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A travel nightmare that all worked out OK. Health care. And 4 days in, what an amazing Tournament

**Hello dear readers, am typing this at an obscenely late hour Sunday night. Sorry for the inconsistent blogging the last few days, my wife and I were in the wonderful city of Philadelphia for the weekend at the wedding of Sarah and Andrew (much, much more on that to come in succeeding days; wait until I tell you about the oddness that was the hotel we stayed at having only pictures of Republican presidents hanging on the walls).

Anyway, couple quick thoughts before I go off to bed, but I will blog more tomorrow.

— Southwest, I love ya. You know I do. But 3 1/2 hours stuck in N.C. on our layover, because our plane had mechanical difficulties? Oy, not good. On the plus side, I got to watch the Duke game in an airport bar, when I was totally expecting to miss it due to our previous flight sked.

— Have to say, having been there many times in college but not so much since, Philly is one of my favorite American cities. So much to do there, so many different types of people and experiences, and oh yeah, kick-ass cheesesteaks. I had my first authentic cheesesteak in Philly in about a decade on Saturday, and it was as good as I remembered.

— Tremendous experience as an American visiting the Liberty Bell and the Old Congress Hall, places I saw as a kid but couldn’t appreciate.

— God bless March Madness on Demand, and thank you, CBS, for giving us an outlet to watch ALL the NCAA Tournament games even when our local station is not showing the game we want.

— Kansas lost. That really happened, right? I haven’t been this stunned by a sporting event’s result since Hickory beat South Bend Central in “Hoosiers.” Stunning. To Northern Iowa? And can someone explain to me, please, how a kid named Ali Farokhmanesh is white?

The health care bill passed. Finally. I’m very pleased. Now can we move on to some of the 412 other problems this country has right now? Education reform, global warming, immigration, stem cell research, I mean, it’s not like we’re lacking for problems.

I’m just so sick of talking and thinking about health care.

Amazing, amazing first four days of the NCAA Tournament. From the opening game with BYU-Florida going to double OT, to the last game of the second round, when Purdue got a driving layup in OT to beat Texas A&M, it was four days of sheer awesomeness.

And my Duke boys looked really, really good Sunday. Two away from the Final Four. Can’t wait till more games start Thursday.