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Leaving SoCal after a great day at the Getty. Rick Santorum, step right up! And Snoop Dogg hosts “The Price is Right.”

Flying home to New York today, after a spectacular week in Northern and then Southern California with friends.

As much as I wouldn’t want to live here (Earthquakes, traffic, smog, etc.), I do love visiting California when I can. So much beauty, and so much to offer. And on this trip, I got to see friends I rarely see and meet some adorable tykes (including the 2-year-old football fan who told me he loves the USC quarterback “Matt Broccoli.”  His real name is Matt Barkley, but who am I to correct him?)

Finished our tour with a trip to the Getty Museum in L.A. on Tuesday; I’ve been there a few times and it’s truly one of my favorite places in America. Such incredible views (like the one above) of Los Angeles, terrific art, sculptures and photography inside, and just a wonderfully quiet piece of solitude and serenity in a city not known for such.

Also have to admit that as a pop culture geek I’m excited that Wednesday on the way to the airport we’re going to the Santa Monica pier, which of course you know is where they filmed the opening sequence to “Three’s Company.” (Maybe I’ll see Mr. Furley on the carousel!)

Yes, I know I’m a dork. But a happy, contented one after a week of vacation.

**Well, I guess it had to happen. After everyone else in the GOP presidential primary field got their chance to be the frontrunner over the last nine months, the only guy left who hadn’t gotten the spotlight got his chance Tuesday.

Rick Santorum, a man who thinks contraception is wrong, a man who once compared gay love to bestiality, a man who angered people so much that when you Google him, check out what comes up first, a man who was considered so much an afterthought for the last six months that he barely even got to stand on stage with the others, somehow tied for first in the Iowa caucuses Tuesday.

As I write this, four votes separate Santorum and Mitt Romney, out of almost 100,000 cast. Ron Paul, who I was really rooting for to win because it would’ve pissed off ALL sections of the Republican Party, came in third at 21 percent, four percent behind the leaders.

I have to say I’m stunned that anyone could think Santorum would make a good dog-catcher, much less a president. And I find it hilarious that now he’ll get all the media attention as a “front-runner,” and more Americans will get to find out just what a nutjob the former Senator from Pennsylvania is.

Couple other quick-hit caucus thoughts:
— Rick Perry, thank you for a few solid months of laughter. You can go home to Texas now.
— Michele Bachmann, ditto. Though I was always admire your choots-pa.
— Ron Paul as a third-party candidate? I could easily see him getting 15 percent in a general and ruining someone’s chances of being President.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
 **Finally, because we just never have enough Snoop Dogg on this blog, here’s the most famous weed-smoker of this generation hosting “The Price is Right.”

The NBA CEO who drunk-dialed his superstar. Rick Perry sinks lower, somehow. And a ref costs a team a state title.

You know, we’ve all done it. We’ve gone out with friends, had a few too many drinks, and then gotten the idea to drunk-dial an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, or an ex-wife/husband, or just someone we really, really shouldn’t be calling at 1:30 in the morning.

But this … well, this might be unprecedented. Orlando Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide is worried his team might lose its superstar, Dwight Howard, in free agency after this season. So Vander Weide decided at 1 a.m. Tuesday morning to call big Dwight and tell him how much he loved him, and wanted him to stay in Orlando.

Seriously, he did this, and Vander Weide confirmed it in this story. Shockingly, Vander Weide is now the former CEO of the Magic, retiring on Wednesday.

Bob, Bob, Bob. Next time you’re drinking, put down that phone!

**Rick Perry, ladies and gentlemen. I really don’t even have the words to say how offensive this ad is. Thank God he’s no longer a real serious threat to get the GOP nomination…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**Finally, this infuriated me. Boston Cathedral High School was playing in the Mass. 4A state championship game last Saturday. Their quarterback, Matt Owens, was on his way to scoring a go-ahead touchdown on a long run. Toward the end of the run, Owens raised his hand in celebration for about three seconds, then put it down and finished going into the end zone.

Amazingly, Owens was called for a taunting penalty, which negated the touchdown. Cathedral ended up losing the game.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Taunting is showing up an opponent. Taunting is hitting a guy while he’s down, dancing in his face, shoving a ball at him. That this kid lost a state title because an “I’m bigger than the game” attitude from a high school referee is disgusting and oh so wrong.

Watch this video, and tell me this kid should be called for taunting. Ridiculous.

