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Richard Marx and Daisy Fuentes foil crimes on a plane to Seoul! A pretty moving and touching SNL sketch from Kate McKinnon as Hillary. And “Rent-A-Jew” is a thing in Germany and it’s not as creepy as it sounds.


My friends, there are some days where I swear news happens in the world just so I can blog about it, because it is so far up my alley it’s already a strike. I mean, let me put it this way, if I didn’t blog about this next story, my loyal readers would wonder why I didn’t.

Richard Marx is a famous ballad crooner from the 1980s and ’90s. You know his hits: “Now and Forever,” “Hold on to the Nights,” “Don’t Mean Nothin.'” His wife is Daisy Fuentes, who my fellow Gen X’ers will remember as a gorgeous MTV VJ and model.

They were on a Korean Air Flight 480 from Hanoi to Seoul on Monday night, and all kinds of shit went down. A passenger sitting near them started attacking other people on-board, with a knife. According to Marx’s Twitter feed, the flight crew was “completely ill-trained.”

So Marx and other passengers, over the course of what he says was four hours, helped subdue the man and st0pped him from hurting others, after his knife wounded two passengers and a member of the flight crew.

Eventually the attacker was subdued and arrested when the plane landed.

I’m positively brimming with thoughts: First, shouldn’t the attacked have recognized that Richard Marx would be “Right Here Waiting” for him if he started to get crazy?” I mean, “Should’ve Known Better” is one of his best songs, of course Richard Marx is going to jump in and be a hero!

Fuentes says she has video of the event, which also begs the question: Is that really the best thing to be doing in that situation? Maybe you could’ve helped out a little?

Good for you, Richard Marx. I’ve gotten a lot of crap over the years for digging his music, but answer me this: You think Dan Hill gets in there and stops this guy? You ever see Michael Bolton take down a guy with a knife? Show me where Christopher Cross did a heroic act like this!

God bless Richard Marx. And now, enjoy some of his music…

**Next up, I was a little late catching up on “SNL” this week, and honestly other than the “cold open” I rarely watch the show or search for clips anymore. But my wife is a huge “Love Actually” fan and thought I’d like this sketch with Kate McKinnon playing Hillary for maybe the last time. It was buried late in the show but I thought it was adorable and funny. A spoof of the movie “Love Actually.”

**And finally today, bear with me on this one, this story isn’t as offensive as it first sounds. But just to hook you, this is what some headlines about this read: “German program allows citizens to rent a Jew.”

OK, now hang on… here’s the details. There are 81 million people in Germany, and only about 230,000 Jews (yes, we all know why that is).

So most Germans alive today never met a Jewish person, never seen one, interacted with one. And as we all know, knowing and interacting with people of different faiths and races almost always leads to greater understanding and empathy for them.

So a new company called ‘Rent-A-Jew” in Germany has begun a sort of seminar service; a German organization hires Rent-a-Jew to put together a presentation about Judaism, its history and beliefs, etc. Then the Jewish person goes to talk to students, workers, or any other group to explain to them what Judaism is like and what its feelings and beliefs are.

“A lot of people want to be more than just the regular Jewish stereotypes in Germany, reduced to victims,” Alexander Rasumny, one of the organizers behind Rent-a-Jew, told Vox.com “A lot of people want to be seen in their own right.”

I know, I know, at first it sounds a little creepy and weird. But I actually think this is a good idea and service; one of the only ways to stop hatred and anti-Semitism is to educate people, to enlighten them about why a certain group deserves their respect and honor, not scorn.

I realize “Rent-A-Jew” will rub many people the wrong way. But I actually think it’s a terrific idea.

“The most important thing is that people get used to the idea of discussing things with Jews instead of only talking about Jews,” Rasumny added. “In the seminars, it’s great: Once you accept the idea, you’re ready for hearing what we have to say.”


The bizarre story of Richard Marx “stalking” a local blogger. An incredible hockey penalty shot. And silverware that helps you diet


I begin today with a bizarre tale of Richard Marx stalking a local blogger.

I am not ashamed to admit I loved Richard Marx back in the day; “Right Here Waiting,” “Endless Summer Nights,” and “Hold on to the Nights” were in heavy cassette rotation in the Lewis bedroom all throughout the 1980s. Sure, some mocked him as cheesy pop silliness, but I loved him and think he’s got a terrific set of pipes.

