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The government tries for the 4,343rd time to stop kids from smoking. And the best NYT correction ever

The Federal Drug Administration is like Charlie Brown sometimes.
They try, really, really hard to get kids not to smoke. Charlie Brown tried really, really hard to kick that damn football.
The FDA this week, I read, unveiled their latest and greatest attempt to show young people that smoking is bad. They’ve got these really intense, huge warning labels ready to be rolled out on packs and in ads, showing corpses, and a tag on a dead guy’s toe, and all kinds of other frightening things.
And I see it and laugh. Because God bless the FDA, but none of this stuff is going to work. Teenagers who want to smoke, because they know it’s wrong but don’t care, because they want to rebel, don’t care about any labels. They don’t care what you do to their cigarettes, they’re going to smoke them anyway.
I was a teenager once, as were you. If you wanted to smoke, was anything going to stop you? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
I’m glad the FDA is trying, I really am. But it’s all just deck chairs off the Titanic. Unless you actually outlaw cigarettes in this country, or make a law that no one under the age of 30 is allowed to buy cigarettes, teen smoking is going to continue.
It’s just a battle the FDA can’t win. But God bless ’em for trying.

**You know I love newspaper corrections here at Wide World of Stuff. So when my old journalism professor, and new Facebook friend Ben Yagoda pointed me to this one, I had to write about it.

An article on Nov. 4 about the San Francisco Giants’ victory parade referred incorrectly to the type of underwear shown to the crowd by first baseman Aubrey Huff. His “rally thong,” which he said he wore for luck during the Giants’ run to the World Series title, was designed for men, not for women.

I would have LOVED to have been in the morning meeting at the Times where that one was discussed.