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1/2 of Milli Vanilli tells his side of the story, beautifully. A feel-good old people video. And Adele kicks ass at VMAs.

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I have no shame in admitting that when Milli Vanilli first came out in the late 1980s, I was a fan.
OK, I have a little shame. I did own the cassette of their first album featuring the still-awesome “Girl You Know It’s True.” single, but I do remember being pissed when they beat out my homegirl Paula Abdul for Best New Artist at the Grammys (yes, I had a major crush on Paula. Don’t judge.)
If you don’t remember Milli Vanilli, or you’re too young, they were these two fast-dancing French guys who came to America, met a sleazy producer who convinced them to lip-synch their songs since their voices, quite frankly, weren’t very good, and they fooled American audiences and critics (and Grammy voters) for a few years before the whole scam was revealed.
I’m guessing you haven’t thought about Rob Pilatus or Fab Morvan in a while; they pretty much vanished from the radar after the scandal.
But I did kinda wonder what happened to them, and how the firestorm looked and felt from their side.
Now we know. Morvan recorded this fabulous episode of “The Moth” storytelling series recently, and I defy you to come away from listening to this not having sympathy for him.
He was a guy who was young, could dance really well, and just was thrust into circumstances he didn’t have much control over.
It’s a really compelling story; give it a listen if you get a chance.

**A random interlude. Here’s a couple that’s been married for 62 years, playing the piano together. Very sweet:

**Finally, I haven’t watched MTV’s Video Music Awards since Justin Bieber was in Underoos (do they still have those?). I do remember thinking they used to be awesome; they would air sometime during the first week of school in September and we would always talk about them the next day.
I have very little interest in current music, which offends many of my friends. But Adele sort of has forced me to pay attention to her. Every time I’ve heard one of her songs or seen her on TV, she’s been awesome.
A few of my Facebook peeps raved about her performance of her song “Someone Like You” on the VMAs, so I checked it out. Moving and beautiful. Haunting, too.
Check it out. In a music scene with so many non-talents becoming famous and popular, good to see a woman with a great voice still has a seat at the “cool” table:

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