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Good News Friday (Yeah, I’m ignoring the inauguration): An incredible heroic feet in an Indian snowstorm. An oldie-but-goodie marriage proposal that may give you a big smile. And a woman’s dying wish to see UNC-Duke will come true.


I usually start these weekly posts with a “Happy Friday” greeting, but I can’t do it today because of,  you know, the Orange Man being inaugurated.

I will just say this: I hope so many of us are wrong about him.

OK, on to the first story, and this is pretty amazing. In the small village of Bhont, located in the northern hills of India, a 23-year-old woman named Kamini was nine months pregnant. Last week an enormous snowstorm hit her village, downing power lines and blocking roads. During the outages Kamini began feeling labor pains, and was prepared for the possibility of giving birth at home, with no one with any medical training available to help her.

Kamini’s parents were somehow able to walk to the local church, and found six policemen there. Telling them what the situation was, the policemen sprung into action.

The half-dozen officers walked back to Kamini’s house and carried her to the hospital, on a cot, for six miles on their shoulders. The trip took 3 1/2 hours, but they made it.

And a baby girl was born healthy. Six miles. In a snowstorm. On their shoulders.

Just fantastic. So much more good than evil in the world.

**Next up, I very rarely repeat videos from past posts, but some are so special that I like sharing them every once in a while. This might be my favorite video I’ve shared, and you may remember it since it went viral in 2012. Isaac in Portland, Ore., proposing to his wife, through a phenomenal lip-sync performance put on by he and their friends and family.

I’ve probably watched this 30 times, and I get choked up every single time. So great.

**And finally today, I know that 98 percent of people in America who follow sports hate Mike Krzyzewski and Duke, and even though I’m in the other 2 percent who think he’s an amazing man and coach, I recognize that there are lots of reasons people can dislike him.

But in the hopes of showing his softer side, I present this really sweet story.

A former Brigham Young University women’s basketball player named Melanie Pearson Day has terminal breast cancer, and may only have another year or two to live.

“Living life to the fullest is kind of my mantra now,” Day said. “I don’t know how much time I have, so I’m just going to do the most that I can with what I have.

She made a bucket list on her blog recently, and No. 1 was attending a Duke-North Carolina basketball game in Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke.

She added “no one gets tickets to that,” and it is one of the toughest tickets in sports every year.

But the world of sports is sometimes small and mean, but sometimes it’s wonderful. A BYU coach contacted Duke and told them about Day, and a short time later, with the help of Duke and donations from the BYU men’s and women’s basketball players and coaches, Day and her husband would be going to the Duke-North Carolina game on Feb. 9.

“I was in shock,” Day said. “I’m not outwardly emotional and I usually hold it inside. I was screaming and crying and jumping up and down inside but I just couldn’t get it out. I can’t believe it. It’s not going to really hit me until I’m there — and even then it’s going to feel surreal.”

Good job, Coach K. Now get healthy and help the team win, eh?


The best Tweets about what marriage is really like. Taking a break from my Twitter addiction taught me a few things. And Coach K’s surgery and why this ain’t 1995 all over again.


Ask anyone who’s married, and they’ll tell you that laughter is the most important thing in a relationship. Well, at least ONE of the important things.

Which is why this story cracked me up so much. The Huffington Post took the time last week to compile what they felt are the 30 funniest Tweets about marriage from 2016, and I have to tell you, my wife and I laughed so hard reading these that we had to stop to catch our breath at least 4-5 times. I wish I could paste all of them in here, but the whole list can be found here. Here are a few of our favorites…

1. @IanMendes: “Marriage is essentially two people taking turns pushing down the top of the kitchen garbage so they don’t have to take it out.”

2. @b1p0larbear I wondered if my wife was asleep so I held my phone a foot over her face and turned it on.
Then I dropped it onto her nose.
She’s awake now.”

3. @iwearaonesie “*pulls curtain back while wife is in the shower*
Me: Are we – stop screaming, it’s just me- are we out of Cheetos?

4. @mooooooog35: “Me: I spent HALF as much as YOU usually do on groceries.
Wife: Congratulations.
[2 hours later]
Me: We have nothing to eat in this house.”


**Next up today, I think I’ve mentioned a few times on here how I’ve become addicted to Twitter the past few years. For the most part it’s been great, but after all the election hype and then constantly checking the site for the next month to see what horrible thing Trump had just said, I was burned out. I needed to be “off” from news and the world for a while, so I decided to take a break and stayed off Twitter for the last eight days of 2016.

