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The Jets get a big break, and a big win over the Pats, and other NFL thoughts. And the new stupidest new infomercial in the world


Every New York Jets victory is sweet to fans like me.

But beating Bill Belichick and Tom Brady? Twice as sweet. It feels like two wins, not just one.
Sunday, in another game that cost me some of the few remaining hairs I have left (seriously, Rogaine helps a little but it’s no match against the antics of the Jets on my scalp), my beloved Green and White got down 11 points at halftime, rallied for a big comeback to take the lead, then had to go to overtime and overcome their own awful play-calling (more on that in a minute) and a very, very fortunate penalty on the Pats to win, 30-27.

Whew. Hell of a game, as most Jets-Pats games are.  Some scattered thoughts on the wild one:

— Geno Smith. All we Jets fans ask of him this year is that he show improvement, that he’s better in Week 16 than he was in Week 1. And so far, the kid is really doing it. Sunday was maybe his best all-around performance, taking decision-making, accuracy, and play-making ability (especially with his legs) into account.
He didn’t panic after his one awful decision (an INT returned for a touchdown), and he made some big throws in the second half to give the Jets the lead. Still too early to anoint him “the franchise QB”, but the signs are all encouraging.

— After being told at halftime that it’s not illegal to breathe on Tom Brady, the Jets D was stellar in the second half, sacking the pretty-boy QB four times and harassing him. Even with Gronk back in the lineup (and damn is he a beast to cover), the Jets D was terrific in coverage and in stopping the run.

— Now, the overtime stuff… first of all, I don’t know what the hell got into the Jets offensive coaches at the end of what was a beautiful, run-oriented drive in OT. The Jets got to the Pats’ 40, moving the ball really well, then inexplicably decided to stop trying to gain more yards, running three straight plays into the line and not even trying to make it a manageable field goal try for awesome kicker Nick Folk.
So Folk has to line up for a 56-yard FG try, a wildly difficult kick normally, and he missed. And so it looked like, there went the game.
But the penalty god smiled on the Jets, as the Pats got called for a new foul, as one of their defenders (Chris Jones) pushed a teammate forward to try to help block the kick.
So the Jets got a free 15 yards, and then Folk got a second chance and made the winning kick.
Now of course Pats fans are going to whine about the call being bogus, and wrong, and yada yada yada. Of course I’m biased, but I think any team that won a Super Bowl with big thanks to the “Tuck Rule” gives up the right to ever complain about getting screwed by the refs.

Hell of a win for the Jets. I’m shocked they have four wins before Halloween. Still don’t know if this team has a playoff shot, but damn, they are interesting to watch in 2013.

**Finally today, it’s been a while since I’ve featured a truly moronic infomercial, but I saw this last week and I swore it had to be a parody “SNL” commercial or something.
But nope, this beauty’s real. It’s the Cat’s Meow, and its function is this: To prevent your household feline from scratching up the furniture or causing other mayhem, you put this yellow plastic circle on the floor and press a button, and a miniature-wand starts moving round and round the yellow circle, and apparently the cat will be hypnotically attracted to the wand, and spend hours and hours chasing the thing around a circle.

First of all, I don’t buy it. I know cats ain’t that smart, but this is really going to be entertainment for him/her for hours at a time? Second, isn’t the cat going to tear up the yellow plastic once he can’t catch the wand?
And third, won’t this toy inspire the cat to go hunt around the house for REAL things he can catch, like mice or something?

The Jets win a thriller in Hotlanta. An awesome MLB playoffs promo. And I check out the “Duck Dynasty” craze


Wow! I sure as hell did not expect that.

The New York Jets, expected by me and everyone else in the world to stink this year (except by my friend Mark M., who had hope), continue to amaze.
Well, if not amaze, maybe surprise. Monday night against the allegedly-good Atlanta Falcons, the Jets built a huge 13-point lead, let it slip away, then came back on a game-winning drive by Geno Smith and won on a last-second field goal by Nick Folk.

Whew. I’m exhausted just typing all that. Too pumped up for sleep but I have to be up in five hours (hey, those sixth-graders won’t teach themselves, you know), so just a few quick thoughts on the game:

— For the Jets, Geno Smith looked fantastic: Poised, confident, and looking nothing like the guy who was totally lost last week at Tennessee. Played brilliantly, made no mistakes, didn’t make any dangerous throws, and was stellar with his accuracy. Too early to definitely say “we’ve got a franchise QB”, but this was his best game by far.
— The defense was fabulous for most of the game, and Mo Wilkerson is a beast.
— Mike Smith, I don’t know, I just don’t think he’s a good coach at all. The Falcons made plenty of mistakes, but not kicking a FG at the end of the first half, was a pretty big mistake.
— The Jets are 3-2. I thought their third win would come sometime after Halloween, maybe Thanksgiving. Crazy. I still don’t know if this team is any good, but they’re a hell of a lot more interesting to watch than I thought they’d be.