The Joe Paterno era ends in disgrace. The worst debating moment of all time. And blowing up your competition, literally.

**I don’t have much new to say about Joe Paterno this morning, except these quick thoughts:

— I think the Penn State Board of Trustees absolutely did the right thing by firing him Wednesday night.
— I think Paterno should, and will, go to his grave with the guilt of how many boys lives were shattered, after 2002, because he didn’t go to the police about Jerry Sandusky’s behavior.
— I think I cannot for the life of me understand what, exactly, PSU students were rallying and rioting about last night in State College. Were they rioting in support of a legendary coach who enabled a child molester? Rioting just because they could? Despicable.
— Finally, I find it stunning that as of now the Penn State assistant, Mike McQueary, who saw Sandusky assaulting a boy in the locker room gets to remain on the coaching staff as of now.

What an awful, awful situation. Anyone who wastes a thought in sympathy for Paterno ought to use that brain power to spare some thoughts for the defenseless victims of Jerry Sandusky.

**Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes it’s so easy. I don’t even need to say anything to you to set up this clip of Texas Governor Rick Perry last night, as he tried to answer a question.

I think Time.com blogger Adam Sorensen put it best: “Watching Rick Perry fail to recall the third part of his own answer in tonight’s debate was like watching a thoroughbred get euthanized on the track. It was shocking, grisly and impossible to look away. ”

Yep, that about covers it.

**Finally, when your business is losing out to a competitor, there are a few things you can do: Improve your product. Advertise more.
Or, you know, burn down the other guy’s store.
Two Domino’s Pizza managers in Lake City, Fla. decided they needed to do something drastic to stop a local Papa John’s from stealing their customers: So they torched the place.
Bryan Sullivan and Sean Davidson, take your place in the stupid criminal Hall of Fame. Congrats, boys.
And here’s the kicker, fellas: Even when it’s set on fire, Papa John’s pizza still tastes better than Domino’s.

A Walter Payton book I wholeheartedly endorse. And Rick Perry, in a “nut”shell.

Right off the bat, I’m admitting to a major bias here.
Jeff Pearlman is one of my best friends in the entire world. He is kind, loyal, smart, funny and a million other traits that make a person one of those special people in your life.
He has been there for me on so many occasions, with personal and professional advice and counsel.  He was the single biggest influence on my journalism career, calling in favors and helping me get my first big internship, and he’s helped in myriad ways since then.

He is one of the people in the world I could call at 3 a.m. from jail, and with no questions asked, he’d be there to bail me out (After posting bail, then he’d ask a ton of questions. He’s a journalist. It’s what we do).
I would do anything for Jeff and his family, and I know he’d do anything for me.

All that said,  I cannot tell you in strong enough terms how I feel about his new book that came out Tuesday.
It’s about Walter Payton, maybe the greatest NFL running back ever, and it’s called “Sweetness.” You can get it at amazon.com here.
I am one of the four or five people who Jeff trusts to edit the first draft of his books, and when I started reading this one, I knew within two chapters that it was the best one he’s written (of four previous books, two have been N.Y. Times bestsellers, so he’s got a lot to live up to with each new book.)
Walter Payton is nearly universally worshipped as a hero, and for the most part, the Chicago Bears legend deserves the moniker. He was a fantastic player, a generous and kind friend, and at the end of his life, a spokesman for the rare disease from which he suffered.
But he was also human. And so he made mistakes. He abused painkillers. He cheated on his wife. He also had suicidal thoughts after his playing days were over.
All of that was documented in Sports Illustrated this week, which excerpted the book. And unfortunately, so many fans and (sadly) members of the press have taken a five-page excerpt and assumed an entire biography was filled with similar negative thoughts.
That could NOT be farther from the truth. This is a balanced, thoughtful, incredibly well-reported book, filled with details and insight never before known about the Bears great.

I strongly urge you to check the book out. If you know a football fan, are married to one, or are one yourself, please strongly consider buying this book.
Dan Wetzel of Yahoo.com, an outstanding sportswriter in his own right, gave the book a glowing review this week (crazy dude actually read the thing before reviewing it!)

If there’s someone I know who deserves success, or has worked harder on a project, more than Jeff, I don’t know who it would be.

**Been a while since I’ve written about my favorite insane politician, Rick Perry. Probably because the man is in such a free-fall that I’m not sure he’s really a contender for the White House anymore.
In case you wanted to see a snapshot list of ALL the ways Perry has screwed up in the last two months, Kevin Drum of motherjones.com has compiled this handy quick look.
All I can say is: Wow.