What did I learn? First, I’m embarrassed to admit how difficult it was in the beginning. For the first 2-3 days my index finger would literally automatically hover over the Twitter app at least 5-6 times a day, and I had to stop myself. Pretty sure that’s a sign of an addiction.
But after 3-4 days, it became normal to not log on. I spent far less time on my phone. It was good.  I started to appreciate how being connected all the time, and constantly having FOMO, can be bad for you.

When I logged back on on Jan. 1, I was kind of thrilled to be back in the loop. But I definitely became a little more aware of how Twitter can consume me. And I’m going to try to stop that from happening.

It really is OK to be in the dark every once in a while.

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski cuts down the net after his team's 68-63 victory over Wisconsin in the NCAA Final Four college basketball tournament championship game Monday, April 6, 2015, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

**Finally today, sometimes I just need to use this space to rant a little bit, so if you care not a whit about college basketball, or Duke, this probably isn’t for you.

But as you may have heard, the greatest coach in the history of college basketball, Mike Krzyzewski, announced on Monday that he needed immediate back surgery and would miss at least the next month of what has already been a very strange season for my favorite team.

The Blue Devils have lost two games so far, got blown out on Saturday, have had more injuries at one time than I ever remember a Duke team having, and now some idiots on the Internet and in the media are saying that K is intentionally stepping away and having surgery now because his team is falling apart. And that this is just like 1995, when he famously left the team midseason to have back surgery, Duke fell apart and had its worst season since K took over in 1980.

To which I say, are you people who are saying this out of your freaking minds??? First of all, no coach, especially one as competitive as Krzyzewski, would voluntarily take a month off in the middle of the season, so obviously he’s in serious pain to be doing it.

Secondly, this Duke team is WAY more talented than the ’95 squad was. That team was in its first year post-Grant Hill, and Duke had so-so talent, with Jeff Capel and Cherokee Parks leading the way.

This Duke team is loaded. It has 3 or 4 sure-fire NBA first-round picks, and is finally getting healthy. Even without Mr. Tripper, Grayson Allen, the Blue Devils should win at least 12-13 ACC games and finish in the top 3. Jayson Tatum, Harry Giles, Luke Kennard .. all of them are better than anyone on that ’95 squad.

And oh yeah, last time a longtime assistant who’d never been a head coach, Pete Gaudet, took over. This time Capel, who was a head coach at two other schools, takes over.

It just bugs me when the media make lazy connections because they think the public is stupid.

OK, I feel better now. Thank you. Carry on. Let’s go Duke.

“The Americans” gets better and better, as “the reveal” is awesome. “The Golden Girls” in LEGO? Yes, please. And some final thoughts on Coach K and Duke getting another ring


I have raved and raved about the FX show “The Americans” for a couple of years now on my blog.

It’s for my money the best show on television, bar none. The first season was spectacular, last season was equally as good, and this current season, oh my goodness it’s just amazing.

All season, the show has been building up to what happened in last week’s episode (SPOILER ALERT), with Russian spies living in America Philip and Elizabeth Jennings wondering how to tell their teenage daughter Paige who they really are, and that the KGB wants Paige to start becoming a Russian spy as well.

The best TV shows take you by complete surprise even when you know what’s coming, and that’s what happened here. Paige turning the tables on her parents and demanding to know the truth about who they are was so unexpected, and the moment played so perfectly by all the actors involved, that I was clutching a pillow to my chest the whole time.

The final scene last week, with Paige staring at family friend (and oh yeah, FBI agent and next-door neighbor) Stan while her dad sharpens knives in the background, was perfect and breathtaking. No idea what’s going to happen now, whether Paige will get on board and join “the family business” or be so angry and hurt about who her parents really are that she’ll want no part of this life.

This show is so great and forcing us to see the moral and emotional choices these characters make every day. Man, I cannot recommend “The Americans” more. Tonight on FX at 10, and you can catch up on past seasons on Amazon.com.


**Next up today, my Canadian e-migo Jonathan (an e-migo, for those not fluent, is a friend you only know through email and social media) pointed me to this the other day and I laughed really hard.

Some brilliant (or disturbed) fan of “The Golden Girls” named Sam Hatmaker designed some incredibly realistic recreations of famous scenes from the show, with Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose made out of plastic.

If LEGO gets 10,000 people to sign this petition in support of authorizing a “Golden Girls” LEGO set, it will be put into production.