**As you know, I’m a huge fan of the best movie of all time “Field of Dreams.”
So when I first saw this MLB Network promo for the 2013 playoffs, I just about plotzed (It’s Yiddish, kids, look it up.)

How fantastic is this? It almost makes me love baseball like I used to.

Duck Dynasty stars 660 AP

**Finally today, I like to consider myself fairly up on all things pop culture, and I try to at least sample some of what most of the rest of the country seems to be big on, before I deride it or praise it to high heaven.

And so, even though I’m a New York City Jew who’s rarely ever been out in the wilderness and never been hunting, I decided to watch an episode of “Duck Dynasty” the other day.

Yes, “Duck Dynasty,” the tale of the Robertson family, wealthy Louisiana duck hunters/duck call makers who all have long beards and talk slow and just about embody all things redneck.

I mean, this show is huge. Twelve million people watch it every week,  three (3!) books written by or affiliated with the show are on the New York Times bestseller list, and they seem to be all over the cultural map.

So, you know, I figured what the hell, let’s check it out.
And it was as awful as I expected. Redneck humor, jokes about killing and skinning animals, slow-talking slobs making cracks about their wives, yep, it was right up the alley of red-state America.

Hey, more power to the Robertsons, that they’ve been able to make money by being themselves and convincing millions that they’re entertaining.

Me? I’ll stick with “Homeland” and “Big Bang Theory,” thanks.

The Jets in midseason heart-attack inducing form. A beautiful 9/11 front page. And Serena acts disgracefully in defeat, again.

Yep, just another boring Jets win to start the 2011 season.
I thought last year they caused permanent damage to my ticker. But apparently my beloved Green and White are prepared to once again send me to an early grave.
Sunday night they played so poorly for three quarters against the Dallas Cowboys, falling behind 24-10, only to rally and win, 27-24, on a 50-yard field goal from Nick Folk with less than a minute left.
So many thoughts sprinting through my mind as I write this, 20 minutes after the game ended.
I’ll try to keep them brief:
—  Incredible ability of Mark Sanchez to shake off bad plays and mistakes and play well. Kid was terrific at the end, again, Sunday night.
— Joe McKnight, welcome to the Jets. That blocked punt that led to a TD that tied the game at 24 was phenomenal. What an athletic play for the second-year guy.
— Jets defense looked terrible at times, but you know what, they made a few big plays. None bigger than Darrelle Revis’ pick of Tony Romo in the last minute. No idea what Jessica Simpson’s ex was thinking on that throw.
— 1-0. Fifteen more to go for an undefeated season (ha).

Couple other quick NFL thoughts from Sunday:
— When’s the last time the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions both looked this good to start a season? Bills were shockingly good, but maybe the Chiefs are just that bad.
— The Colts without Manning … oy. Long, long season for Indy.
— Stunned at how easily the Ravens slapped around the Steelers. Those two teams always play 16-13 type games. Enjoyed seeing former Delaware Blue Hen Joe Flacco do so well.
— If Week 1 is any indication, should be another crazy, unpredictable NFL season. Awesome.


** Saw a bit of the 9/11 tribute stuff Sunday. But this maybe the best thing I saw. It was the front page of the Des Moines Register newspaper, in Des Moines, Iowa. Just beautiful.

**That’s twice in a row now at the U.S. Open.
The last two times Serena Williams has been at the final Grand Slam of the tennis year, she’s acted inexcusably, indefensibly awful.
Sunday’s outburst and behavior wasn’t as bad as this incident from two years ago, when Serena threatened to shove a tennis ball down a lineswoman’s throat, but in losing again to Samantha Stosur, 6-2, 6-3, Williams managed to disgrace herself yet again.
After being called (properly) for a hindrance violation (Serena shouted out after hitting a shot she thought was a winner before Stosur had a chance to hit a reply,) Serena berated the chair umpire for the next few minutes, saying at one point “You’re a hater and you’re unattractive inside … And I never complain. Wow. What a loser.”
She also told the woman “don’t even look at me.”
It is disgusting that Serena Williams acts like this. It’s even more disgusting that John McEnroe and Dick Enberg in the CBS booth defended her (Mary Carillo tried to criticize her a little, commendably).
In the post-match interview with the media, Serena seemed clueless and completely unapologetic about what she had done.
I’m glad she lost. Serena is one of the all-time greats in tennis history, and has added so much to the sport.
But she is an out and out bully. And thinks she’s above the rules. And so I’m glad she lost.
Just disgraceful.

