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Good News Friday: An NBA star gives a car to a woman in need. The best Vine ever stars a dog and a White Stripes song. And the Wall Street trader who donates half his salary


And a Happy Friday to you all! For my fellow Hebrews, hope your Passover has gone well, and for the rest of you, you can now stop staring at matzoh containers in your local supermarket.

We start Good News Friday today with a sweet tale from one of the NBA’s best players this season. Russell Westbrook is kind of amazing, in that he’s almost single-handedly dragging the injury-riddled Oklahoma City Thunder (always loved that term, “injury-riddled.” Sounds way better than “injury-plagued.” But I digress) into the NBA playoffs.

On the court, Westbrook is amazing to watch, sometimes out of control, sometimes awe-inspiring, always intense and scowling and looking like he’s ready to bore a hole through you just with his stare.

But off the court, turns out he’s a hell of a nice kid. Lee Jenkins, the enormously-talented Sports Illustrated writer, wrote this fabulous story in SI about Westbrook last week, and I highly recommend it.

But Westbrook is making GNF this week because of this gesture: He donated the Kia Sorrento car he won for being the MVP of February’s NBA All-Star Game to 19-year-old Kerstin Gonzales, a single mother of two who lives in Oklahoma City.

According to the story, Westbrook surprised Gonzales with the keys Monday, with the help of Sunbeam Family Services, an organization that works with low-income people in central Oklahoma. The star is also paying for her registration and insurance for a year.

Awesome. Good job, Russell. He seems like he really gets it.

**Next up, the Twitter user who posted this said it’s maybe the best Vine ever, and I was dubious until I watched it. And now I’m totally in agreement.

I present to you the most fabulous six seconds of your day: A dog, a guitar, and the song heard round the world, “Seven Nation Army.” (Turn the volume up and enjoy)

**And finally today, Nicholas Kristof is an amazing, fearless journalist who goes to parts of the world no one else wants to, and writes about people who never get any attention.

I’m in the middle of reading his book “A Path Appears” and it’s terrific and inspiring, partly because it brings to light wonderful, charitable people and organizations.

This week in his column in the New York Times Kristof wrote about the unusual Wall Street trader Matt Wage, who took a high-paying job after graduation simply so he could donate half his salary to charity.

A very unusual man, and well worth applauding. Read Kristof’s column on Wage here.