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The boy who loved bacon too much. Starting to get worried about NFL lockout. And Bono does a cool thing for a blind fan

One of my fondest college party memories is being at my friend Brian Hickey’s off-campus house one night, being really drunk, being really hungry, and having Hickey get the brilliant idea to take the three packages of bacon out of his freezer, fry it all up, and give it to us to chow down.
It was the perfect blend of great idea at the right time. Truly, eating that bacon was one of the best food experiences, ever.
I tell you this story to say that I can empathize with the grandson in this case. A 63-year-old Pennsylvania woman was arrested for chasing her 9-year-old grandson around and then pinning him to the ground, and blasting him in the face with water from a garden hose.
The lad’s grievous offense? He apparently ate too much bacon at breakfast that morning.
And so Marilee Kolynych decided to make her grandson pay.
I hope they throw the book at this lady. And make her eat all kinds of Jimmy Dean products while in the pokey.

**I’m officially getting angry and nervous about the NFL lockout (though rumors were flying Wednesday that the sides are close to a deal). All along, I felt confident that the owners were stupid enough to cancel part of the season, and that we wouldn’t have football until October or so.
But now that training camps are a mere few weeks away, my resignation is turning to anger. I worship NFL Sundays like few other things in my life, and I really, really don’t want to miss them this fall (especially now that I’m back in NY and can watch the Jets with my fellow long-suffering Jet fan friends!)

Fortunately, the people of Funny or Die.com have a solution. And as usual, it’s hilarious, as well as a great tribute to my favorite movie of all time:

**A while back I wrote about a very cool gesture done by Paul Simon, inviting a fan up on stage to play and sing her favorite song of his.

Well, U2 and Bono did something equally awesome last weekend. A blind fan named Adam Bevell was at U2’s concert in Nashville and held up a sign saying “Blind guitar player, can I come up?”

And at the end of the show, Bono saw him and brought Bevell on stage. The result was magic. Such a beautiful moment, and it took so little for Bono to make a person’s dream come true:

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