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Another despicable act by the Cheney family. A creepy new Microsoft invention. And remembering Merlin Olsen

More proof that Dick Cheney isn’t the only insane one in the family…

You may have heard about this story by now, but if not, a group called Keep America Safe, a right-wing lobbying group, has launched a line of attack against seven Department of Justice lawyers.

What did these lawyers do, you may ask? Well, they had the temerity, the gall, the absolute chutzpah, to previously do work on behalf of suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay.

So, in the twisted and warped logic of Dick Cheney’s offspring and her fellow moronic brethren, doing work on behalf of Guantanamo Bay detainee makes you an Al-Qaeda sympathizer. Seriously, check out this video they put out, and be frightened:

Look, even conservatives are calling Cheney out on this one. People like Kenneth Starr and Larry D. Thompson (a Bush solicitor general) are saying this is ridiculous, that lawyers defend unpopular defendants all the time, that calling these lawyers “The Al-Qaida Seven” is crazy.

Disgusting. But what I’ve come to expect from a scared, idea-free Republican party, that only knows how to scare people and tries desperately to call anyone it doesn’t like a terrorist sympathizer.

Now, for a truly hilarious take on Cheney’s attack, I turn to the wonderful Rachel Maddow:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**So this is creepy. Microsoft is developing a new product called “Skinput,” which will actually allow you to turn your body into a touch-screen.

As in, you could listen to your iPod on your arm, or surf the Internet on your inner thigh. I won’t even go anywhere near the 100 jokes I can make about touch-screen fun you can have on other parts of your body.

But this is kind of gross. Check out the demo and the details here.

**And now, a few minutes with the late great Merlin Olsen, aka Father Murphy on one of the best shows ever, “Little House on the Prairie.”