Screw all those political causes you’re afraid to sign on for, this is actually important! Do it for all the good people of St. Olaf, Minnesota, who’ve been defamed by Rose Nylund’s stories for all these years. Do it for Stan, Dorothy’s ex-husband who’s a schmuck but couldn’t help it. And do it most of all for the many scorned loves of Blanche Deveraux, who was just too much woman for all of them.

Seriously, go sign this petition.


**Finally, of course I need to say a few words about Monday night’s fabulous NCAA championship game between Duke and Wisconsin.

It really was a terrific game, even if the officiating was pretty bad both ways (bad for Duke in the first half, bad for the Badgers in the 2nd half, including two calls that definitely went Duke’s way and shouldn’t have).

In talking about the 5th title in the Mike Krzyzewski era, I don’t want to re-hash all the old arguments about why people hate Duke, and why I love ’em (for you newcomers, I fell in love with Duke’s 1986 Final Four team as a 10-year-old and have loved them ever since).

But just a few words about the incredible longevity and consistency in excellence of Coach K, who so many love to hate. He went to his first Final Four 29 years ago. He won his first national title in 1991, and his fifth Monday night. That’s 24 years in between his first and last crowns. No other coach in modern sports history, in any sport, has won titles that far apart with the same team.

Just incredible. He has totally changed how he runs his program over the years, changed styles of play so many times, and changed his attitude on many issues.
But what hasn’t changed is this: He’s if not the greatest, one of the two greatest tacticians in the sport’s history. How he managed his players Monday night through foul trouble was a masterpiece, and his motivational skills are unparalleled.

So hate Duke all you want. But know that Mike Krzyzewski belongs in any conversation with the best ever coaches in any sport.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to find a Duke national championship onesie my kid can wear…

“Parenthood” roars to the finish line with tears and joy. Tie Domi’s kid with an incredible hockey goal. And the U.S. women come alive at the Aussie Open


As we await Snowpocalypse 2015 here in NYC, I must of course give a major tip of the cap to Mike Krzyzewski for his 1,000th win Sunday over St. John’s. Obviously I’m biased as a huge Duke fan, but 1,000 wins is an incredible number. He’s the greatest coach in the history of the sport, and it’s an amazing accomplishment. Now, if he can just teach this current group a little defense, national title No. 5 could be coming to Durham in April…

“Parenthood” is down to its final episode this Thursday night, and man, is this show going out with a bang.

I have loved it from the beginning, occasionally hated it and gotten mad at it for some unrealistic decisions involving characters and money, but mostly been way too fascinated with it to stop watching.

And as it comes down to the finish, man, the tissues have been out at my house. This wonderful ensemble keeps giving us beautiful “farewell”-type emotions, manipulating us into feeling joy and sadness all at the same time.


Last week’s was one of the show’s best episodes ever: Amber giving birth (and of course, naming her baby after her apparently soon-to-die Grandpa Zeke, which even though you knew she would do that, it was still emotional), the great scene with Amber and Sarah singing Joni Mitchell, the Joel/Julia relationship patch-up getting rocky, and of course the totally awesome Braverman family screaming match in the hospital waiting room, when Kristina, who I never agree with, rightly calling out Jasmine for guilting Adam into staying with the recording studio. (My wife thought that was “Parenthood’s” best scene ever).

With one week to go, I’m sad to see such a show with heart go off the air. I don’t know how Zeke’s going to die, but I’m sure he will (a heart attack walking Sarah down the aisle?)

Frustrating at times but always with its heart in the right place, “Parenthood” will be sorely missed in the Lewis house. And lots of others, too, I’m sure.

**Next up, this is one of the coolest goals I’ve ever seen. Max Domi is a major prospect in the Arizona Coyotes’ organization, and he now plays for the junior London Knights of the Ontario (Can.) Hockey League.

He’s also the son of legendary NHL goon Tie Domi, and suffice to say Tie never scored any goals like this.

Just awesome…


**Finally today, we’re in Week Two of the Australian Open tennis tournament now, always one of my favorites even though I can no longer stay up late to watch the 3:30 a.m. night matches from Melbourne (Ah, my 20s, when I could do such a thing.)

And it’s been a fabulous tournament so far, even though my boy Federer was shockingly knocked out early. The best part has been the performance of the American women, the youngsters coming up behind Venus and Serena who’ve been talked about for years.

