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Are we the same people we were in college? A brave young woman from Pakistan speaks out. And the man who forgot his fiancee on their honeymoon


So October, 2013 has turned out to be nostalgia month in my life, as I’ve got reunions with people from my past on back-to-back weekends.

This Saturday night I’m going to my 20-year high school reunion, which wasn’t organized by the school and will only be attended by about 50 of the 420 kids I graduated with at Commack High School in 1993, but still, it should be interesting. Lots of people I didn’t really like in high school will be there, and I’m curious to see how they turned out.

Last weekend was a reunion I eagerly awaited; my smart and funny friend April from my old college newspaper at Delaware arranged a gathering of about 25 former staffers of The Review, our kick-ass school paper.(that’s a staff photo, above, circa 1995).

I hadn’t seen most of these people in 16 years or so, and what struck me most when I looked around the picnic tables while we all ate was not just how different almost everyone looked (except my old friend Pete, who looked exactly at 38 how he looked at 18, and damn did that tick me off :), but how so many of us were still somewhat living the dream, and how happy most of them seem.

We all wanted to grow up to be famous journalists, and while none of my old crew is really well-known (my boy Pearlman wasn’t there, and let’s face it, he’s probably semi-famous at best), many of them are still in the journalism biz. Some of us have been laid off, some of us found greener pastures elsewhere (we’ve got a few professors, a few PR people among us now, and even a medical health professional), but just about all of them seemed content with their life. It was heartwarming to see.

When we’re 19, we have no idea what our life will be like. We dream of happiness and success, but who knows if it’ll ever be achieved. We grow up, become adults with kids and spouses and responsibilities, and we change.

But I was really pleased to see that for a lot of my old chums, that dream of happiness and contentment has been realized.
And it’s never to late to get famous, right?

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Malala Yousafzai

Next up, a brief but remarkable interview from “The Daily Show” last week, where Jon Stewart had on one of his bravest guests yet. Her name is Malala Yousafzai, and maybe you’re familiar with her story: She’s a 16-year-old Pakistani woman who was targeted for assassination by the Taliban after campaigning for women’s rights and education in her native Pakistan.

She’s written a new book, and here she tells about why she feels education is so important for women, why she stood up to the Taliban, and more. She left Jon Stewart speechless, which is hard to.

What a courageous, heroic young woman.

**Finally today, I love this story so much. It seems a man on his honeymoon with his new bride made a bit of a faux pas the other day: He left her at a gas station and didn’t realize it for 2 1/2 hours while driving.

The German fellow took off in the car without his bride because he knew she had been sleeping in the backseat of their mini-van on the trip.

She had gone to use the restroom when he filled up for gas, and she came out to find herself stranded with no phone or way to reach him, as her new husband had gotten back in the car and driven away.

OK, I’ll give the guy a break, he thought she was sleeping.
But it took him 125 miles to realize she wasn’t in the car anymore!

“I’m not angry with my husband,” the bride said. “He didn’t mean it.”

OK, maybe not, but he’s going to be hearing about this for the rest of his natural-born life.