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Why we shouldn’t forget Ray Lewis took part in a murder. Another awesome “SportsCenter” commercial (with Muppets!). And the game of “tag” that’s lasted 23 years


As I’m sure most sports fans are, I’m just about sick of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.
I’m sick of him being on TV every five seconds, I’m sick of his bleating about how “the Lord has saved him,” and mostly, I’m sick of how SO many in the sports media over the past week, since Lewis and the Ravens earned a trip to this Sunday’s Super Bowl, seem to gloss over the fact that 13 years ago in Atlanta, Lewis was heavily involved in the murder of two people.

Their names were Richard Lollar and Jacinth Baker.

Lewis was never convicted of murder; he cut a deal with prosecutors to testify against two other men, and Lewis was found guilty only of obstruction of justice. He was suspended for four games by the NFL and fined $250,000, and the murders remain unsolved.

This incident should be a permanent stain on Lewis’ character, and yet it hardly ever got talked about in recent years. Now some hairsprays on TV refer to it as Lewis’ “bump in the road” or “his incident.”

Ravens fans love and worship the guy; hell one of my soon-to-be-cousins named his pug pictured above “Ray Ray,” for God’s sakes.

But it should not be forgotten what Lewis did, and why he has never explained his behavior, or what happened that night.

We need to hear from the victims, and Tim Graham of The Buffalo News has written a fabulous story telling their side of the case.

Listen to Master Lollar, Richard’s brother, talk about Lewis and you know that unlike for millions of others who worship Lewis, they will never forget what happened 13 years ago.

“He’s Satan in human form, a person that is so evil,” Master Lollar said of Lewis. “I can barely see a person wearing his jersey.
“You know what I wish? One time in my life, me and him would have a talk. I want to ask him how it feels. I never helped somebody get away with murder. How does that feel? Do you care? Or did you do it just to protect your fame?”

**And now, another brilliant commercial in the “This is SportsCenter” series; these have been going on for years and they continue to be really, really funny.

This recent one had the added awesomeness of starring the Swedish Chef from “The Muppets,” and the best goaltender in the world, the New York Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist, who oh by the way is Swedish. Enjoy…


**Finally, my smart and funny friend April pointed me to this story Tuesday; I’m not sure if it’s awesomely cool or kinda sad. But nine friends from Spokane, Washington have this bizarre tradition: Every February, for one month, they continue a game of tag they first started as children 25 years ago.

They fly all over the country to “tag” each other, and enlist their friends, wives and often total strangers to help them not be branded as “It” for another year.

You may say it’s nuts (read the story for the bizarre lengths these guys to go to), but you have to admit: It’s not the craziest thing men do in the name of “male bonding.” The craziest thing, to me, is going out in the woods and shooting animals for sport.But hey, that’s just me.