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The worst kind of grief exploitation, fear-mongering and oh yeah, plagiarism at the RNC. And Jon Stewart makes a triumphant return to late night.


So, so, so many thoughts to share after the first two nights of the KKK rally Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

I mean, just … wow. As awful as I thought it was going to be, it was worse. I swear to God, Ben Carson and Chris Christie on Tuesday were thisclose to saying Hillary Clinton should be dragged to Salem and burned at the stake as a witch.

Full disclosure: Tuesday night I was out at my annual Yankees game trip with my wife and father-in-law, so mostly I only followed it on Twitter (but I saw the Christie/Carson highlights and threw up in my mouth a bit.)

But that’s OK, Monday night I was tuned in, riveted and horrified for the whole three hours-plus spectacle.

— First of all, nothing was more disgusting and distasteful than the politicization of family grief. It was ALL over the stage Monday night, and the worst offender was Pat Smith, whose son tragically died in the Benghazi attack (maybe you’ve heard of it?). She stood up and blamed Hillary Clinton personally for her son’s death. As if the Democratic nominee had a hand in killing him. So we had, from the stage of the national convention of one of the two major political parties in America, accusations that the nominee of the other party was responsible for murder.

Going out on a limb here, but as we’ve said so many times during this campaign, that’s never happened before. It’s absolutely, positively disgusting and immoral, what Ms. Smith said, and as we know I’m far, far from a Hillary Clinton defender.

— What’s almost as amazing as what Smith said is that, while she was saying it, Donald Trump called in to Fox News for a live interview, stepping on his own convention coverage! The man’s pathological need to constantly be on TV is really quite something. I mean seriously, he should be studied in psychology textbooks for decades.

— Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato, Jr. were both tapped to give speeches, and I’ll never be able to watch “Charles in Charge” again without crying.

They were both horrendous (Sabato later said he was absolutely sure Obama is a Muslim, so I’m glad we cleared that up), but I honestly wondered where the hell was Kirk Cameron? He was a MUCH bigger star than Baio in the 1980s, he’s certifiably wing-nut crazy, and they had plenty of time to let him talk.

Mike Seaver got screwed, folks. I blame his sister.

— The plagiarism thing with Melania Trump’s speech became a huge deal Tuesday, and justifiably so. Lifting entire passages from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech is hilarious, and sad, and I honestly have no idea whether Melania wrote the speech and thought no one would notice, a vengeful Trump campaign speechwriter inserted the passage as a mean shot at Melania (my wife’s theory), or this is just incredible negligence.

What I do know is my fellow Blue Hen and Twitter must-follow, Frankie the Goat (I’m guessing that’s not his real name) had the two best Tweets of the night on the controversy.

— Another highlight of Monday: GOP Congressman Steve King saying that white people have been the only group responsible for the progress of Western Civilization.

Said King: “I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out: Where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about? Where did any other sub-group of people contribute more to civilization?”

I can’t make this shit up.

— Rudy Giuliani. My goodness, what a trainwreck. New Yorkers of my generation and older may remember that back in the early 1990s, Rudy was actually considered a moderate, almost a real Democrat. Now he’s so far out there I think Pat Buchanan was saying to himself last night “Man, that guy’s nuts.”

**Watched some of Paul Ryan’s speech, calling for civility and decency and coming together. Then saw Chris Christie give one of the most vicious and hateful speeches in convention history, followed by the completely nuts Ben Carson comparing Hillary Clinton to Lucifer. In prime time, on national TV.

I mean… what the fuck has happened to the Republican party?

— Facts have no bearing at this convention. None, whatsoever. Crime is lower than it has been in decades. The economy is humming along, unemployment is below five percent, but if you listened to the first two nights of speeches, you’d think we were on the verge of collapse as a society.

And we’ve got two (count ’em, TWO) more nights to go.

**Finally today, the best thing that happened Monday night wasn’t that Giuliani finally left the stage, or that wingnut GOP Senator Joni Ernst was bumped past 11 p.m. It was the wonderfully welcome return of Jon Stewart to late-night TV.

He was on a sketch with old buddy Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” live episode after the convention, and it was great. It was only four minutes, but it made me miss Stewart all the more (shouldn’t he be doing some of those HBO shorts we heard about by now?)

My first trip to new Yankee Stadium: Good God it’s freaking huge


A snapshot from Saturday at the new Yankee Stadium, a locale I visited for the first time:

It was free Lunchbox day at the Stadium; the first 10,000 or so kids got a nice little back-to-school present for September.
After the game as my friend Victoria and I were walking out, we saw adults with signs saying “I will buy your lunchbox,” and others saying “Lunchboxes for sale.” (Why they didn’t just get together, I don’t know).
Anyway, we’re walking behind a dad and his kid, who’s maybe 8. The kid suddenly starts walking up to one of the grown-ups looking for lunchboxes and says, “I’ll sell you mine.” Minute or two later, the kid sells his lunchbox, and walks away proudly with the 10 bucks.
Aah, New Yorkers, always so entrepreneurial. I actually felt kind of sad that the kid valued money over a cool Yankees lunchbox.

