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The pictures from Houston are just heartbreaking. A college football coach does his best MC Hammer impression, and it’s glorious. And the best newspaper correction I’ve seen this year

The photos run by, one after another, and it’s like an endless reel of misery and despair.

We’ve seen this with Katrina, with Sandy, with so many storms over the past decade, and it never gets easier to take.

This time it’s Houston, the fourth-largest city in America, and this looks as bad as Katrina.

Hurricane Harvey hit with a vengeance, pouring rain and flooding and disaster all over the city and its surrounding area, and you feel helpless all over again.

We do what we can in the rest of the country when something like this happens: we give money, we listen to anguished reports on TV and the radio, but it all feels useless.

So many roads impassable, homes destroyed, and even deaths from an act of Mother Nature that’s impossible to stop.

But through all of that, you see a picture like this, and it reminds you that in times of crisis, there’s still so many good people doing good.

**Next up today, after looking at those horrible photos and reading the heartbreaking stories of Hurricane Harvey, you need something fun. So here it is: A man named Alonzo Carter is an assistant football coach at San Jose State University, but in a past life, he was a choreographer and dancer with M.C. Hammer, the amazingly cool (or if as some people wrongly believe, overrated) rapper from the late 1980s and ’90s.

Well, a few months ago Alonzo decided to show his football players his moves, and they are still fantastic. Look at the players’ reaction about 30 seconds in; this is the greatest thing they’ve ever seen.

**And finally today, longtime readers of this space know how much I love a truly embarrassing newspaper correction. I haven’t seen a great one in a while, but the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel just ran this doozy last week.

Maybe the writer of the piece had been listening to the new SiriusXM Beatles channel?