We had seven American ladies reach the final 32, and four in the final 16. Coco Vandeweghe and Varvara Lepchenko, and even Taylor Townsend, who lost in Round 1 and is probably a future Grand Slam champion, looked good.

But the biggest stories have been 24-year-old Delaware native (yeah Delaware!) Madison Brengle, who won 7 pro tour level matches in her career before 2015, and yet played Sunday night in the 4th round against Madison Keys (above), a legit Top 10 talent who’s only 19 and is making her Grand Slam breakthrough. (Fun fact: Last year at the French Open, Keys had the fastest average groundstroke speed of anyone in the event, man OR woman. Crazy.)

The American men … eh, we’re still waiting for the next generation to become major forces on the tour (Francis Tiafoe, Stefan Kozlov, our lonely eyes turn to you).

But it’s great to see the U.S. women finally making some noise. If we’re lucky, Venus will win Sunday night and play Keys in the quarterfinals, guaranteeing a U.S. woman into the semis.


Does Pat Sajak still enjoy his job? SI gets it right with Sportsmen of the Year. And a play I’ve never seen before

Don’t ask me why I think about these things. But I do.

So I’m doing my laundry at the laundromat Monday evening and I look up and the TV has “Wheel of Fortune” on. And I’m listening to Pat Sajak say “choose a letter” and “this time the category is ‘ and all that stuff, and I started thinking:
Pat Sajak has been the host of “Wheel of Fortune” for 30 years. THIRTY YEARS! He has asked tens of thousands of people if they want to buy a vowel. He has given scores of people the thrill of spinning a wheel and then guessing letters.

And I got to wondering: Do you think Sajak still likes his job? Wouldn’t you think it would be mind-numbingly boring and silly to him after all these years? (though Vanna is still quite fetching).

I know, you could say a job’s a job, and that electricians and insurance salesmen and roofers all get sick of their jobs, too and keep doing it.

But this man Sajak has been doing the exact same job, no the same show, for three decades.  Don’t you think he gets up in the morning sometimes and says to himself “Dear God, not another day of stupid contestants needing to spell out the entire puzzle before guessing it!?!”

I’m endlessly fascinated by what motivates people. And so tonight I’m curious as to if Pat Sajak still has any fun. I can’t believe that he does.

**Sports Illustrated absolutely got it right Monday, when it picked two legendary basketball coaches as Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year. I sometimes quibble with SI’s pick (it blows my mind that Federer has never won the award), and this year I was sure it would be the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers.

But nope, SI picked Mike Krzyzewski and Pat Summitt. She is by far the finest women’s coach of all time, and she’s had a horrible year, with a diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s disease. And K, well, of course as a Duke diehard I’m biased, but the man is at worst one of the top 3 coaches of all time in college basketball, with 900 wins and four national championships to his credit.

Both are class acts, never tainted by a whiff of scandal, who truly deserve the honor. Good job, SI. Though I’m still pissed you bypassed Federer all those years.

**This is insane. Northern Iowa was playing Wofford on Saturday in the college football I-AA playoffs, and with Northern Iowa up 21-14 in the 4th quarter, a Wofford returner did this on the kickoff. Never seen it before in my life. I’m thinking that poor kid will be seeing this play for the rest of his life.

Coach K stands alone at the top. My problem with funny students. And my friend Diana inspires me yet again

And now, a few words about the greatest college basketball coach of all time.

Mike Krzyzewski was hired at Duke University in 1980. He was a no-name coach from Army going into the best conference in America and asked to win games.
His first few years were rough; he lost nine more games than he won.
Then, he got better. And better. And better. Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden, with dozens of former players looking on, Coach K got his 903rd career coaching win, passing his mentor, Bob Knight, for first place on the all-time wins list.
It is an incredible testament to consistency, drive and coaching acumen. I know a lot of people hate Duke basketball: they win too much, they’re too smug, they get all the calls, I’ve heard it all in my 25 years as a Blue Devil fan.
But think about this today: In 30 years, this man has done things the right way at his school. His players graduate. They go to class. And when have you ever, ever heard a whiff of scandal associated with Krzyzewski’s program? (Former standout Corey Maggette tangentially was involved in a scandal as an amateur, and many Duke fans still resent him for it).

The man has run a sparkling clean program, producing smart players who play the right way and don’t get into trouble.

Even if you hate Duke today as much as ever, I hope you can at least see the value in that.

Congratulations, Coach K. You are one hell of a leader of men.