A thrilling win for the Jets. And a senseless tragedy in Arizona

It’s three hours after the game as I type this, and I’m still too pumped up for sleep.
In yet another heart-stopping game in this NFL season for my beloved Jets, the green and white got a last-second field goal from Nick Folk and beat Indianapolis, 17-16.
So much to digest from this game. Since there was much bigger, more important news on this day, I’ll be relatively brief up here in this part.
Some quick-hitting thoughts for a wonderful win:
— Mark Sanchez, you were terrible most of the game. But man did you have a great final drive.
— That was the Jets running game we saw last year. So great to see LT and Shonn Greene pound the Colts defense in the 2nd half.
— Antonio Cromartie, your defense lapse that led to a TD is forgiven, thanks to that enormous kickoff return on the final drive.
— Braylon Edwards, you’re still not getting a big contract next year. But you were huge tonight.
— Jets defense was superb against Peyton Manning. OK, they didn’t sniff a sack all night, but the coverage was fantastic.
— Not ready to worry/think about having to play New England next week. Gonna enjoy this one at last until  Monday.
Jets 17, Colts 16. My boys live to see another day. Halle-freaking-llujah.

**There are many elements of horror in Saturday’s despicable murder of six people, and the serious wounding of a U.S. Congresswoman named Gabrielle Giffords, at a public event at a supermarket in Arizona.
Of course my heart breaks for the victims, including a 9-year-old girl named Christina Taylor Green, who had just been elected to her school’s student council.
And it’s truly a disgusting mind that decides armed violence is the way to react to a situation.
Here’s what really stung me, though, when I first heard about what happened: I wasn’t surprised.
Not in this America, circa 2011. Not when the extreme partisanship and disagreements of our nation’s citizens have become so angry, so virulent, so filled with hate.
Not when a disgrace of a politician named Sarah Palin puts the map below on her website, a pathetic graphic with gun sights set over the districts of 20 Congressmen she opposes, and says “it’s time to take a stand.” (I wonder how Palin slept Saturday night, knowing her “idea map” was carried out by a citizen.)
This is what we have become, and a tragedy like this has been coming down the pike for a long, long time.
I’m not naive enough to think this horror will change things in America. But maybe, just maybe, it will convince our leaders in the media, on TV, everywhere, to turn down the rhetorical volume a little. To demonize a little less the other side’s leaders and views. This must stop, now, all of this hate.
Out of tragedy, can sometimes come hope.

Another week, another heart-attack win from the Jets. And can you be too drunk to Facebook?

One of two things is happening here with the New York Jets in 2010:
Either this really is one special season because every single thing is going their way, or,
B, they’re trying to kill me.
I’m voting for A. Sunday brought yet another miraculous, incredible, heart-stopping game, the seventh one in nine this year that was decided by 9 points or less.
After playing a really strong offensive first half and really strong defensive first half, the Jets had to go to overtime against Cleveland because the Jets’ kicker really, really stunk Sunday. After an entire agonizing quarter of OT, the Jets won because Santonio Holmes is fast and the Browns forgot how to tackle.
Tremendous football game to watch, unless you were a Jets fan pulling your hair out.
A few quick thoughts on the game, and the other NFL action Sunday, as I celebrate the fact that the Jets are 7-2, tied for the best record in the league with Atlanta and some crappy team from New England:
— Mark Sanchez is becoming a man. He’s having his NFL bar mitzvah before our very eyes. What a tremendous game he played, while injured. He looked like freaking Michael Vick a few times with his pass rush escapes.
— Santonio Holmes, you are now entitled to a major contract extension from the Jets. That’s two straight weeks you’ve saved our butt from defeat, or, Sunday, a tie.
— Incredible finish to the Jacksonville-Houston game, when a poor Texans defender tried to bat down a Hail Mary and, well, this happened, something you may never see in 100 years of watching football.
How could you not love Gus Johnson on the mike here?
— Finally, a word on Chad Pennington. We Jets fans still love him, even though he plays for the Dolphins now. He’s such a good guy, he’s suffered through so many injuries with such grace, and Sunday, after a year of sitting as a backup in Miami, he finally got another chance to play.
And he got hurt on the second play from scrimmage. And missed the rest of the game.
Feel so bad for the guy.
**This may be the greatest thing ever. Or a really, really horrible idea.
You’ve heard of drunk-dialing, when you’re so wasted at 3 a.m. that you think it’s a good idea to call your ex-girlfriend and yell at her.
Well of course now we have “drunk status updating” on Facebook and Twitter. So a company called WebRoot software has come up with something called the “Social Media Sobriety Test,” and here’s how it works: You download the program, and tell it that between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., you’re occasionally drunk. Then, when you try to log on to social network sites during those hours, you have to pass, and I swear I’m not kidding here, a sobriety test using your mouse and keyboard.

If you pass, you can log on to those sites and post whatever the hell you want. If you fail, well, I guess you’ll have to tell the ex about the three-way you just had some other time.
This is incredibly awesome, the way every single thing in our society protects us from ourselves these days.
Check out their website here. And here’s their “tutorial” video. I love it.