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The people at the gym who bother me.An awesome photo of a storm on Saturn. And Duke guts out a big win over Ohio State

Until this winter, it had been a long time since I’d belonged to a gym.
So I had forgotten how many odd and annoying characters that are found there.

For example, just Wednesday night I noticed Guy Who is Way Too Impressed With Himself. This species of man walks around and checks himself out in the mirror every chance he gets. Dude, your biceps haven’t gotten bigger in the last four minutes.

I also like Guy Who Is Trying to Look Like He Knows What He’s Doing. This dude walks over to every piece of equipment and looks around for a minute, then starts working out. And then there’s the Guy Who is Way Too Intense, grunting with every rep and slamming the weights down when he’s done. Lay off the GNC supplements, pal.
There are some strange females at the gym, too; I like the Woman on Treadmill Who Refuses to Use a Towel. I was next to a girl the other day where the sweat was pouring off her, like Albert Brooks in Broadcast News, and she had a nice fresh towel right in front of her. But nope, she wanted to keep sweatin.’

And that’s not even getting into the odd things that happen in the locker rooms. Health clubs are just strange, strange places.

**Here’s something you don’t see every day. Check out this bizarre photo of the planet Saturn in the middle of a storm at its North Pole. I love scientific photos like this; check out the detail of the clouds that the NASA spacecraft Cassini was able to get with the photo.

Way cool. Also, if you’re stoned right now, stare at that photo for 5 minutes and you’ll feel even more stoned.

**Finally, after a fantastic start to the season, my Duke boys ran into a brick wall Wednesday night, named Ohio State. And really, a loss wouldn’t have been too unexpected. The Buckeyes are a Top-5 team, Duke was coming off three-games-in-three days last week, and they looked dead in trailing by eight at halftime.

But man, what a beautiful second half comeback. Mason Plumlee has made the greatest leap from junior season to senior season that I’ve ever seen from a Duke player. The guy is a monster now (and that alley-oop, above, was sick.)
Quinn Cook was playing way too fast and excited in the first half, but he settled down and was fabulous in the second half. He’s exactly the point guard Duke didn’t have last year.

I loved Rasheed Sulaimon, the freshman guard, too; he totally carried the team for parts of the second-half comeback.

Man, Ohio State is really good; I think they’re a Final Four team in March.

But this Duke team… starting to get really excited about them. They play together, they play defense, and different guys are stepping up every night. They’ve now got three big wins over three Top 5 teams… pretty sweet before December.

Very pumped up for this college basketball season. All you Duke haters, let’s hear you.