**Another brief tale from my new adventures as a student-teacher in a New York City high school classroom…

Among the many, many, many things I will need to improve on as a new teacher, one thing I never counted on tripping me up is occurring: They tell me you’re not supposed to laugh when a kid says something really funny, that you’re not supposed to let him know you appreciate a joke, that the kid isn’t supposed to see you laugh, yada yada yada.

But I gotta be honest, I’m struggling with that part. The other day a mostly good/slightly troublemaking kid named Kyle was asking why he had to call me by my last name, but I could call him by his first name.
“Because,” I said, “I’m a teacher and a man and a grown-up, and you’re a 14-year-old kid in 9th grade. “When you’re a man, you’ll be called Mr (blank).
Immediately, Kyle shot back with “I’m 14. If I were Jewish, I’d be a man already!”
I know I’m not supposed to laugh. But I couldn’t help it. I laughed pretty hard.
My fellow teachers: Any tips on how to avoid laughing when a kid says something really funny?

**Finally,  I’ve got this awesome friend named Diana D’Abruzzo. I met her when we both worked at the Wilmington (N.C.) Star-News newspaper. She’s still a journalist and a damn good one, working at the Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Va. A few years ago, during a dramatic weight loss she experienced, she got into running. She became a total running nut (and I say that lovingly), and has run a bunch of road races in the last few years.
Last August Diana learned that a high school classmate of hers named Chris had been killed in Afghanistan, and she resolved  shortly thereafter to run the Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon this past Sunday, and raise money for the Wounded Warriors charity, a wonderful organization that raises money for injured soldiers.

Diana raised more than $3,000 from friends and family, and Sunday completed the race in honor of her friend.
I could not be more proud of her determination and kind heart (truly, she has the biggest heart of anyone I know).
She wrote a fabulous blog post about her race here. Please give it a look when you have a sec.
I’m proud to call her my friend, today and every day.

Another good veto by Florida’s Governor. And a plea to Tom Izzo: Please stay

So that’s two vetoes in a row for newly-independent Florida governor Charlie Crist.
When we last left the former Republican here on Wide World of Stuff, he had actually listened to the howls of outrage and vetoed a controversial new education law that was as stupid as it was short-sighted.

Now, no longer beholden to the lunatic fringe on the right, Crist has vetoed a disgusting and despicable law passed by the Florida legislature. The bill, HB1243, would’ve required women wishing to have an abortion to hear details about the fetus from their doctor, and would’ve forced them to have, and pay for, an ultrasound and view the image, with rare exceptions.

This was a dreadful piece of legislation, an absolute invasion of women’s privacy at a time they’re making a very difficult decision men like me have no concept of.

The law was designed to, I suppose, guilt women who chose of their own free will to have an abortion, into changing their minds.

It’s reprehensible to think this could’ve become law, and I commend Crist for vetoing it.

He’s not going to win this Senate election he’s in, I believe. But at least he’s salvaging his reputation and proving he’s not the Jeb Bush clone we all thought he was.

Here’s the great story on Izzo from HBO’s Real Sports from a few months ago:

**With the exception of Notre Dame’s Mike Brey (Formerly of the University of Delaware, thank you) and, of course, Mike Krzyzewski, there’s no college basketball coach I respect more, and like more, than Tom Izzo.

The Michigan State boss is everything you’d want in a coach: intense, dedicated to his profession, fiercely loyal to his players, and absolutely a winner. He’s led the Spartans to six Final Fours and one national title in 12 years, a ridiculously consistent mark in this era of one and done players and tremendous parity in Division I hoops.

Everything I’ve read about him, and seen, makes me think he’s a good, decent man, who is a credit to his profession.

Which is why I am really, really, really hoping he stays at Michigan State, and doesn’t jump to the NBA to coach the possibly LeBron-less Cleveland Cavaliers. As I write this, news reports say Izzo is torn about which way to turn.

He’s been offered the Cavs job, but you’d think he has no way of knowing whether LeBron James will be there when he arrives (I’d be shocked if James told Izzo one way or the other by now; no way that could stay quiet for a month).

Izzo is so good for college basketball, and for Michigan State. His kids don’t get into trouble with the law, and they play tremendously hard on both ends of the floor. Izzo has always struck me as a guy who loves the college game, with its high and lows. Would he really want to subject himself to 82 games with millionaire pros, especially when his MSU team this season is a national title contender?

Far be it from me to tell a man I don’t know what to do. But I really, really hope he stays at MSU and continues his legacy as one of the best college coaches ever.  The NCAA would be a lot poorer if he’s gone.

