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Mitt wants to be just like Barack. A compilation of great “Sportscenter” ads. And “Homeland,” holy bleep was it good

And now, there’s nothing left except the voting.
For the second straight presidential debate, Barack Obama wiped the floor with Mitt Romney, a man who continues to set new standards for lying and shape-shifting in a human being.
All night Monday I was looking at Romney’s blather about how Obama was right about Afghanistan, about how Romney believes in teachers (how the hell that came up in a foreign policy debate, I’ll never know), and how as President Mitt will “get tougher” with China and Iran, and I simply marveled at how quickly and easily he’s forgotten about all his previous positions on this issue.

I thought Obama was confident, clear, and did a good job reminding voters that what Romney is saying now isn’t what he’s said before (he was particularly good talking about Romney’s stances on Detroit and Afghanistan).

I thought Bob Schieffer did a poor job as moderator, not including nearly enough topics besides the Middle East (Mexican drug war, anyone? European economic crisis, anyone?) and not asking any follow-up questions. After him and Lehrer, I think only women should moderate presidential debates.

And Obama had the slam-dunk rebuttal to Romney’s worrying about our Navy being smaller than it was in 1917:

Look, the fact that this election is going to be close now is all because the President failed to show up for the first debate. I still have complete confidence that at the end of the day, people will see the 37 different versions of Mittens and not know which one would be sitting in the Oval Office every day, and they won’t vote for him.

Two weeks left. I think Obama has done enough. And Mitt, if you feel like agreeing with Obama as much as you did last night, I’m sure there’s a place for you in the next Cabinet.

*If you’re a sports fan at all, you’ve probably seen the brilliant “This is Sportscenter” ad campaign that ESPN has been running for the last 15 years or so. They always make me laugh and shake my head at their cleverness; even the bad ones are pretty good.

Someone with too much time on their hands has put together this compilation of some of the best ads. My favorites? The ones at 1:27 at 11:05.

**Finally, “Homeland.” I run out of adjectives to describe how great this show is; after the amazing final 10 minutes of Sunday’s episode, I just kept mouthing “holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!” at the incredible final two scenes.

First of all, how crazy is Carrie for doing what she did, basically blowing an undercover mission to see exactly who Brody is associated with, just because she’s unstable and is obsessed with him? When she screamed “I loved you,” you saw just how fragile of a person she was, and still is. I also can’t believe Saul and the new CIA guy Peter didn’t have Virgil or someone else stop Carrie when they saw her going to the elevator, up to Brody’s room.

Clare Danes is so terrific in this role; if every scene in “Homeland” was just her and Damien Lewis, I’d be happy.

I thought this was yet another really strong episode, though I can’t believe how fast they’re moving. I thought we’d at least see a few shows of Brody and the CIA circling each other, and now thanks to Carrie’s recklessness, the CIA only has the suicide tape with which to go after Brody.

Also, how cool was that scene between the teenagers at the Washington Monument? Man, the perks of being the VP’s kid.