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“Boardwalk Empire” is back, and still awesome. The newest most ridiculous infomercial product ever. And an “Archie” comic from 1972 that’s eerily prescient.

It took me a few days, but it was well worth it. I watched the season premiere of “Boardwalk Empire” on Wednesday, and man, I have really missed this show.

If you’re not a fan yet, this would be a good time to get in, because the show is going through a little bit of a re-boot after Atlantic City gangster Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) killed his rival/former protege Jimmy Darmody at the end of last season.


I thought the season premiere was fantastic. Clearly, Margaret and Nucky have issues; was genuinely surprised to see Nucky shtupping the showgirl from the New Year’s Eve party. I love Bobby Cannavale’s new character Gyp Rosetti; that scene in the basement where he insults every other gangster in the room was fantastic.

So happy the kosher butcher from Philly was back in the show, until he wasn’t. Good on ya, Richard Harrell. Jimmy’s mother still creeps me out, I love that ex-FBI guy Van Alden (sorry, Mr. George Mueller) accidentally helps save a gangster’s life in a flower shop, and I can’t wait to see what happens with Nucky’s brother, who we haven’t seen yet but is lurking in the shadows.

A fantastic show. Looks like it’ll be getting even better this year.

**OK, someone please tell me this is a gag, or a rejected “SNL” skit, or something. Because there’s now ay this can be a real thing. This thing makes the Snuggie look as important as the invention of the cotton gin.

May I introduce you to The Popinator, a popcorn machine that directs kernels into your mouth when you say the word “pop” by following the sound of your voice?

We have this now. And yet … AIDS goes un-cured.

**Finally, this freaked me out a little. In 1972 there was an “Archie” comic where Archie traveled ahead in the future by 50 years, and this is what music is like.

Not all that far off, eh?

Disgraceful Lowes pulls ads from Muslim show. “Boardwalk Empire” finale rocks. And a random piece of brilliance.

You know, I should stop being amazed at the cowardice of corporations. No matter how big and powerful they are, one little peep of protest and they go running for the hills, their morals and principles tucked between their spindly little legs.

Lowe’s, the hardware giant, had been running ads on a show on TLC called “All-American Muslim.” It’s a reality show about five Muslim families in Dearborn, Mich., and the discrimination and challenges they face. It’s exactly the kind of reality show that networks should be airing, since it gives you a slice of a world you rarely get to see, from a perspective that most Americans dearly need.

Discrimination against Muslims is still OK by many Americans since 9/11, you see.
So anyway, Lowes advertised on the show, and well wouldn’t you know it some wingnut right-wing group (the Florida Family Association) got all mad and put pressure on Lowes to stop airing commercials on the show. Because, of course, the FFA believes the show is highlighting a dangerous, radical Muslim agenda that’s THREAT TO OUR FREEDOM! (the caps are meant to indicate their fake outrage).

So of course, what does Lowes do? Pulls their ads. Which is basically a way of agreeing with the FFA that every Muslim in America ought to be watched, because they’re all potential terrorists.

I’ve shopped at Lowes before. Never again. Disgusting and disgraceful and pathetic, that’s what they are. This is how discrimination continues, generation after generation. Because nobody in power (and major corporations DO have power) stands up and says “you know what? There’s nothing wrong with this show. We’re proud to be a part of it.”

I hope Lowes suffers at the cash register because of this.

“Boardwalk Empire” had its season finale Sunday night (STOP HERE IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET, SKIP TO THE VIDEO NOW, I IMPLORE YOU. OK, you’ve been warned).

Man what an ending. Totally did not see that coming. It takes a lot of balls to kill off one of your two main characters, but “Boardwalk Empire” did it and it actually made sense in the story. Either Jimmy or Nucky had to die after their season-long power struggle over Atlantic City, and Steve Buscemi sure wasn’t going anywhere, so young Jimmy had to go.

I was amazed at how calm Jimmy took his death, how in hindsight he seemed to be preparing for it all throughout the episode (giving his son the dogtags, for example).

Couple other “Empire” thoughts:
— Can’t believe Manny Horvitz gets to come out on top after all the havoc he’s raised. You don’t mess with a Jewish butcher from Philly, apparently.
— Loved the look on Margaret’s face when she signed the highway land deed away from Nucky, over to the church. I think she really did believe Nucky was going to change, but after the Jimmy lie he told, she knows her new husband is a thief and a bad man.
— Two seasons in, this show is right up there with “Six Feet Under” and “The Sopranos” in my book when it comes to HBO brilliance.

**And now, a random piece of brilliance for you.  This is from a show called “Cirque de Pekin,” (literally translated, the Beijing Circus). It was sent to me by a friend a few weeks ago and I just got around to watching it today. Breathtakingly difficult and awesome.