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A Good News Thanksgiving post: The 55-year-old first-time college football player amazes. My annual tribute to “Cheers” Thanksgiving food fight. And the greatest knitting Grandpa ever


With Thanksgiving coming up this week, your humble blogger and family are down in the great state of Maryland, visiting loved ones and meeting two new babies that were born in our family in the past year! Not going to have a blog post on Friday, so I’m posting a Good News Thanksgiving post today.

I have so much to be thankful for this year, as I hope most of you do. Sure, we’re about to have a sociopath leading the free world, but hey, comedy writers and late-night comedians will have plenty of material.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving. On with the show …

First up today, I love stories like this, of perseverance and of people getting to do something love, no matter how late in life it comes.

Joe Thomas, Sr., is 55 years old. He’s a college football running back for South Carolina State. You might say he’s a little bit older than his teammates; hell, he could be the father of all of his teammates.

He’s been practicing with S.C. State for a few years now; it seems Joe was a star football player in high school 40 years ago, but he wasn’t given the opportunity to play college ball (he was partially deaf as well). When his son, Joe Thomas Jr. (now in the NFL) enrolled at South Carolina State, Joe Sr. decided he wanted to give college a shot, and finally, last week, he was given a chance to play running back, carrying the ball once.

“It’s the happiest day of my life,” Thomas said.

How did he get here? SI.com did a great story on Thomas here.

**Next up today, I try to run this video every year around Thanksgiving, because it always makes me smile as one of the funniest TV scenes ever.

You’ve seen it before, but watch it again. “Cheers,” Carla’s house, Norm’s turkey won’t cook … and the best food fight ever.


**And finally today, this is just wonderful. An 86-year-old man in Atlanta named Ed Moseley learned to knit recently, so he could make thousands of little baby hats for preemies at a local hospital. (And as Toby on “The West Wing” learned years ago, babies come with hats!)

“I prevailed on my daughter to get a kit, and it comes with the right size loom and the right tools to help you knit one,” Moseley told ABC News. “I just followed the instructions. It was easy. Somehow I had never knitted, and I always associated knitting with a bunch of needles but this looked pretty doable for me. I went through two or three before I came out with a good finished product.”

“To have a gift left at the bedside, or a nurse put the hat on the little baby’s head, makes it all seem less like a hospital,” Linda Kelly, clinical manager of the special care nursery, said. “It’s important for families to see their baby as a baby and not as a patient. This will help to get the families to that spot.”

Those little premies are very lucky.