The incredible stats about pot arrests in U.S. A son comes out to his father, on YouTube. A brilliant riposte to Rick Perry.

As I’ve said on this blog before, I think it’s ridiculous that marijuana is illegal in this country. So many millions of dollars wasted, so many millions of jail cells needlessly occupied by people who perpetrate a victimless crime upon themselves, and don’t get violent while using it.
These stats released this week astonished and saddened me.  According to the FBI, 52 percent of all drug arrests in America in 2010 were for pot. Think about that for a second: Crystal meth, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, all of those drugs COMBINED for fewer arrests than pot.
Arrests for simple marijuana possession accounted for 5.7 percent of ALL arrests in America last year. 750,000 people were arrested for smoking pot last year.
It is insane that this country, no matter who’s in charge of the government, continues to prosecute marijuana users, when there are so many more important law enforcement priorities.
Legalize it. Tax it. And let’s move on to the really important issues, shall we?

**Hopefully you’ve seen this by now; this is beautiful. Randy Phillips, a 21-year-old member of the U.S. Armed Forces, emboldened by the end of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” finally came out to his father, over the phone. And broadcast it live on YouTube. Listen to the emotion in both men’s voice, and know what an enormous relief the end of that horrific DADT policy must be for so many of our brave soldiers.

**Finally, I sadly didn’t get to watch the latest episode of my favorite reality show, the GOP presidential debate, Thursday night (Damn grad school classes!)

But I heard my main man Rick Perry got trampled again, caught in his own idiocy. Also heard some in the crowd booed a gay soldier who asked a question (Stay classy, Tea Party people).
Also saw this sign on the Internet the other day and laughed out loud:

A great comparison/theory on Rick Perry. An incredible juggling act. And the photos of 9/11, over 10 years.

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Ross Douthat is a conservative columnist now with The New York Times. He’s always struck me as a fairly reasonable conservative; not a right-wing loon with no ability to see the other side.
Anyway, he’s a good writer, and he made an excellent analogy the other day that struck me as being really accurate. He wrote that Rick Perry is in many ways the Howard Dean 2004 of this GOP presidential race.
Because Perry, like Dean, whipped the extremes of his party into a frothy frenzy during primary season, but ultimately had so many fatal flaws that the majority of the party realized they were unelectable.
And that’s what I think is happening with Perry. Even the other GOP presidential candidates think he’s too extreme, and thankfully he’s being exposed for the bullying fraud that he really is.
Check out Douthat’s analysis here.

And, just for fun, let’s revisit this old treasure. Ahh, Howard, you enthusiastic bastard, you.

**Once again, the Boston Globe website photo project, The Big Picture, has blown me away. Amazing photojournalism here, folks.

Check out their photo gallery (one of the shots is above) of 10 years of progress at Ground Zero here.

**Finally, this juggling woman impressed me big-time. Watch how he uses his feet and his hands and doesn’t miss a beat. Definitely one skill I would love to have; I can’t imagine how much practice it takes to do something like this:

My proudest celebrity streak finally ends, sadly. The British cops sorta mess up the ankle bracelet thing. And cheering death at the GOP debate

My friends, one of my proudest streaks as a human being has come to an end.
No, not my streak of never turning down a chocolate chip cookie (35 years and counting on that one.)
I’m talking about a streak that has been so hard to keep going. A streak that took work, dedication, perseverance, and most of all, concentration.

I refer to the streak that ended Wednesday night, when I turned on David Letterman a little after midnight and saw them. All three of them.
Until Wednesday night, I could proudly say that I had never in my life heard a Kardashian sister speak.
Oh, I’ve seen their pictures on TV and in magazines, of course. It’s downright impossible to be alive in 2011 and not have seen Kim, Khloe, or Kourtney wearing some ridiculous outfit or another.
But I was proud that I’d never subjected my ears to their whining and blathering.
But what the hell, my remote landed on Letterman, and as with a car crash or an episode of “Friday Night Lights,” I couldn’t look away.
Couple of thoughts on the Sisters K from someone who literally was hearing them for the first time:
— They somehow managed to be incredibly stupid and yet quite condescending in talking to Dave. Not easy to do. I felt bad for Letterman, actually.
— I know 99 percent of the male hetero population will disagree, but I don’t find any of them attractive. Maybe, possibly, Kourtney is a little cute. But Kim and Khloe (who’s just downright nasty based on the comments she made on the show) do nothing for me.
— Letterman kept confusing which one was which. Like it matters. They all gave the same vacuous answers and irritating giggle that followed.
After watching the interview, I felt a little dirty. But was relieved I still have one solid streak going:
I have never, ever watched one second of an episode of “Jersey Shore.” That has to count for something.

