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The Best of Good News Friday, 2017 Part 2: The father who interviewed his daughter on her first day of school, for 12 years, makes a beautiful movie. A Utah police officer sings to a blind woman in need of joy. And WWE’s John Cena meets those whose lives he’s changed

And a Happy Friday to you all out there from freezing-cold New York City, where I think the temperature was, and I’m not making this up, minus-211 today. Holy mother of God was it freezing. Anyway, hope wherever you are on this final Friday of 2017, you are warm. And I hope you have a great New Year’s Eve filled with champagne and resolutions you’ll break by MLK Day.

Continuing what I started on Wednesday, wanted to finish off 2017 with Part 2 of the “Best of Good News Friday” posts; I so enjoy doing these each week, but these three particularly brought me a ton of joy this year.

First up, maybe my favorite video of the year. A Seattle man named Kevin Scruggs has two teenage daughters, and about 12 years ago he had an idea: He interviewed them on the first day of school, every year, and filmed their thoughts. Then, with oldest daughter MacKenzie graduating high school this year, he spliced the video together, and gives us three minutes of tearduct-activating beauty.

My little guy started preschool in September, and the new guy won’t start school for three years. But I’m already imagining how hard it’s going to be when they graduate high school. This video gave me, as the kids say, all the feels, each time I watched it.

**Next up, this was definitely one of my favorite posts of the year: Officer Kristian Johnson of Utah’s Logan City Police Department was called to help Shirley Hardman with a microwave that wouldn’t stop beeping after she warmed a muffin. (I can relate, Shirley, a beeping microwave that won’t stop is enough to send me into a silent rage.)  Hardman recently experienced a kitchen fire, and because she is blind, she was nervous about a fire occurring again. She called the operator for help, who connected her with the police. A short time later, Officer Johnson was on his way.

After clearing the microwave’s error code, Johnson asked Hardman if there was anything left he could do for her.

She asked him to sing. He tried to beg off at first, but then did a perfectly-passable “You are My Sunshine.”

Just a beautiful moment, showing we’re all in this together.

**And finally, WWE wrestler John Cena didn’t know when he was called to appear to promote a sponsor of his, Cricket Wireless, that he’d be hearing from, and meeting some of this biggest fans. People whose lives he’d changed, get a chance to say thank you.

Whether you’re a wrestling fan or hate the sport, this video is special. I loved the hug between Cena and the little boy about halfway through; just such a wonderful, emotional moment.

I say once again: It takes so little to make so someone feel better. And as always, remember there is SO much more good than bad in the world. So much more.

See you in 2018.