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Good News Friday: Could you buy everything in that Barenaked Ladies song for a million dollars, for real? Barack Obama with a 25th anniversary tribute to his wife. And the 4-foot-8 high school football player rules. And she’s a girl.

It has been a rough week, filled with tears, anger and sadness. So I want to start off Good News Friday with something completely silly and also awesome.

Luke Martin is an e-migo of mine; we’ll probably never meet in person but we get along great on Twitter because he’s hilarious and smart (I linked to one of his posts a while back, on the death of his dog, which was really movingly written.

Anyway, Luke decided, because, why not, to look at the Barenaked Ladies classic song “If I had a million dollars” literally. He examined the lyrics and the things BNL said they’d buy, and figured out how much of today’s 2017 dollars it would cost to get them all.

Luke told me he spent about six hours doing this article, which I find hilarious and awesome. He discovered that John Merrick’s remains (he’s more famously known as The Elephant Man) are actually NOT for sale, what a K-Car actually is, what the going price for a llama or an emu is, and how hard it is to find fancy ketchup.

If you are looking to completely take your mind off the world and get lost in something really fun and mostly meaningless, I highly recommend reading this.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I plan to spend all weekend trying to find out how much 99 Luftballoons cost these days.

**Next up today, Wednesday was Barack and Michelle Obama’s 25th wedding anniversary. Anyone being married for 25 years is impressive and worthy of celebration in my eyes, but being in the public eye for the last 13 years of their marriage must make it harder.

Michelle was in the middle of a conference of women in Pennsylvania, on stage with Shonda Rimes, when a video tribute from Barack suddenly surprised her.

This is really, really beautiful; we should all hope our spouses talk this way about us after 25 years.

**And finally, Felicia Perez is a 4-foot-8 student at Brandywine High School in Wilmington, Del. She’s also a linebacker on the football team.

And she plays a lot. And she’s pretty courageous, and the boys on her team swear by her.

Steve Hartman of CBS News with another great human interest piece. I love this girl.

VP debate shows Pence gloriously ignoring reality and who he’s actually running with. An awesome mothers and sons ad from IKEA. And a beautiful essay from a dog owner about the end for his pooch


Watching Tuesday night’s vice-presidential debate, I tried to think of any great moments or lines from any vice-presidential debate, ever, in America.

I thought for 10 minutes. I came up with two: Lloyd Bentsen, in 1988, telling Dan Quayle “Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine.  Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

And the other one I remembered was Admiral James Stockdale, Ross Perot’s running mate in 1992, seeming strange when asking “Who am I? Why am I here?”

But that’s about it. VP debates get a lot of attention but nothing really too interesting tends to happen in them.

Still, this VP debate seemed like it might be interesting strictly because Mike Pence would, theoretically, have to defend at least some of the 9,323 batshit crazy things GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump has said in the past 15 months.

I mean that’s what a VP candidate does, right, defend the person at the top of the ticket and explain why criticisms of them are all wrong, and why their candidate is the best answer for America?

Except, that’s not what happened Tuesday night. Pence, bless his anti-abortion, anti-gay heart, pretty much ignored or lied about all the Trump statements he was confronted with. He just smiled and laughed and pivoted every single Trump statement into an attack on Hillary Clinton. It was almost as if Trump wasn’t his running mate.

Truly, it was dizzying. Josh Barro of MSNBC and Business Insider summed it up best in this Tweet: “I’m not sure it works when Pence acts incredulous at actual things his running mate said. These things got lots of news coverage.”

Not in Mike Pence’s world! Other thoughts from a debate that seemed to me like a draw.

— Kaine interrupted too much. I understand why he did, because Pence was lying through his teeth, but he still came off badly when he constantly cut in.

— Always fun when the phrase “whipped out that Mexican thing again” comes up in a political debate. Oh, sometimes the “South Park” and “SNL” episodes write themselves.

— The candidates were asked about religion. It’s 2016. I long for the day, and I hope I’m alive for it, when it matters not a whit what the religious beliefs of politicians are. I mean, unless they’re bringing church and state back together (as if they’re not already in many states) or banning people of a certain religion, who cares? (Looks back at what Trump said, starts to reconsider). Oh, wait…

**Next up today, my super-smart friend Catherine, a mother of two, put this French IKEA commercial about a Mom and her son on her Facebook page last week and I just about started crying at the end.

Watched it a few more times, and yeah, it got dusty in my apartment. Crazy to think my little 2-year-old munchkin will grow up to be so big one day. Love, love, love this ad.


**And finally today, some people you meet on the Internet scare you terribly, and you’re thrilled you never have to actually meet them. Others, you find you have a great kinship with, and are totally sure you’d be pals in real life if you lived anywhere near each other.

Luke Martin is a Southerner, a fellow Dad, and a bit of a baseball nut (OK, so except for the fatherhood thing, we don’t have much in common). He’s also hilarious and smart on Twitter, and he wrote something Tuesday on his blog that just about blew me away.

It’s on an emotional subject for millions of people: The day you realize you have to put your beloved family dog to sleep. I was there the day my Dad put his beloved golden retriever to sleep (I was already an adult), and it was brutal.  That day happened recently for Luke and his dog, Wrigley (that’s her, above). His piece is human, and touching. A brief excerpt here:

After we went in to say our goodbyes in the exam room, the vet asked if I wanted to be in there with her when they performed the procedure. I’d gone back and forth on that and at the time, didn’t want to be there. Now, however, I wonder if I made a mistake in not being there. As we were leaving, she looked so nervous, but I don’t know if that’s because she always is at the vet’s office or if she knew what was about to happen.

But I’ll choose to remember her not like that, but as the enthusiastic dog who wanted to go for a walk every afternoon around the lake. That’s the fun, loving, affectionate dog I want to keep in my memory.

I highly, highly encourage you to read the whole piece here. I’m not a dog lover and dammit, even I was getting choked up.