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A wild and wacky day in the NFL, capped by an insanely awesome Dolphins-Pats finish. A fan wins a car at a college basketball game, really easily. And an awesome dance tutorial to an 80’s classic

So, last Sunday I had the rare chance to kick back and watch a few hours of NFL football, something I used to do every week but now, not so much.

And the games were… meh. Nothing thrilling.

Then yesterday I was busy all day with a great family party and other stuff, and I saw almost none of the NFL day… and it was thrilling and crazy all over the place.

Ah well, the trade-offs of life. But man were there some incredible games Sunday, including one of the all-time great endings in Miami. If you missed it, the evil New England Patriots led the slightly-less-evil Miami Dolphins (of course you know I’m a Jets fan so I hate them both), 33-28, with seven seconds to go in the game.

The Dolphins were 69 yards from the end zone, so you figured QB Ryan Taneyhill would hoist a Hail Mary, which never works. But Miami instead completed a short pass, and did a few laterals, and Kenyon Drake ended up with the ball, and this amazing happened. Here, watch…

I mean, that’s just nuts! The Pats having Rob Gronkowski, their enormous man-child of a tight end, back to knock down a Hail Mary, then him having to try to make the tackle to save the game, is pretty hilarious. Just a crazy, crazy ending.

— My beloved Jets finally won for the first time in six weeks, scoring on 4th and goal from the 1 with under two minutes left to beat the equally inept Buffalo Bills.
I know I should be a little upset that the Jets hurt their draft position by winning, but hey, it’s fabulous to see our franchise QB Sam Darnold get his first big comeback win. And hey, they’ll still be picking in the Top 5 I’m sure.

— More craziness from Sunday: The Browns (the Browns!) won again, beating a formerly really good Panthers team. The Texans, who’d won nine in a row, lose to at schizophrenic Indy team that looks terrible and great every other week.

— The Giants had a 40-0 lead over the Redskins at one point. I mean, I know Washington was starting Mark Sanchez at QB but still,  40-0! I love that my Giants fan friends are starting to talk themselves into “Hey, look, they’re not so bad, they just had some bad breaks in some tough losses, maybe we should bring Eli back next year…”

— And how do you figure this? Pittsburgh goes to Oakland, with the Raiders having two wins all year, and the Steelers lose. The 49ers beat Denver, when the Broncos have been on a roll. As I always say, anyone who gambles on the NFL, and actually thinks they know what’s going to happen, is a bigger fool than anyone.

— Finally, the Chicago Bears defense looked a whole lot better against the Rams Sunday night than it did a week earlier. Man, those L.A. boys sure didn’t look like they could handle the cold weather too well. Would love to see a Rams-Bears rematch in January.

**Next up today, this is pretty brilliant and twisted and demented and completely 1980s music inspired, so there’s NO WAY I wasn’t gonna love this.

A comedian named Joe Kwaczala has made a video showing the “official” dance steps one is supposed to do when dancing to the classic ’80s tune “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell.

Of course Kwaczala’s commentary is what makes it so damn funny. I had to pause and rewind a few times just to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.

**And finally today, we’ve all seen these contests at basketball games where a fan comes out of the stands and tries to win a great prize by sinking a few shots. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car won as easily as this. Check out Nicole Kornet at a UCLA game last Friday.

Now, technically Kornet didn’t win a car, because she’s a former UCLA player and therefore ineligible, and she said she was told that beforehand (she was only allowed in the contest because it was her birthday, she said.)

But still, even for a former player, this is pretty amazing…

The spider who caused a Swiss panic. “Hard Knocks” starts with a bang. And beach volleyball and bickering Brazilians are must-see TV

So I found myself riveted by the U.S.-Brazil women’s beach volleyball match Tuesday, and no, not because there were beautiful women in bikinis (they weren’t even wearing bikinis, it was cold and raining in London during the match).
The U.S. team of Jen Kessy and April Ross were entertaining, and the match itself was exciting, with the American team rallying to win in three games.
But no, what I couldn’t stop watching was the intense arguing between the two Brazilian players, Juliana Silva and Larissa Franca (here’s a clip of them from a previous tournament, yelling at each other).

