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Good News Friday: A man proposes to his girlfriend and her daughter in a “package deal.” Steve Bartman gets a World Series ring from the Cubs, and it’s great. And a family surprises a caregiver with an amazing gift.

And a Happy Friday to all of you sweltering in the heat like us here in New York. It’s August, which for some people is a sad month, what with heat and school starting again soon, but it’s absolutely one of the best months of the year in Casa Lewis. Both my birthday and my wife’s born-on date are in August (Leos in the house!), and the U.S. Open starts in four weeks! Anyway, I love me some August.

Lots of Good News Friday items to pick from this week. We start with the story of a boyfriend who just “gets it.”

From the wonderfully-named town of Santa Claus, Ind. (if you’re overweight and have a beard and are generally jolly as a town resident, do you get, like, free oil changes and discounts and stuff?), the story of Will Seaton’s proposal to his girlfriend Ashley Schaus.

From this story on KDVR.com, Will and Ashley started dating in 2010, and soon into their relationship Ashley told Will about her sister Hannah, who has Down Syndrome and diabetes.

“I look after her and protect her,” Ashley Schaus told WAGA. “To be with me, you must accept her and love her as well.”

Will readily agreed to that package deal, and in March he decided he was finally ready to propose to Ashley. So he proposed to Hannah as well.

“He takes me fishing and makes funny jokes. He makes me laugh and takes care of me,” Hannah Schaus told ABC News.

The couple is getting married in October. What a beautiful story.

Next up today, a story you may have heard about earlier this week, but one I really wanted to write about: Steve Bartman is getting a World Series ring from the Chicago Cubs.

If the name rings a bell, Steve Bartman is a huge Cubs fan who, in Game 6 of the 2003 N.L. Championship Series, had a moment of infamy that’s lasted 14 years. With the Cubs five outs from winning, Bartman, seated down the third-base line, reached up for a high foul ball and deflected it away from Cubs outfielder Moises Alou, allowing the Florida Marlins player to hit it to stay at bat.
Everybody was mad at Bartman for doing what anyone would’ve done, but he’d have been forgotten if the Cubs had gone on to win the game. But they didn’t, they lost Game 6, and Game 7, and for the next few weeks the media and Cubs fans made Bartman’s life a living hell.

The poor guy deserved none of the abuse he got, but until last year when Chicago finally won, he was hated by many neanderthal fans (true Cubs fans knew he was nowhere near the reason they lost in ’03)

(Here’s something I never thought of until watching this clip (above) last night: We all know Bartman’s life was a living hell for weeks, months, years after this incident. What about the guy a few inches to his right with the gray sweatshirt on, who was ALSO reaching for the ball and trying to interfere with Alou? Does that guy realize how close he was to becoming such an infamous figure? What if he had reached out a little more and gotten his hands on the ball, then Bartman lives the rest of his life in anonymity while gray sweatshirt guy is hounded forever? Ah, fate.)

Anyway, this week the Cubs did a wonderful thing and sent Bartman a World Series ring. He was extremely grateful, saying, “I humbly receive the ring not only as a symbol of one of the most historic achievements in sports but as an important reminder for how we should treat each other in today’s society.”

Good for Bartman, and good for the Cubs.

**Finally today, we all know how expensive school is, so this was such a great gesture.

RonTunde Hector is a highly-dedicated caregiver who cared deeply for a woman named Judy Wright who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease. Wright’s family grew to appreciate and deeply care about Rontunde as she cared for Judy, until Judy finally passed away in July.

To show their appreciation for Rontunde Hector, the family decided to repay her kindness. IN lieu of flowers, they asked mourners to donate to a fund to help pay her nursing school tuition. In less than a week, they raised over $8,000. When the story went viral, the total went up to $30,000.

“I cried all night,” RonTunde said. “I didn’t stop crying till 1:30 that morning.”

Good wins over evil so much more often than not.