Watch that clip I’ve embedded above, a typically excellent HBO Real Sports piece on Izzo. Tell me that’s not a man perfectly at home.

Why today is a Sports Holiday, ESPN idiot geography, and confirming how good your profs were

There are certain days on the calendar that I feel are Sports Holidays:

Opening day in baseball. The Super Bowl, of course. The final day of the Masters golf tournament, and Super Saturday at the U.S. Open in Queens.

Today, my friends, is another Sports Holiday for many of us. It’s the first day of college basketball season, as practices tip off at hundreds of schools across the nation.

Can you hear the squeaking of the sneakers against the hardwood floor? Can you see the bench guys waving towels? And can you lean in and hear the whistles stopping the rebounding drill?

I can.

I LOVE college basketball. Love, love, love it. I love the early-season tournaments, when good teams play good teams. I love seeing kids like J.J. Redick or Tim Duncan or Danny Manning rise to the occasion and become legends in their own corners of the universe.

I love seeing the coaching gurus like Mike Krzyzewski and Jim Boeheim and John Beilein squeeze every last drop of potential out of kids, and breathing fire on the sidelines. I love the 3-pointers that bring a team back, the insane crowd noise at gyms like Cameron Indoor in Durham and Mac Court in Oregon and Assembly Hall in Indiana.

And of course, don’t even get me started on how much I love March Madness. We could be here all weekend talking about that.

If you don’t know by now, I’m a huge Duke fan. Yeah, I know, call me a frontrunner or an idiot and say that Duke fans are cocky and obnoxious and spoiled, I don’t care what you say. I’ve been a fan since, as a 10-year-old, I fell in love with a scrappy team led by Johnny Dawkins and Mark Alarie that made it to the Final Four (Coach K’s first team that made it that far). Lately the ride has been bumpy for the boys, but I’ve got a feeling this year could be a special one.

And isn’t that how fans of every program feel today? That somehow, someway, their team can find a way into The Big Dance, and from there, anything can happen.

The season’s right around the corner.  Lace up the Chuck Taylors, it’s time to play.

(By the way, I realize that “One Shining Moment’ clip above is from 2008, not 2009. But North Carolina won the title last year, and well, I just couldn’t.


***So I may be one of the last people in America to discover this site, but I went on to ratemyprofessors.com the other day and wasted a good 45 minutes, enjoying myself the whole way.

If you don’t know what it is, basically it’s a site where college students can basically grade the professors they’ve had at school, on a variety of factors, (clarity, easiness, and helpfulness) as well as leave comments that tend to be, um, negative.

“He is the worst thing that can happen to anyone’s life,” wrote one student about a prof.

“I can’t believe that haggard old bastard is STILL there,” wrote another.

So yeah, it’s one big lovefest. There were lots of positive comments, too, about teachers who inspired, amused, and enlightened, but the negative ones are more fun to read, too.

I shudder to think any college presidents actually uses these “reviews” as a measuring stick, but I sure do wish we had this site when I was in school. Instead, all we got was those “evaluation forms” at the end of the semester that we got to fill out. I don’t think anyone at Delaware ever read those.

Happily, as I traversed the site searching for my old profs, I found that the ones I really liked got high ratings, and the ones who were truly horrendous were given crap marks.

If nothing else, the site answered my eternal question of my best friend Clay that fall day of 1993: “Is it me, or is this guy a complete a-hole?”

***Finally, maybe this only bothered me because I live in Florida now, but sports announcers are often remarkably ignorant about geography. I’m watching the Cincy-South Florida football game (in Tampa) on ESPN Thursday night, and Chris Fowler is talking about two players, one from each team, Chris Robinson of USF and Mardy Gilyard of Cincinnati, who grew up together near where I live now, in Bunnell, Fla.

Fowler talks about them for a minute, then says “they grew up in Bunnell, not far from Tampa.”

Now, because I live in Central Florida, I can tell you that Bunnell is THREE HOURS from Tampa. So yeah, it’s not far, if you consider Daytona Beach a suburb of Miami.

I mean really, I know announcers have four hours to fill but don’t insult us viewers, please!

**And oh yeah: Yankees over Angels in 7. But I don’t feel confident about that pick at all. And of course, Dodgers in 6, so we can see a Yankees-Dodgers World Series with Joe Torre managing against the Bronx Bombers. That would be beyond surreal for Yanks fans.