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Another disgraceful handling of a campus rape. Louis CK with wise words on fatherhood. And “Masters of Sex” is back!


You would like to think that with the epidemic of college campus rape being so well-known, and so exhaustively written about and explored, that schools would be better at dealing with it by now.
You would think ALL schools would realize how stacked the deck always is against the victim, how especially when it’s a young woman’s words and version of events, and indisputable medical proof, against varsity football players who have lied and changed their story through the course an investigation, that some form of justice would be done.

You would think that maybe, just maybe, campus police would be more thorough, that judicial panels of university administrators wouldn’t be so callous and clueless in conducting a “trial” of sorts. But sadly once again, you’d be wrong.

In the latest despicable act of “justice,” I read this story in the Sunday New York Times about a freshman at Hobart and William Smith Colleges named Anna, her harrowing experience of being raped, and the horrendously bad conduct of the school in looking into it.

Needless to say, the three assailants got away pretty much scot-free, Anna is scarred for life, and Hobart and William Smith appear to have not a clue as to how to look at this.

As you read this story (and it’s long, but excellent), think about this from a letter to the editor Tuesday, about the story:

“Rape is a serious violent crime. College administrations have shown themselves time and again to be completely incompetent when addressing charges of sexual assault. Why do we allow this process in the first place? Would we allow a college administration to investigate a kidnapping? Would we allow it to adjudicate a murder charge? Of course not.”

**Next up, Louis CK made these comments about fatherhood back in 2010, but I just ran across them on Upworthy.com this week.

For once, Louie isn’t strictly trying to just be funny, but actually offers some pretty sound advice, advice I definitely plan on following.


**Finally, so happy that one of my favorite shows of last year, one that surprised the hell out of me with how good it was, is back to save us from this TV wasteland of summer.

If you’re not already watching “Masters of Sex” on Showtime, I highly, highly recommend it. Telling the story of real-life groundbreaking sex researchers (and eventual lovers) William Masters and Virginia Johnson in the 1950s, this show gives us the complex dynamics of two people who were dedicated to their work, mocked by the medical establishment, yet keep pressing on.

The acting is tremendous; Michael Sheen (who in real life is now dating Sarah Silverman, which just seems so odd, those 2 together) and Lizzy Caplan are fantastic, and the supporting cast is great too (Beau Bridges and Allison Janney, as a couple struggling with a whole lot more than I can briefly explain here, both just got Emmy nominations for their roles in “Masters of Sex”).

The writing is sharp, sometimes funny, and always interesting. Season 2 started off with a great episode Sunday night (you can watch it for free here); definitely a good time to get into this show if you haven’t already.

Sure, there’s lots of sex and nudity in it (rarely a bad thing), but that’s almost banal and beside the point in this show. It’s just terrific.