have a great attitude … but they all do at the beginning.

I thought after his first two atrocious throws, it would get better for No. 6. But then he botched a handoff exchange, totally mis-timed a pass to Jerricho Cotchery, and looked poor for most of the first half.

But God bless our new coach, Rex Ryan, who was going to leave Sanchez in there until something good happened. And it did; thanks to Leon Washington’s brilliance (a guy who I’ve been crowing about since he was a rookie, and yet they never give him the ball enough) and a great throw, Sanchez tossed a TD pass late in the half.

The kid ended up 3-for-8 with one pick; fortunately for him, Kellen Clemens stinks. I’m officially off the Clemens bandwagon; I’ve had more excuses for this guy than a kid with a late school project, but he’s just not that good. He’s making rookie mistakes in his FOURTH year.

So I guess Sanchez should be the starter; I mean, the Ravens are one of the best defenses in football, so it’s not that embarrassing that the kid stunk. I initially hoped Clemens would win the job and give Sanchez a chance to sit and watch for a while, but Kellen has shown me bubkes (it’s Yiddish, look it up. This blog is going multi-lingual!)

Other quick Jets-related thoughts after I just watched three quarters of preseason football (you could say I’m a little obsessed):

— I feel very good about Gang Green’s running game. Leon was terrific tonight, and Thomas Jones had some nice burst up the middle. Having Alan Faneca and Nick Mangold back was very nice to see.

— I’m loving what Rex Ryan is doing with the defense; these guys blitz and bring pressure from everywhere. I thought the first team D did a real good job, with the exception of the secondary, where Dwight Lowery continued to show why he belongs as a backup.

— Very worried about the receivers; I’m just not seeing any separation or play-making ability from anyone. I really don’t want them to bring in ultimate head case Brandon Marshall, but they need somebody who can make a play.

I think deep in his heart Ryan wants Sanchez to be the starting QB, but I think he should wait until after the Giants game this Saturday to decide. Neither guy earned the job tonight.

OK, repeating to myself: It’s only preseason, it’s only preseason (though I have to say I’m enjoying the new “MNF” booth; Jon Gruden is bringing something to the table, and he and Jaworski seem to have good chemistry).


Eric Holder, I had high hopes for you.

Finally, finally, you decide to appoint a prosecutor to look into all the torture of the alleged terrorists the Bush/Cheney gang rounded up. Finally, you had decided to you simply couldn’t look the other way, and that justice needed to be done as the previous administration picked up the Constitution and spit on it.

And yet, there are conditions. Always with my wimpy Democrats, there are conditions and caveats. As the outstanding Salon writer Glenn Greenwald points out here, Holder is just dipping a toe in. He’s basically saying that he’s just going after the guys who did more torture than sadists like Cheney and John Yoo approved, because Cheney and Yoo made the laws at the time (Seriously, it is frightening to know how much power John Yoo had in the last administration. Frightening).

Instead of vowing to go after anyone and everyone who authorized or encouraged torture performed by lower-level CIA or FBI employees, Holder barely dipped a toe in the water.

Watch this video again, and let it sink in: The United States of America tortured people. And once again, just like at Abu Gharaib, it looks like the low-level interrogators will be the only ones to suffer the consequences.

Maybe Holder will go further. For right now, he’s taken the first step. So I’m at least a little happy about that.