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The Supreme Court takes up gay marriage, and I’m feeling confident. The judge who ordered a kid not to say “Bingo.” And Mr. T, playing hockey


The Supreme Court has waded into the gay marriage debate, finally, this week, and it seems like it’s been confusing for all of them.

Several justices are questioning whether they should even be sitting around talking about the case. Others are able to nail the essence of the argument in just one minute, like when Sonia Sotomoyor asked a lawyer defending California’s anti-gay marriage law (above photo) and the odious Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

A lot of what I’m reading on the Web is skeptical that the Court will strike down DOMA and make gay marriage legal, federally, but I’m feeling confident that they will. The more gay marriage gets discussed at the legal level, the more it becomes clear that these laws are about nothing but bigotry and fear. And since sunlight is the best disinfectant, forcing anti-gay marriage people to defend their position out loud, in public, makes it harder and harder to ignore that bigotry.

So maybe the Supreme Court goes all the way this week and declared DOMA unconstitutional, or maybe the Court just takes a small step in that direction, or no step at all.

This is still progress in my mind. The future is clear, and the momentum cannot be stopped. Allowing gay marriage is the only possible future in this country; it’s just a  question of how long it takes us to get there.

**And now, once again proving that 30 years after “Rocky III” and “The A-Team” made him a star, Mr. T is still a bad-ass.

Check out his performance during a between-periods hockey contest at a Chicago Blackhawks game on Tuesday night. I love the intense look on his face, and how he apologizes for getting the broadcaster’s name wrong halfway through. You go, Mr. T; I pity the fool who would challenge you to a hockey fight.


**Finally, one thing I love about judges is when they get creative with sentencing. Clearly, even the stuffiest of robes needs to give out a fun punishment, which is clearly what a gavel-owning fella in Covington, Ky. did recently.

Apparently an 18-year-old kid there named Austin Whaley recently decided to burst into a Covington gaming hall and yelled “Bingo!” despite not even being in the game.
As anyone who’s ever been in a Bingo game can attest, this caused quite a stir, and the story says it “alarmed” the elderly game-players and caused a ruckus. (“Can you describe the ruckus, sir?” Never a bad time to reference “The Breakfast Club.”)

An off-duty police officer arrested Whaley and charged him with second-degree disorderly conduct.
The whole thing sounds like a ridiculous waste of the court’s time, which is what Judge Douglas Grothaus clearly felt.

Because he sentenced Whaley to not say the word “Bingo” at all for six months. That’s right, Whaley will be in violation if he says that five-letter word anywhere.

So great. I could just see Austin’s friends taunting him for hours.