Well, apparently his pipes might be great, but his skin is awfully thin. Check this out:  A local Chicago-based blogger named Edward McClelland writes for a local TV station’s news site called Themorningnews.com, and during a music review of another song, made a throwaway snarky comment:

Every one of these musicians has performed outstanding work on their own, but together, they’ve produced a power anthem that would have embarrassed Damn Yankees, The Outfield or White Lion. (But not Richard Marx. Richard Marx is shameless.)

So sure, McClelland made a snide remark calling Richard Marx shameless, but who cares? Surely this would melt into the vastness of the Web, to be forgotten in five seconds even by those who read it.

Except the comment got back to the man who belted out “Don’t Mean Nothing.” And he was pissed. He emailed McClelland, then tweeted at him. Then kept at it, asking and emailing McClelland to explain his “shameless” comment.

McClelland of course, thought it was a joke; one of his buds goofing on him. Only, it wasn’t. It really was Richard Marx.

Eventually, the two arrange a meeting, and well, I implore you to read the tale here. Why in the world Richard Marx would give a fig about what McClelland said about him, I have no clue.

But it’s a fascinating and bizarre story.

**As we finally get closer to the start of the NHL season on Saturday, I’m going to be posting hockey-related clips as much as I can, because I’m very excited for my Rangers making a run (a skate?) at the Stanley Cup this year.

Today, check out this amazing penalty shot goal from Jori Lehtera in the Kontinental Hockey League (that’s Russia’s pro league) all-star game.

Truly can say I’ve never seen that move before.

**Finally, I love ridiculous-sounding products like this. There’s a new product called the Nagging Fork, debuted at the Consumer Electrics Show, which somehow detects when you’re eating your food to quickly and emits a series of beeps and vibrations. The idea being, of course, that if you slow down, you’ll eat less.

This is great, in theory. But how many people are going to hear those damn beeps, throw their fork against the wall, and accidentally put a loved one’s eye out?

Swimming parents vs. football parents, Yanks win a classic, and a hilarious Richard Marx interview


So I spent five hours on Saturday at a high school swim meet. It’s one I cover every year, sort of our “area championship” meet here in Daytona Beach, and it’s one I enjoy more than most sporting events.

Why? It’s not because I love swimming SO much more than other sports. It’s because swim parents, by far, are the nicest, friendliest parents of any high school sport.

I say this after having covered just about every scholastic sport there is, from field hockey to cross country, from lacrosse to bowling.

And it struck me today, as I covered swimming 12 hours after covering a high school football game, just how amazingly different I as a sportswriter get treated by the two groups, and how different they are from each other:

–Football parents yell at you if their kid isn’t in the paper all the time. Swim parents say thanks for the one time their kid made it three years ago.

–Football parents yell mean things at their own coach from the stands. Swim parents ask the coach if they want some juice or a snack during the meet.

— Football parents want to pulverize the other team. Swim parents want everyone to do well, just that their kid swims a tiny bit faster in that 100 butterfly.

— Football parents are always bragging about how big, strong and fast their kid is. Swim parents talk with pride about how hairless their kid is (seriously, they’re like naked mole rats).

Anyway, you get the idea. Plus, since our area in Daytona Beach produced Olympic champion Ryan Lochte, the quality of swimmers has gone way up, and I get to see possible future national champions in the pool.

So, yeah, it was a good day.

***Hell of a win for the Yankees last night, and a brutal, brutal loss for the Angels. The boys from Anaheim had a ton of chances to win (wasn’t Vladimir Guerrero supposed to drive runners in, not leave them stranded all night like the cast of “Lost?”), but now I can’t see them coming back from an 0-2 deficit.

Meanwhile, while Julie and I watched extra innings, we imagined this conversation going on in hundreds of seats at Yankee Stadium, while the rain fell and the frost formed:

Woman: “Seriously, let’s go home. I’m freezing and wet and it’s 1 a.m.”

Man: “Are you kidding? It’s the playoffs and this game is awesome!”

Woman: I haven’t felt my toes since the 7th inning. If you love me, we’re leaving.”

Man: Come on, this is a classic! Your toes will be fine.”

**OK, if you’re a child of the 1980s like I am, you remember Richard Marx. The mullet, the love ballads like “Endless Summer Nights” and “Right Here Waiting,” all that good stuff.

Well an old college friend of mine, Bill Werde, is the editor of Billboard magazine, and he got to interview the legendary Mr. Marx (I loved him so much, had all his tapes, and even used “Endless Summer Nights” as an anthem for a girl I liked once) recently.

The first 45 seconds or so of the interview are pretty normal, but then … well, things get interesting. I laughed really hard.

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