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An outrageous anti-teacher comment from the governor of Kentucky. Truly, you gotta hear what he said. A very cool hockey player persists to give a fan a puck. And a Starbucks in Philly arrests two guys, basically, for being black.

You would think, about 16 months into the still-unfathomable Donald Trump presidency, that we Americans would have lost the capacity to be stunned.

That there has been so many outrageous things said or done, so much impossible-to-believe coming from the White House and its’ man-baby’s Twitter account, so much corruption, incompetence and sheer … meanness from this administration and modern-day Republicans, that nothing would stun anymore.

And yet, let me introduce you to Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. Elected in a Tea-Party-fueled race three years ago, Bevin had until-now been a mostly-under-the-national radar politician, doing his Tea Party best to end Obamacare in his state, cutting spending, cutting vital social services; the usual playbook.

Then came Friday, when teachers across the state protested their working conditions, and the fact that Kentucky teachers earn an average of $33,955 per year, 26 percent below the national average. And here came Matt Bevin, angry that teachers walked out and protested on Friday, and he was going to be very clear how much he hated that.

Just please, watch the first 30 seconds of this, and see if your head explodes.

Let me write that out, maybe it won’t sound as shocking.
“I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them,” Bevin said. “I guarantee you somewhere today a child was physically harmed, or ingested poison, because they were home alone. Because a single parent didn’t have money to take care of them.”

Nope, it’s just as stunning reading it. I mean… is he FREAKING KIDDING ME???

Children were sexually assaulted because teachers wanted a better wage. Children ingested POISON because selfish, greedy educators weren’t there to teach them.

As many, many people pointed out, does this mean Bevin is cancelling vacations, summer break, and the like? Because wouldn’t parents need childcare then, too?

Bevin’s comments created an uproar, and he tried to “apologize” in that way spineless people apologize these days, not actually saying “I’m sorry,” or “I was wrong,” but this bullshit of  I’m sorry “for those who have been hurt by the things that I said.”

Not at all an apology.

I just can’t even believe a human being would be that stupid to say something like this.

**Next up, a little palate-cleanser before I get to the other story this weekend that outraged me.

Hockey players are the best, Part 4,323: Before the Washington Capitals-Columbus Blue Jackets game Sunday night, an adorable little Caps fan banged on the glass during pregame to ask for a puck. Washington player Brett Connolly tried to flip her a puck, and some other people took it.

Tried again, and well, just watch. That little girl’s face when she didn’t get the puck the first time… just tragic.

Good job, Brett Connolly.

**And finally today, “Driving while Black” has been a thing in our culture for decades, the idea that people of color, especially African-Americans, get pulled over, harassed and arrested way more than do white people.

But “Starbucks while Black?” That’s a new one. The other night at a Starbucks in Philadelphia, two African-American men were standing inside waiting to meet a friend. They hadn’t ordered anything yet, but they were peacefully, quietly standing there.

This happens at every Starbucks, every day, all across America. Nothing happens.
Except somehow, after they attempted to use the bathroom without having bought anything, a Starbucks employee at the store called the police, claimed the two men (who have not been identified) were “loitering” and soon after they were arrested. Released eight hours later, but put in handcuffs, and taken away.

Watch the video as the man they were there to meet, real estate developer Andrew Yaffe, tries to ask the police what the men did. And how white people stand around at Starbucks for hours, doing the exact same thing.

Shit like this is what I tell my friends on the other side of the political aisle when they laughably claim racism isn’t that big a problem in America anymore, and that “white people are losing everything,” and minorities have just as much chance at social, and criminal justice equality, and all that nonsense.

Try being black in America for five minutes. See how “equal” your treatment is.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson apologized, called the incident “reprehensible.” Which is good. But man, we still have SO far to go on race relations in this country. So, so far to go.