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Good News Friday: A Montreal hockey player wows some kids, in disguise. A beautiful Whitney Houston song, sung from mom to child. And the monkey who knows CPR saved a friend’s life

And a Happy Friday to you and yours, hope you all had a great holiday, whether it was Hanukkah that just ended, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or yes, Festivus too (I excel at the “Feats of Strength!”)

Three pretty awesome stories/videos today to lead you into the weekend. First up, I’ve written about the excellent good deeds of Montreal Canadiens defencemen (yes I used the Canadian spelling there) P.K. Subban before; while on the ice he plays a little dirty and phony sometimes, off-ice he’s truly a superstar who understands what a role model he is to kids.

In his latest terrific gesture, he pretended to be a bus driver shuttling kids to a Canadiens practice, only to reveal himself before some stunned and happy faces (it gets great around the 3:10 mark).

Love his “Coming to America” reference at the 48-second mark, too. Well done, Mr. Subban.

**Next up, saw this on Huffington Post the other day and it was just beautiful. A woman in South Carolina named Kimberly Henderson has a 1-year-old who only seems to respond to Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston songs (my little guy has gotten a steady dose of Barry Manilow, Bon Jovi and Joni Mitchell so far).

So Henderson belted out this exquisite version of “How Will I Know,” and it’s been viewed 20 million times already.

Get this woman a recording contract or at least a spot on “American Idol”, please…

**And finally, here’s a sure-fire winner for MVP (most valuable primate): In India this week a monkey was electrocuted when a train cable hit him. Seeing what happened, his monkey friend came and tended to him, giving CPR and helping the first monkey to safety.

Pretty incredible stuff.