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A Valentine’s Day edition of Good News Friday: 3 romantic scenes to make you smile

And a Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my readers; whether you love this holiday because you’re in love, hate it because you’re not (and believe me, I’ve been there), or you have no feelings about it whatsoever and believe it’s a totally made-up, Hallmark-invented day, I hope you have a great one.

My wife and I went out for a Valentine’s Day dinner Thursday night (because it’s cliche to do it on Valentine’s Day, we decided), and she suggested today’s blog be about the most romantic movie or TV scenes we like, in honor of V-Day.

So we batted around a bunch of ideas, eliminated all but three, and here we are. I’m sure these aren’t your three favorites, but hopefully they’ll at least make you smile a little.


1. The end of “Sleepless in Seattle.” Yeah, the movie wasn’t a classic, but come on, the last scene at the Empire State Building is kind of great:

2. “An Officer and a Gentleman:” Nobody over the age of 30 needs an explanation as to this one.  Maybe the movie women of my generation reference most when it comes to a man sweeping a woman off her feet.

Damn you, Richard Gere. We’re all chasing after your image.

3. Alex and Ellen from “Family Ties.”

My favorite show as a kid, bar none. My favorite scene from my favorite show, bar none. A boy, his first true love, and a train station at three o’clock in the morning. What more could you want? (For the full episode, click here.)

So good.