I’ve written before that I think the new Yankee Stadium was a ridiculously unnecessary structure.
There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old House that Ruth Built. Just Yankees greed, led by the dearly departed George Steinbrenner and former mayor Rudy Giuliani, and the complete bowing down of the city of New York to whatever subsidies or tax breaks the Yankees wanted, built the new park on 161st Street in the Bronx.
I was pretty sure I was never going to go into the new Stadium. But I wilted when Victoria, a native Kansan and a dear friend with a heart the size of Texas, said she wanted to see a game at the new Park.
So Victoria and I met in NYC, and took the D train to the Bronx Saturday, to watch Royals-Yanks.

My thoughts? First, it’s enormous. The stadium is an ode to excess, gluttony and just, vastness. The concourses are so wide you could drive most of the Long Island Expressway rush-hour traffic through them. There’s a concession stand selling food or beer every 5-10 feet.

Still, it’s a pretty amazing place, I must admit. The scoreboard was unbelievably gorgeous, with picture quality better than any HDTV you could watch. The selection and choices of food and drink were also incredible; we didn’t go to any of the restaurants because we didn’t want to miss the game, but there were choices for everyone.
The personnel at the Stadium was also helpful and tremendous in number; everywhere you looked there was an employee ready to help with any question.
Our seats were pretty bad, way up in the upper deck on the first-base line, but you still had a great view of everything. Didn’t seem to be any obstructed seats in the house that seats over 50,000. There’s also a Yankees Museum in the Stadium which we didn’t get to because the line was so long; and cool features like the Babe Ruth Plaza outside, and banners of great ex-Yankees inside).

(One quibble as a Yankees fan: Used to be they played Frank Sinatra’s version of “New York, New York” only after a win, and Liza Minelli’s rendition after a loss. Saturday they lost and still we heard Old Blue Eyes. Heresy, I say.) 

I came away impressed, but still annoyed at the excess of the place. The prices are outrageous, for tickets and for everything else in the joint. It’s a facility that basically screams “Look at us and how great we are!”
To that end, mission accomplished. Even on a day when the team poops the bed and loses to lowly Kansas City, visiting the stadium is still a pretty memorable experience.

Home sweet (snowy) home, ruminations from the airport, and Mayor Rudy quits before he starts

Snow, I’ve missed you.

Maybe it’s all the time I spent in upstate New York. Maybe it’s the fact that it never, ever gets cold enough to even flake in The Sunshine State.

But when my wife and I flew home from Florida Monday afternoon and I saw the beautiful white stuff on the ground on Long Island, I was one happy fella.

I haven’t seen snow in like a year, and seeing it once in a while stirs up all kinds of great memories. Sledding in Sunshine Acres Park near my house. Throwing snowballs at my friends. Driving eight hours in a blizzard from Delaware to New York one memorable February night (one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done in my life, if you’re keeping score at home. THe trip normally takes 3 hours, but it was horrendous on the N.J. Turnpike).

I know if you live in a part of the country that was demolished by the storm last weekend, you think I’m crazy and want me to shut up. But in Florida, when it’s pretty much one season all year round, you miss out on things like winter blizzards.

So, I was a happy guy as I sloshed through the airport parking lot. I’m sure in a few days here I”ll be cursing the ice and freezing my tush off, but for right now, it’s all a white wonderland to me.

*** I love airports. They fascinate me. I’ve always been a fan of flying, even when it becomes pretty routine as you get older. Couple things struck me as I made my annual December voyage up the coast:

–I don’t know if it’s a post 9/11 thing or what, but Southwest pilots don’t tell nearly the amount of jokes they used to.

— Explain this to me about the airport: Why do they lie to us about the boarding process on their monitors? Our flight screen kept flashing “boarding”  at us for 10 minutes before a soul had gotten on the plane. Are they trying to trick us or something, make us think we’re going to get on soon?

— And what, exactly, is the proper response to the person  in front of you on the plane who reclines their seat all the way back, for the whole damn flight? Are you allowed to say “Excuse me, I now have about four inches of legroom, and if I want to reach under the seat I risk permanently injuring my neck by contorting myself as if I were a carnival performer?” Or do you just suck it up? I’m always too nice to say anything, but man, this woman today was oblivious.

**While I’m in a New York State of Mind, heard tonight that the people of the Empire State will sadly be deprived of either Senator Giuliani or Governor Giuliani, as Mr. 9/11 is set to announce Tuesday that he’s not running for anything in 2010. That’s too bad, because I really wanted to hear how he worked his heroic work on 9/11 into discussions of the environment, gay marriage, and fiscal responsibility. I know Rudy could do it, too!

What a joke he’s become. Maybe he’ll run for President again, who knows. What I do know is that the stars will never align better for Andrew Cuomo, heir to his father’s throne, to be the next Governor of N.Y.