They were a hoot. They yelled at each other in Portugese the whole match, during timeouts, during points, everything. It seemed like Larissa was doing most of the yelling, even when it was her fault that Brazil lost the point. Apparently, I looked up after the match, this is common, that they yell all the time.

Sounds like a reality TV show waiting to happen if you ask me.

**So after a one-year absence, “Hard Knocks” is back on HBO. Which delights me. If you don’t know it, “Hard Knocks” is the show which goes behind the scenes in one team’s NFL training camp, showing us everything that goes on over five weeks.
This year the Miami Dolphins are in the spotlight, and even though the Dolphins are my 2nd-most hated NFL team (behind the Patriots, of course), I had to tune in and watch.
Couple initial thoughts on a really good first episode:
— I could’ve lived without seeing 300-pound lineman Mike Pouncey getting his nose hair trimmed. Just saying.
— Loved seeing Braylon Edwards, the former diva receiver, act so humble. Everyone comes back to Earth eventually, maybe you shouldn’t be such a jerk during your time at the top.
— Chad Ochocinco Johnson or whatever the hell he’s called: When you were a star, people laughed at your act and praised you. Now that you stink, not so much.
— I think it’s clear that rookie QB Ryan Tannehill’s wife Lauren will become the star of the show, don’t you think?

**Finally, an office in Switzerland had a little panic last week. Employees got really scared and called the police when they spotted a spider on a table.
When the police arrived, they made the shocking discovery that it was a PLASTIC spider.
Seriously, Swiss people? You’re calling the police over a spider? Even if it were real, there’s not one brave fellow who could’ve just stepped on it, or smacked it with a magazine (If national hero Roger Federer had been there, he would’ve smashed the critter with a racket).

I love what the police did, though. After pointing out it was plastic, they made the workers listen to an instructional lecture called “how to tell the difference between real spiders and plastic toys.”

Next week’s lecture at the firm: Superman: Can he really fly or is that just some fancy special effects?

Colbert before Congress? What a joke. Jets-Fins thoughts. And the greatest Falafel picker ever

In case anyone still wonders why the American people hold Congress in such low esteem…

Look, I like Stephen Colbert as much as the next guy. I think he’s hilarious, smart, and I’m glad he’s on TV every night.
But you’ve got to be kidding me with him testifying before a Congressional committee Friday. Colbert, in character, came before a House Judiciary subcommittee looking at the rights and issues confronting America’s field and migrant workers.

Colbert, who spent one day as a day laborer in the fields for a sketch for his show, spoke to actual members of Congress, at an actual hearing.
I’m sorry, but this is 10 times as stupid as Congress getting involved in baseball’s steroid issue. What in the hell does Colbert have to do with any of these real, legitimate issues? Nothing.
I swear, sometimes Congress is like the star-struck 12-year-old who just wants to be around famous people. What was the great line that Clinton adviser Paul Begala once had about “politics is show business for ugly people?” So true.

What a joke.

**Definitely nervous about tonight’s Jets-Miami game down in Miami. Forget for a minute that my boys don’t have all-world CB Darrelle Revis, or that the idiot Braylon Edwards, who the Jets desperately need, won’t play for some of the game thanks to his DUI this week.
The Fins are 2-0, have a strong defense, and have owned the Jets lately, with three straight wins.
This won’t, I don’t think, turn into a huge game for Mark Sanchez. Jets need to pound the rock with Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson, and play great defense against Miami’s Ronnie Brown. I always feel confident against Miami, because I hate them so much I always think the Jets are going to beat them.
But I’m definitely nervous about this one.

**Finally, because it’s Sunday and you want to be impressed, I give you the greatest Falafel picker in the world:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A crushing, crushing Jets loss. And a so-so Michael Moore movie reviewed


Most of this time, I try to entertain or make you think on this blog.

Today, though, today is not for that. Today is for me and the rest of Jets nation to wallow in the feeling of being crushed, and having our guts ripped out.

Fortunately for us, it’s a feeling we’ve come to know quite well. Doesn’t make it any easier to cope with, but we’re used to it.

