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I finally see “Bridesmaids:” Funny, but not epic. The Obama administration’s hideous war on medicinal pot. And Omar from “The Wire” on gay marriage

In my quest to see as many of the Oscar-nominated movies as I can before Sunday’s show (and I’m going to an Oscar party for the first time, don’t think I’m not excited!), I finally saw “Bridesmaids” on Monday, a movie I’d been wanting to see for a long time. I’d heard all the huzzahs and accolades thrust upon it, and figured I’d be among the legions who loved it.

And, you know, it was funny. The concept was good, Kristen Wiig had some great lines (especially in the airplane scene, which was stellar) and Melissa McCarthy was every bit as awesome as I’d heard she was.

But frankly, I expected more. I only belly-laughed a couple of times, the much-discussed scene in the bridal store with the wedding dresses and the food poisoning was only a little amusing, and I was surprised at how little depth they gave most of the characters in the movie (the police officer, the other bridesmaids, etc.)
It was never quite clear why Maya Rudolph freaked out on the morning of her wedding day, and there were long periods of the movie where I felt like the story was dragging.

Hey, I’m happy it made so much money, and I’d love to see more female-driven comedies made, because men have dominated movies for far too long.

I was just a little surprised “Bridesmaids” wasn’t funnier.

**Yet another way the Obama administration has reneged on its promises (to add to the list about closing Guantanamo, no longer holding terror suspects indefinitely, and standing up to the oil companies) is in the issue of medical marijuana.
In the campaign Obama swore up and down that he would leave legal medical marijuana dispensaries alone, and wouldn’t waste federal time and resources on these businesses.

And yet, as this searing Rolling Stone story points out, Obama has sailed past W.’s administration in enforcement in this area, and now it appears that Los Angeles may consider banning medical pot altogether.

So freaking disappointing to see this President and his administration completely go against what he said he’d do. And so disappointing to see states’ rights get trampled upon yet again by this b.s. about a “war on drugs.”

**Finally today, my main man Omar Little from “The Wire,” the greatest television show in history, has come out in support of marriage equality. It’s a big issue in Maryland right now (where “The Wire” took place, of course), with the state Senate poised to pass an equality law today, before it gets approved by Democratic governor Martin O’Malley (who, by the way, was the inspiration for Mayor Carcetti in “The Wire.”)

Anyway, here’s Michael K. Williams with a short, beautiful endorsement. Omar listening!


More disgusting behavior by Walmart. And the manic energy of NYC

I’ve written before, and stood on a soapbox for friends and family, about my utter disgust for the Walmart corporation. I’m not going to run down the laundry list of grievances I have with them, but recently they added yet another disgraceful chapter to their reputation

Meet Joseph Casias of Michigan, an ex-Walmart employee. Joseph suffered from a rare cancer in his nasal cavity, and to ease his suffering a doctor had prescribed legal, medical marijuana for him. Casias was, by all accounts, a model employee (he was named 2008 Associate of the Year by his Michigan store), and never came to work high or stoned or in any way allowed his pain medication to affect his work. Walmart also knew of Casias’ medical condition and his medical marijuana prescription.

Then in November, 2009, Walmart fired Casias for failing a company drug test. Even though, once again, medical pot is legal in the state of Michigan.

The ACLU is suing Walmart, and I sure as hell hope they win. This is a ridiculous case. Here’s Walmart’s side of things.

**Spent the entire day Thursday running around New York City, doing various and sundry things. I’ve written this before, I’m sure, but every time I come back to New York I’m reinvigorated just walking around Manhattan. The energy from the people on the street is just incredible, and the cornucupia of sounds, sights and smells always makes me miss home.

When I worked in the city for 18 months back in the early 2000s, my favorite part of the day was my 15-minute walk from Penn Station to my office in the morning. (That should tell you how much I liked that job!) Just watching the city wake up and come to life was something I loved.

And still do. Maybe I appreciate it more because I don’t live here anymore. But I loved being in the city Thursday.

The feds leave pot alone, horrendous baseball umpiring, and will Miss California give her boobs back?


Here’s what I love: When laws that should’ve been upheld all along, are completely ignored by the federal government for eight years, then a new administration takes over, agrees that those laws are valid, and WE ALL CHEER WILDLY!

I’m talking of course, about the Obama administration’s long-overdue decision to no longer prosecute those who are using medical marijuana legally in the

14 states that allow it. Under W. and John Ashcroft, the federal government basically said “screw you” to the state laws, and raided medical marijuana dispensaries and made arrests.

Finally, perfectly legal distributors will be allowed to, you know, do the legal business they should’ve been allowed to in the first place! I realize we’re a long, long way from legalizing marijuana, which millions of Americans (including me) believe should happen.

And President Obama and Eric Holder can’t, politically, say what is obvious to almost everyone else: Medical marijuana works, it does so much more good than harm, and we should leave these stores alone.

But hey, at least the federal government is eliminating the time-waste of busting legal businesses. Now they have time for, oh, I don’t know, continuing to allow Guantanamo to stay open and keeping gay people out of the military.

**So many jokes, so little time. Apparently the Miss California pageant is suing their fine female representative, Miss Carrie Prejean, for $5,200. She borrowed the money to get breast implants before the Miss USA pageant, and now they want their moolah back.

Just the first three thoughts from my head as it spins wildly from this news: If she gets the implants taken out, will California consider it all even? Who gets to sue Prejean over that fake personality she has? And most importantly, does this set a legal precedent? Think about how much money states can recoup from demanding money back from losing contestants.

Hell, I’m willing to bet that the Texas pageant refunds could fully fund health care in this country.

**So I’m not one who usually complains about umpiring and referee calls; I think in most cases that’s a classic loser’s lament (except when it costs a team the game, like it did for the Arkansas football team against Florida last week).

But have you SEEN how horrible the umpiring has been in the baseball playoffs this year? From the blown call on Joe Mauer of the Twins’ double down the line in the ALDS, to the terrible calls Tuesday night in the Yanks-Angels game, I don’t ever remember it being this bad.

I mean, the play where the Yanks had two runners off third base, the Angels catcher tags BOTH of them, and only one of the is called out, was about the worst thing I’ve seen since … well, since this: (sorry, Cardinals fans)

**Finally, she’s haunting me again. The Bob Dance girl. The one who haunted me last summer, the one who’s in EVERY freaking commercial every five minutes on Central Florida TV. Now they’ve got Halloween-themed stuff going on behind little Grace.

Please, Dear God, make her go away!