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A found audiotape of my parents from 1978 is priceless. The dating site for Mickey Mouse lovers only. And the real story behind the “Goodfellas” painting


Thoughts while wondering if the Golden State Warriors will ever lose. My heavens that team is amazing…

A wonderful treasure arrived, totally out of the blue last week.

My mom and stepfather had been cleaning out some boxes in their house a few weeks ago, and found what I believe to be a priceless treasure: It’s an audiocassette tape from July, 1978, at the 10th anniversary party of my Mom and Dad.

It’s about 40 minutes of hilarity and horror; horror because it slowly dawned on me that my folks (that’s them above, with my sister, right before I was born in 1975) were younger than I am now when the tape was made. Hilarity because the tape is mostly my parents’ closest friends, parents of my lifelong closest friends, making up songs and doing skits poking fun at the foibles and quirks of my parents.

Horror because at one point my friend Marc’s mother makes a pretty R-rated sex joke about my parents, and no kid wants to hear that, ever. I literally winced playing that part back.

But hilarity again because so much of the dialogue and the songs ring true. We all know our parents through memories passed down from grandparents, and friends, and all that. But as kids, we hear them once they’re all set in stone, once our parents’ past life before us is long gone and seems ancient.

When this tape was recorded, my parents had only been married 10 years (they’d be married 11 more before getting divorced). I’m only 2 in this tape, while my sister is 6. These are, unfiltered, my parents and their friends in the prime of their life, with so much still ahead of them.

The audio comes through crystal clear, for a tape that’s 37 years old. At one point toward the end you can hear me cry out (from upstairs, presumably) “Mommy?”, and everyone laughs.
The treasures on this tape are never-ending for a “family historian” like me.

My dad jokes about wanting to go see “King Kong” at the movies the week before. I hear my late Grandma’s full-throated laugh again, which I can never hear enough. I learned a few things about my parents listening to it, too, which is always nice.

I can’t tell you how much this tape has suddenly come to mean to me. Maybe because, even though my parents’ divorce was the best thing for everybody, it takes me back for a few minutes in time when they were happy together.

But mostly, I think it’s because this is a time capsule of a period involving people who I love the most, that I couldn’t possibly remember. It’s a tiny slice of history, and memory, and, thanks to the wonder of free software that converts cassettes into MP3’s (what a time to be alive), I’ll have it forever.

Ah, if only there had been video to go with the tape…

**Next up today, I’m a huge “Goodfellas” fan of course, so any time I come across something related to the movie that seems interesting, it’s going to show up here.

I read this on Twitter the other day, from a story on mixedmartialarts.com (I have no idea why it was on there either): It’s the tale of the famous painting from the scene where Henry, Tommy and Jimmy are at Tommy’s mother’s house, after (spoiler alert!) killing Billy Batts.

The backstory is pretty fascinating: The painting was done by director Martin Scorsese’s mother, based on a photo she saw in National Geographic in the 1970s.

Read the rest of the tale here, and of course, watch the scene above.


**Finally today, this is one of those stories that I felt like couldn’t be real when I heard it on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,” but apparently it is.

There is now a dating site for people who love everything Walt Disney-related.
It’s called Mouse Mingle (because of course it is),

From this story in the Orlando Sentinel:  “Users can fill out a profile by answering a multiple-choice questionnaire or browse other profiles for free. In addition to the usual desired age range, physical qualities and smoking/drinking queries, folks are asked Disney-centric questions. Favorite Disney song? Favorite Marvel franchise? Which park do you call home? What type of annual pass do you have? What type of pet person are you? (“I’m a Thumper person” is the choice for rabbit owners.)

To actually mingle with the Mouse fans, you know, make contact with others on the website, requires a monthly subscription price of $12.55.

So many jokes here, so little time: Is a Pocahontas fan compatible with an Aladdin lover? What happens if the couple doesn’t agree on which of the Seven Dwarfs is the cutest? And on the first date, does the guy show her his 78 snow globes he bought at Disney World, or would that be too creepy even for people on this site?

God bless America.