Consider this my therapy. If it helps you, great. If not, well, I’ll feel better in a few hundred words (I think.)

A loss to the Miami Dolphins is one thing. A loss to the Dolphins on national TV is another. But a loss to the damn Dolphins with six seconds left? After the Jets supposedly “strong” defense allows Miami to march down the field and then score the winning touchdown when Ronnie Brown, who I swear ran for 150 yards Monday (actually only 74), busts in from the 2? Just brutal.

It was a hell of an exciting game, sure. It reminded me of so many classic Jets-Dolphins games from my youth.

And before I start pointing out the bad, I have to point out a few positives: 1, Mark Sanchez throws a hell of a deep ball. It wasn’t a great game for the rookie QB, but he tantalizes us sometimes by showing how good he can be. Those overthrows in the first half and missed reads? All is forgiven after the gorgeous deep ball to David Clowney (welcome to the team, sir) and the perfectly thrown pass to Braylon Edwards.

Man, Sanchez is going to be great once he figures out what he’s doing.

2. Braylon. Wow. I’d call that a pretty good debut! One touchdown, should’ve had another (that was a terrible overrule on his second TD; yes his knee was down but he hadn’t been touched yet!), and he drew a pass interference penalty that set up the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth. I am utterly excited to see what Edwards and Sanchez can cook up after a few weeks of practice. He’s already the best Jets receiver since Keyshawn Johnson.

3. The running game looked a lot better. Still not great, but they got the tough yards when they needed to; Thomas Jones had a little burst, and Leon (who didn’t get the ball enough, again; 11 touches???) Washington looked good, too.

OK, now for the bad. The defense. Just awful. I don’t know which was worse, the run defense of the pass defense. Chad Henne, a quarterback making his second career start, threw 20 of 26 for 241 yards. That’s unacceptable. I understand Lito Sheppard is hurt, but come on. Darrelle Revis and the safeties got burned like fingers trying to take a plate out of the oven without mitts on (OK, that didn’t really work, but go with me here) by Ted Ginn of all people. Ted Ginn, who couldn’t catch a cold the last few weeks.

The pass rush? I didn’t see it. Tackling? Nowhere near as good as it has been; Calvin Pace, in his first game back, whiffed quite a few times on Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.

And still, as bad as the defense was, they just needed one or two stops on the final drive. To me, the game was as good as over on that 3rd and 10 when Henne hit, I think Camarillo on the pass wide by the sideline for a first down. ONE STOP is all the Jets needed, and couldn’t get it.

I’m not going overboard, though, like many on the Jets message boards I just checked out. Some of those people on there are insane, bashing Rex Ryan and wanting to get rid of everyone and all that idiocy.

Would I have taken a 3-2 record after five games, back on Sept. 1? Of course. But that’s the problem with raised expectations. Once you go 3-0, you’re not supposed to be 3-2.

The Jets will get the defense fixed. I’m confident of that. I’m confident they can beat the two JV teams on the schedule next, Buffalo and Oakland.

But tonight, as I type this in what Frank Sinatra called “the wee small hours of the morning,” I’m just feeling empty, with a bit of bile and one request:

I don’t want to hear the word “Wildcat” for at least a week.


*** So I went to see the Michael Moore movie “Capitalism: A Love Story” on Sunday. (By the way, the geniuses at my local cineplex spelled the first word of the title “Capitolism” on the marquee. The epidemic of bad spelling in this country is really staggering).

My verdict? Pretty good, not great. It has most of the Moore-movie hallmarks: Outrage at big shots, some new revelations of unethical business practices (life insurance policies on employees was an eye-opener for me), and some funny bits.

I guess I expected more, though. Problem is, Moore is too famous to ambush anyone anymore; nobody who would make a good “gotcha” subject is willing to talk to him. I also thought the movie dragged a little in the middle, and was a little too “all over the place” at times. We pinballed from topic to topic quite a bit.

Still, it was worth my seven bucks. I just feel like Moore is now acting like the person we all expect him to be, and he’s losing a little genuineness in the process.