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Good News Friday: So many great stories about the end of the Cubs’ 108-year drought. The 85-year-old man who was a flower girl at his granddaughter’s wedding. And a state senate contender from Calif. makes best political ad of year


I’m not sure about you, but I’m still kind of exhausted from Wednesday night.

It had to be epic, right? If you’re going to break a 108-year curse, a curse that has survived world wars, the invention of television and air conditioning, and a New York Yankees dynasty that has yielded 27 titles before you got another one, then of course it had to be epic.

You think the Cubs were just going to win a nice, boring, 5-2 Game 7 in Cleveland? Of course not.  It had to drain everyone watching and playing completely, and come down to the very last out with the highest of drama.

Man. That was some freaking baseball game. I don’t know, if you were watching, you could ask for anything more. Huge home runs. Great pitching. Incredible comebacks. A rain delay (because God decided, at 6-6 in the 9th, that neither the Cubs nor Indians were quite ready to win a World Series).

And in the end, a third baseman named Kris Bryant scooping up a slow dribbler, smiling the whole way, and tossing it to first base. And there, the Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo squeezing the ball in his mitt, then immediately placing the ball in his back pocket for safekeeping, an incredible example of poise and smarts under pressure (seriously, you know how much that thing is now worth?)

I felt happy for so many people when the Cubs won; this was so different from 2004, when the hated Red Sox broke their curse. I was happy for people like Bill Murray and Jeff Garlin, celebrity Cubbies fans, but also for the millions of average Chicagoans who’ve waited their whole lives to see their team win.

As you’d expect, there were a ton of good stories written about the Cubs’ win Thursday, and the Indians’ heartbreaking defeat (is the sting of this loss eased at all by the Cavs’ winning a few months earlier? I think probably not).

Loved this Tom Verducci piece on SI.com, but the story that blew me away was from Wright Thompson, the immensely gifted writer for ESPN.com. He tracked a few Cubs fans on some emotional journeys in the 24 hours before, during and after the game, and his writing is just emotional and beautiful.

Go, Cubs, Go. Sports, man. Sports.

**Next up today, if you’re as sick and tired of all the horrible, negative, nasty political ads and stories, consider this something completely different this election season.

It’s a hilarious and brilliant commercial from a California state senator named Scott Wiener, starring Jaleel White (“Urkel”) , Joe Montana and MC Hammer, among others.

It also features the Huey Lewis song “Hip to Be Square” and a pair of gay dads. Don’t ask, just watch…

If you’re not smiling at the end of this one… your face might be frozen shut. So clever.

**Finally today, a sweet story about a very unusual flower girl at a wedding. Georgia bride Jennifer Briskin knew she wanted her grandpa, Stanley, to be involved in the ceremony somehow. As a joke, she thought maybe he could be the flower girl.

Then it started to sounds like a great idea. Stanley agreed, and except for the part where he threw flower petals at the guests and not on the ground, it all went swimmingly.

“I really didn’t think she was serious for a while,” Stanley tells PEOPLE. “I did hesitate for a while – who has ever heard of something so ridiculous! But Jen was so excited about it. And I’m glad I did it!”

Really sweet stuff.