**Couldn’t help myself. Watched a lot of the GOP presidential debate last night. Glad to see Rick Perry continue to implode; Pearlman and I were talking after the debate and I said that Perry is going to be a guy who no one takes seriously after a while, because he just can’t help himself from saying moronic, ridiculous things (like saying Social Security was a “Ponzi scheme” and a “monstrous lie).
I found myself in the odd position of being on the same side as the ultimate fraud, Mitt Romney, during his sparring sessions with Perry.
And can someone give Newt Gingrich a hug and a teddy bear? Man is he angry.
But the most telling moment of the whole debate came not from one of the candidates spewing nonsense. It came from the crowd. Check out their reaction as moderator Brian Williams mentions that as Governor of Texas Perry oversaw the executions of 234 people:

Cheering. Out and out applause at the mention that the government has executed 234 of its citizens. Some of whom may very well have been innocent.
Chilling, that this is what some in America feel is worth applauding. And Perry’s smug answer says everything about what kind of a torturing Cheney-esque Commander in Chief he’d be.

**Finally, you gotta love the British cops in this story. Apparently a man on parole they attached an ankle bracelet to was somehow able to break his court-appointed curfew recently.
Was it too loose? Nope. They just put the bracelet on his artificial leg.
Yep, Christopher Lowcock fooled these bastions of law and order by removing his ankle (and the rest of his fake leg) anytime he wanted to go out.

As Adam Felber on Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me quipped: “Does Lindsay Lohan know about this scam?”

A glorious day at Saratoga Race Course. My favorite Craigslist ad. And Jon Huntsman finally calls out the GOP crazies.

Took a two-day drive through my past this weekend.
Went up to Saratoga Springs, N.Y., where I lived for three years from 2002-05. It was where I had some of the greatest times of my life, which now have led to some painful memories.
It was where I met my wife. It was where I proposed. And now that I’m divorced, well, it was a little tough, emotionally glimpsing the memories for the first time since the breakup.
After feeling pretty blue for most of Saturday, I needed a pick-me-up on Sunday. Then I remembered: I was going to Saratoga Race Course Sunday.
And it is impossible not to have a smile on your face inside those hallowed grounds.
If you’ve never been, Saratoga Race Course is one of the most wonderful places on Earth. Even if you don’t like horse racing, it’s a good time at the track. The strange and enormous hats worn by ladies there, the aroma of wonderful food (the Carolina Barbecue pulled pork was as good as I remembered it), the excitement as post time nears, and the beautiful spectacle of the thoroughbreds racing toward the finish line make for a truly wonderful day.
I was there with my friend Matt, whom I met as part of the Big Brother/Big Sister program eight years ago, and who now (egads) is almost 19 years old. He used to love the track when he was younger, so I hoped he’d enjoy it as much now.
He did. We dodged raindrops and sloshed our way through the gates, and through the first five races, we weren’t doing so well at the ticket window. Four picks, all losers, as our money washed away.
Finally, we decided the 7th would be our last betting race of the day. He pointed to horse No. 2, Motion Lounge. “That’s the one we should pick,” he said. The odds were 13-1. I was kinda hoping he’d pick a favorite. But nope, he thought No. 2 was our choice.
We walked to the window, placed our bet, and walked back outside with my friends Sally and Trevor, also visiting from out of town. Just about 3 minutes before the race started, the skies emptied and rain drenched us.
We ran back inside into the hallway and watched the race on the TV monitors. But it was raining so hard we couldn’t tell who won.
Finally, the results popped up on the screen. Motion Lounge had won.
“Whoo-hoo!” we screamed, and high-fived. Turns out the odds had ballooned to 19-1 by post time, so we were 38 bucks richer.
What had already been a great day at Saratoga got just a little bit better.
If you’re ever in the Adirondacks in August, I highly recommend a day at Saratoga. For the $3 admission price, there’s no better value in all of sports.

**The following ad was placed on Craigslist last week. I pray that it’s real, and quite frankly, who would make up something this bizarre? It read:

“A guy broke into my house last week. He didn’t take my TV, he took my remote. Now he drives by and changes the channels.
I need someone to sit at the end of my street and get his license number. I will pay $10 an hour till he is caught.”

