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Good News Friday: Tim Tebow and an autistic boy share a “movie moment.” Yipee, airline passengers are getting bumped less often. And a Chicago Bears player’s beautiful bond with a cancer-stricken boy

And a Happy Friday to you all! I’m happy for all kinds of reasons today, among them: my wife’s 28-week sonogram Thursday showed a perfectly healthy fetus (the only body part I could confidently identify was the penis, so that was fun), my wife’s birthday was Thursday and so for the next six days, we’re the same age (then next Thursday I leap ahead of her, dammit), and, you know, the world didn’t blow up on Thursday thanks to two crazy madmen insulting each other.

So, you know, that was good.

We lead off Good News Friday this week with a story straight out of Damon Runyon (look him up, kids), or a Hollywood screenplay. It really does seem like these things always happen to Tim Tebow, but this one is absolutely true.

Tebow is playing for the Mets minor-league team in St. Lucie, Fla. these days, and the other night an autistic boy who’s a big fan of his decided, while Tebow was in the on-deck circle, to come down to the front row and try to give the former NFL QB a high-five.

Tebow saw the boy, Seth Bosch, and walked over and gave him a high-five. Seth was overwhelmed and return to his seat and his mom, Ileana, crying.

As she tried to console him, Tebow came to bat. And drilled a three-run home run. Leading Seth to jump up and down wildly.

Such a beautiful moment. Watch it here…



**Next up, it’s exceedingly rare we can praise airlines for anything, but thanks to some horrible incidents in the recent past, they are in for a bit of praise today. Happy news to report is that ever since the video of United Airlines flight attendants dragging 69-year-old David Dao off an airplane after an overbooking disaster, airlines are bumping fewer and fewer passengers.

According to this story, the Transportation Department said Tuesday that just 1 in every 19,000 passengers was kicked off an overbooked flight in the first six months of this year.

That’s the lowest rate since the government started keeping track in 1995.

The biggest decline took place between April and June, partly because airlines began paying many more passengers to give up their seats.

Hey, should ANY passengers ever be bumped because of an overbooked flight? No. Because airlines should NOT overbook flights. You have 200 seats on the plane? Sell 200 tickets, not 220 tickets.

I don’t understand why this concept doesn’t seem to work with airlines. But hey, the fact that so many horrible overbooking incidents were captured on video in the past year has made airlines stop bumping passengers is a silver lining.

Let’s hope it keeps up.

**And finally, a beautiful story by Dan Wiederer in the Chicago Tribune about an NFL player and a little boy who is surviving cancer.

NFL tight end Zach Miller befriended Ryan Creemens, a 9-year-old cancer survivor, after they first met when Miller handed Creemens his gloves after a game two years ago.

As Ryan underwent surgery after surgery and painful chemo, his buddy Zach was there, with FaceTime and phone calls, and words of encouragement.

But Miller went way, way beyond that. This is a really beautiful story; read it and appreciate how one person can make such a difference in the life of another.