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A sweet love story at the movies (but not on screen). An awesome surprise marriage proposal. And an 11-year-old girl is a world-class mountain climber

And a happy Friday to you. We start Good News Friday this week with a sweet love story that took place at the cinema, though nowhere near the screen. A Los Angeles man named Tom O’Connor was extremely, painfully shy around women. He loved movies, though, and one day bought a package of tickets to see great Oscar winners for weekly screenings at a theater near his house.
Each week, he’d see the same woman sitting nearby.
And the rest, well… it’s an extremely cute little story that I feel confident will put a smile on your face.
Everyone with me now… Love, exciting and new, come aboard, we’ve been waiting for you … (that’s my new cell ringtone, and I’m not even kidding).

**As I’ve said many times on here, I’m a sucker for a creative, interesting marriage proposal. So I totally tip my (commencement) cap to Sam Miller, who used the occasion of his girlfriend Sarah Cooper’s graduation from American University last week to pop the question on stage.

Well done Sam. I also love how surprised Sarah is that she sort of doesn’t answer right away at first.

** Finally today, a girl who’s 11 years old and who has more bravery than most people five times her age.  Ashima Shiraishi is a tiny little thing from Texas who climbs the most unbelievable rocks and mountains, reaching a world-class level before she even hits puberty.
Check her out (there’s a video of her climbing, too) and be amazed at what she can do.