**Hallelujah. Just when I thought every GOP presidential candidate had gone completely over the sanity bar and veered into looney-ville, Jon Huntsman stood up Sunday morning on ABC’S “This Week” and called out Michele Bachman and Rick Perry for being out of touch with reality. I don’t know where “this” version of Huntsman has been the last two months,  but this interview was fantastic. It gets really good at the 3:30 mark, when he calls out Perry.

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” batting .500 so far. The lunatic Rick Perry looks all-in. And the man who really, really suffered to win a contest

After last week’s season premiere of the once-brilliant, now barely-hanging on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” I thought Larry David’s show was finally ready for the grave.
Truly, the show hasn’t been as funny the last 3 seasons as it was in its first four, but still, like an addict, I keep going back.
But last week’s premiere, I thought, was quite unfunny, though my friends who are fellow “Curb” watchers disagreed (as did most critics. I don’t know, maybe my standards for the show are too high.)
Happily, Sunday night’s episode was terrific. Really liked the Richard Lewis storyline (though he does look like death warmed over, doesn’t he?), there were some great Marty Funkhouser lines, and it was just a really funny episode.

If the whole season is one good show, one bad one, I can live with that.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**Well, it’s starting to look more and more like that old secessionist Rick Perry, the batshit-crazy governor of Texas, is going to run for President. He’s now saying God is telling him it’s what he should do, which is always a good reason to run.

This man is scary dangerous, folks, and not just because he’s a tough-talking governor from Texas (we saw how that worked out last time).
Above is just a small example of how scary Perry is; it’s a video compilation Rachel Maddow aired the other night, showing the people who support Perry’s “prayer day” in Texas, which is upcoming on August 6. Needless to say, these people scare the hell out of me.
And Perry wants more just like ’em. He’s going to be a formidable Presidential candidate … up until America (the non-Tea Party wing) actually starts listening to him.

**I don’t know exactly what the prize was in this contest, but these guys have to be a little nuts.
Two Chinese beekeepers competed against each other last week in China in what was called a “bee-bearding” contest.
They wore only shorts, goggles and plugs up their nose (of course), and Lv Kongjiang won by wearing 59 pounds worth of bees on his body.

Good lord some people will do anything to win. Is there enough AfterBite in the world to heal this guy?
And there’s not enough money in the world to pay my mother, whose bee-phobia is legendary in our family, to compete in one of these contests.

Governor Rick Perry is bat-shit crazy. And an Iowa high school boy refuses to wrestle a girl: chicken

Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, is everything you would expect a Republican governor of Texas to be.
Much like his predecessor, some dude who astonishingly became President, Perry oozes swagger, cockiness, and very few brain cells. He illustrated this a few years ago when he suggested that Texas should secede from the United States, a notion at which many non-Texans nodded approvingly.
Now Perry  is refusing federal funds for education, because the Democrats actually had the chutzpah to put language in the laws of the state saying the money actually had to be used for, you know, schools and not whatever Perry wants.
Perry also has some, eh, interesting thoughts about contraception and abstinence. Thoughts that in 2011 make him even more bat-shit crazy and pigheaded than previously thought.
Check out Gail Collins’ excellent column for all the details.

**Unfortunately, this next story isn’t an original one. At the Iowa state high school wrestling championships this week (which is by far the biggest scholastic event in the state each year; a great book was written about it by Mark Kreidler) a boy named Joel Northrup was scheduled to compete against a girl named Cassy Herkelman in the first round.
Northrup refused, and forfeited the match. He said he didn’t believe, in his conscience and his faith, that he should be wrestling against a female.
Some have applauded Northrup, a 10th grader, for his decision. I think it was disrespectful and silly.
Cassy Herkelman had earned the right to compete. Northrup knows there’s nothing sexual about wrestling, and there have been hundreds of girls who’ve competed against boys in this sport with no problem whatsoever.
I suppose you could argue, as my father did when we discussed this Friday, that Northrup only hurt himself by doing this. He was the one who forfeited.
But I disagree. It hurts Herkleman, too, because it reduces her to a sideshow, a spectacle, when all she wants to do is wrestle like thousands of others do in Iowa.
Northrup and his father (who attempted to use religious grounds as a reason for his son’s decision) tried to look big by making this move. I think they end up looking extremely, extremely small.