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We threw a party at the new house, and another “grown-up” box is checked off. The best throw of the year in MLB has to be seen to be believed. And a pretty amazing soccer goal by Wayne Rooney.

The idea of “being a grown-up” always used to seem so appealing to me. Getting to eat what you want, whenever you want, never having to go to school again? Yes please! Sign me up every day of the week.

Then you grow up, and being a grown-up isn’t always so great. Jobs. Bills. Relationships that don’t work out. Stress. All that stuff that’s missing from your life as a kid.

And being a grown-up isn’t as cool. Still, there are big moments that feel like big moments for me sometimes, and Sunday came another one.

As I’ve mentioned a few dozen times on here, we bought a big ole’ house a few months back, and moved into it in June. Things have been progressing as you’d expect, at least if you’re a homeowner: It’s awesome having so much space, neighbors are great, our new town is great… and lots of stuff needs to be fixed and it all seems to cost at least $500. But I’m not complaining (much); it’s a big life move to own a house.

Anyway, Sunday felt like another big grown-up moment: Hosting our first big shindig at the new house. It was an anniversary party for my mom and stepdad, 25 years together. We had about 20 people there, and Shelley and I were the hosts, making sure everyone had drinks, making sure the kids weren’t bored, just basically being traffic cops and sociable hosts at the same time.

It felt like something I’d done at 1,000 other people’s houses. So many times in my life I’ve taken advantage of other people’s hospitality and generosity, and I’ve appreciated it. It’s so nice to finally be able to repay others’ kindness, and have them all come to where I live and have a good time.

This felt different. The party was a success (no one got food poisoning and nothing got broken, those are the metrics I’m using.)

It was exhausting. But it felt great.

Just a small moment in a life full of them. This one felt a little bigger.

**Next up today, probably the throw of the year in Major League Baseball. The Oakland A’s, who are apparently very good again, have an outfielder named Ramon Laureano, and besides having a name straight out of a Spanish soap opera, he’s got a howitzer for an arm.

Check out this incredible catch and then even better strike from the outfield Sunday. That’s like a 300-foot throw on the fly!

Crazy good.

**Finally today, I know just a few things about world soccer superstar Wayne Rooney: A, He’s British and really good at soccer, 2, He’s incredibly foul-mouthed, maybe the most vulgar athlete I’ve heard on the field of play, 3, He’s now playing in America.

Now after seeing this play from Sunday’s D.C. United game pop up all over my Twitter feed Sunday night, I can add a fourth thing: He’s really, really fast.

Check out this defensive recovery with United’s goalie out of the net, and then incredible feed for a goal.

I have to admit, the announcer’s cackling laughter about :20 in makes the clip even better.