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I finally see “Bridesmaids:” Funny, but not epic. The Obama administration’s hideous war on medicinal pot. And Omar from “The Wire” on gay marriage

In my quest to see as many of the Oscar-nominated movies as I can before Sunday’s show (and I’m going to an Oscar party for the first time, don’t think I’m not excited!), I finally saw “Bridesmaids” on Monday, a movie I’d been wanting to see for a long time. I’d heard all the huzzahs and accolades thrust upon it, and figured I’d be among the legions who loved it.

And, you know, it was funny. The concept was good, Kristen Wiig had some great lines (especially in the airplane scene, which was stellar) and Melissa McCarthy was every bit as awesome as I’d heard she was.

But frankly, I expected more. I only belly-laughed a couple of times, the much-discussed scene in the bridal store with the wedding dresses and the food poisoning was only a little amusing, and I was surprised at how little depth they gave most of the characters in the movie (the police officer, the other bridesmaids, etc.)
It was never quite clear why Maya Rudolph freaked out on the morning of her wedding day, and there were long periods of the movie where I felt like the story was dragging.

Hey, I’m happy it made so much money, and I’d love to see more female-driven comedies made, because men have dominated movies for far too long.

I was just a little surprised “Bridesmaids” wasn’t funnier.

**Yet another way the Obama administration has reneged on its promises (to add to the list about closing Guantanamo, no longer holding terror suspects indefinitely, and standing up to the oil companies) is in the issue of medical marijuana.
In the campaign Obama swore up and down that he would leave legal medical marijuana dispensaries alone, and wouldn’t waste federal time and resources on these businesses.

And yet, as this searing Rolling Stone story points out, Obama has sailed past W.’s administration in enforcement in this area, and now it appears that Los Angeles may consider banning medical pot altogether.

So freaking disappointing to see this President and his administration completely go against what he said he’d do. And so disappointing to see states’ rights get trampled upon yet again by this b.s. about a “war on drugs.”

**Finally today, my main man Omar Little from “The Wire,” the greatest television show in history, has come out in support of marriage equality. It’s a big issue in Maryland right now (where “The Wire” took place, of course), with the state Senate poised to pass an equality law today, before it gets approved by Democratic governor Martin O’Malley (who, by the way, was the inspiration for Mayor Carcetti in “The Wire.”)

Anyway, here’s Michael K. Williams with a short, beautiful endorsement. Omar listening!