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The robot that always wins at rock-paper-scissors. Introducing “Anti-semitic Elmo,” definitely not the real one. And a loving tribute to the great Bud Collins

I’m fascinated by stories of robots taking over the world. Yes, I know I’m weird. But every time a robot learns to do something human, I get a little more frightened.

However, this above video cracked me up.  Scientists in Tokyo have created a robot named Janken that wins every single time at Rock Paper Scissors. I was mesmerized and realized the only hope we have against this robot? Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.”

**Well here’s something altogether disturbing and weird: A man dressed as the famous Sesame Street character Elmo wandered a park in New York City the other day, spewing anti-Semitic filth and probably scaring a few kids in the process.
I’m reasonably certain this isn’t the real Elmo, a story backed up at that link above. But that leads to another troubling question: You mean there’s more than one Elmo in the world????

**Finally, it’s been a pretty interesting first few days at Wimbledon. Venus Williams lost, a new young American star continues to bloom (remember the name Sloane Stephens, a very talented teenager), and Roger Federer looks awesome as usual.

But it’s different there, because Bud Collins isn’t around. The greatest writer/broadcaster of tennis of all time, Bud is a Hall of Fame person and writer (and his pants were always pretty fantastic), but after 43 straight years at Wimbledon, he’s dealing with some health issues and is missing the tournament.
I’ve interviewed Bud a few times, and he’s as classy as his reputation indicates. He didn’t care if you were from the New York Times or a weekly in East Podunk; Bud always made time for you, and always spoke with enthusiasm.

Steve Flink, a terrific writer in his own right, has penned this sweet tribute to Bud that is worth your time.