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Good News Friday: An amazing women’s hockey game won by Canada. A wonderful essay on stay-at-home Moms. And Dave Barry, always funny


Probably going to spend Friday in a bad mood after Duke blew that game against the Tar Heels Thursday night. Made me mad. But hey, lots of other good stuff happening… like this awesome billboard. What if neither country was the Beebs?

I’ve watched tens of thousands of sporting events in my life, and probably hundreds of games contested by women at all levels.

Never seen a better women’s sporting event than Canada-USA women’s hockey, for the gold medal, at the Olympics Thursday.

Any idiot who thinks women’s sports can’t be as compelling as men’s should be forced, “Clockwork Orange”-style, to watch that magnificent game.

My heart was in my throat for the whole third period, when it looked like the American team would win, and was up 2-0.

Then Canada came back on a fluky goal, and it was 2-1, with 3:30 left. And the clock. Would. Not. Move. It looked like it was frozen.

So many reasons to root for Team USA in this one; Canada has won the last three gold medals in women’s ice hockey, and Team USA hadn’t won one since 1998.

Every time it looks like America is finally the equal of our neighbors to the north, Canada comes back and wins.

But this time, this time was different… especially when Canada pulled their goalie down a goal and the U.S. shot toward the empty net for a game-clinching score… and it went off the post.

So of course Canada ties it up in the final minute, and wins in overtime.

So heartbreaking. Loved the intensity of this game, the hitting (I thought there was no checking in women’s hockey?) the skill of players like Amanda Kessel, Julie Chu, Marie-Philip Poulin, Hayley Wickenheiser, etc.

Two very cool videos I want to share about this one. One, below, is the reaction of two Canada radio hosts, Tim and Sid, who were watching the game while on the air, then exploded with joy when it was over. Hilarious to watch Canadians trash-talk:

And then there’s this video of Team Canada singing their national anthem after getting their medals. Very, very cool.

And today, the men’s teams play each other. Time for some revenge

**Next up, a terrific story written by a man, Matt Walsh, who’s sick and tired of people thinking less of his wife because she’s a stay-at-home Mom. Walsh has been hearing all kinds of comments like the ridiculous “What does she do all day?” (His response:  “My wife never stops working. Meanwhile, it’s the middle of the afternoon and we’re both at a coffee shop. I’m sure my wife would love to have time to sit down and drink a coffee. It’s nice to get a break, isn’t it?”) and he’s tired of it.

His essay is eloquent, heartfelt, and one that everyone should read. Taking care of kids is a full-time job; ask anyone who’s ever tried it.

You go, Matt Walsh.


**Finally today, I rarely link to Dave Barry’s pieces, but every time I read one I think, “Why don’t I read him more?”

Barry, formerly of the Miami Herald, just might be the funniest man in America, and if you’ve ever read any of his books (mostly collections of columns), you know how side-splitting he can be.

Here’s Barry’s column from today’s Wall Street Journal, an excerpt from his forthcoming book. It’s brilliant, as usual. Here’s an excerpt:

Today everything is convenient. You cook your meals by pushing a microwave button. Your car shifts itself, and your GPS tells you where to go. If you go to a men’s public restroom, you don’t even have to flush the urinal! This tedious chore is a thing of the past because the urinal now has a small electronic “eye” connected to the Central Restroom Command Post, located deep underground somewhere near Omaha, Neb., where highly trained workers watch you on high-definition TV screens and make the flush decision for you. (“I say we push the button.” “Wait, not yet!”)