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Cheerleading as a sport takes a hit. And a few words about the wonder of hammocks

It’s so easy to mock cheerleading if you wanted to.
Especially when people call it a sport. I know I’ve mocked it in the past.
Come on, a bunch of girls and guys throwing people in the air, waving pom-poms, and chanting silly mantras about the school?
But I’ve softened my opinion in recent years; the athleticism and danger elements in modern cheerleading certainly edge it much closer to sport in my mind, where it’s a legitimate debate.

On that front, the peppy people on the sidelines suffered a body blow Wednesday, when a federal judge in Connecticut ruled competitive cheerleading is not a sport colleges can claim helps make them more Title IX compliant.
Not sure I agree with this ruling. This is not about cheerleading on the sidelines of games, these cheerleaders are real athletes these days. I don’t know where a judge gets to make a decision on what’s a sport and what’s not a sport, but a lawsuit by Quinnipiac University’s volleyball team put the judge in position to make this call.

Further complicating this case was that Quinnipiac killed its women’s volleyball program while elevating competitive cheerleading. That doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense to me, but neither do a lot of things in college sports.

It’s a terrible consequence of Title IX that some sports teams have gotten killed to make room for others. With this ruling, we’re not exactly making progress.

**Has anyone ever gotten on a hammock in a backyard, and emerged in a worse mood than they were before?
Of course not. That’s because hammocks are right up there with massages and soft music as the best relaxants (that’s a word, right?) ever invented.
My in-laws had just bought one when I met them in 2004, and I couldn’t have been more excited. Now every time we come home in the summer, my father-in-law swings the rope out, puts the poles in the ground, and I enjoy sheer bliss for hours at a time.

I don’t know exactly what makes hammocks so stress-relieving; you’re just lying there, rocking gently back and forth, while drinking a glass of iced tea and reading a book. You hear the wind blow, the leaves rustle, an occasional car going by, and it all just puts you in such a wonderful frame of mind. I often never want to get out when I’m in a comfy hammock; I once read an entire book (“Presumed Innocent” by Scott Turow) in one sitting while lying on a hammock.

In the incredible hustle and bustle of everyday life, I find the simple hammock makes me extremely happy and relaxed.
Maybe I can live in one someday; all I’d need is a port-a-potty and a fridge!