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A new edition of “The Daddy Chronicles,” starring my 2-year-old who turned into the devil for 3 weeks. But he’s fine now

And a Happy Friday to you all! It’s March Madness time, I’m sure some of you already lost your office pool after one day, not to worry, that’s happened to me too.

As I’m consumed with all things hoops right now, I thought it was time for an update on my little guy. It’s been an … interesting few months since I last wrote about him. Nate turned 2 1/2 last Friday, which means he’s halfway to 5 (sniff, sniff, it’s going TOO fast) but also means he’s fully embraced the Terrible 2’s.

Let’s start there, with the latest edition of “The Daddy Chronicles…”

— So yeah, about a month ago, we took Nate to “Sesame Street Live,” and I swear the kid who went to the show and the kid who woke up the next morning were two different boys. I’m not saying Elmo or Big Bird sent a laser through the theater and zapped my boy’s brain and turned him from a delightful, hassle-free toddler into a tantrum-throwing menace, but something happened that day.
Because my sweet boy went on a three-week bender of bad behavior that Gary Busey or Charlie Sheen would approve of. Suddenly everything was a fight, and screaming and yelling was ever-present. From not wanting to get dressed, to crying hysterically because I took my phone back, to refusing to go to new places, my boy embraced the Terrible 2’s in all their glory. I was prepared for the worst, especially when our pediatrician helpfully said “The Terrible 2’s actually peak at 3.”

And then about a week ago, the sweet child returned, mostly. He’s about 90 percent back to normal, being the helpful, inquisitive, happy boy he was before. He’s becoming a little too addicted to watching YouTube videos of Sesame Street featuring celebrities (Adam Sandler and Jason Mraz are current favorites) but otherwise, he’s great. It was just a weird, weird few weeks.

**So this was amusing: We went to see some friends in South Jersey a few weeks ago, and they have twin 10-year-old boys and a 7-year-old girl. In the backyard of their house they have a small swing-set, just a slide, a couple of swings, a tire, nothing fancy but perfectly fun.  While we were getting ready to leave their house and go to a nearby playground, Nate was out there for a few minutes. When it was time to go, he resisted.

“No. I want to stay at this playground!” he said, over and over. We tried to explain this was just our friends’ backyard, but he was unmoved. Hey, to a NYC toddler, a swing and a slide is a playground!

— New accomplishments include: He’s able to identify all colors and almost all shapes (the rectangle still trips him up; he calls it a square, a totally understandable mistake), he can count to 20, and he’s able to open and close the front door to our apartment. So that’s fun.

— He’s very big with the phrase “I need” right now. Ten times a day I’m hearing “I NEED to watch “Sesame Street,” or “I need to to look at Daddy’s phone,” or “I need to find out how you grownups let Donald Trump get elected President.” (Hey, he’s my kid. OK, I made that last one up.) He is so sincere with it that I think he might actually perish if he doesn’t watch TV at that very moment.

— He has three sets of pajamas that he loves the most: A set of New York Rangers pajamas, a set of Duke pajamas (he wears them on game nights, when Daddy suggests it) and pajama pants that have the logos of all 30 National Hockey League teams. When we wears the Rangers ones, he says “Let’s go Rangers!” When he wears the Duke ones, he says “Let’s go Duke!”

And when he wears the hockey pants, he happily shouts “Let’s go hockey pants!”
First time he did it the wife and I almost fell on the floor laughing.

**Here’s Nate and his girlfriend Keira, just about his favorite playmate. They do this when they get to the park just about every time. The squealing and the joy!

— OK I have to close on a sappy one: A recent favorite book of his is “Good Night Gorilla.” It has very few words, mostly pictures, and we’ve read it a lot. A few months ago we noticed Nate pretty much knows it by heart. So now he reads it to us, happily, and when he finishes he smiles brightly and says “I read it all by myself!” with such a prideful look on his face.

We melt every time.