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Good News Friday: The 4-year-old who’s feeding homeless people will melt your heart. A little boy rescues hundreds of dogs from shelters. And in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, adults hilariously apologize for decades-old behavior

And a Happy Friday to you all! I’m a little wiped out and hoarse of voice after seeing my first-ever Bon Jovi concert Thursday night (much, much more on that in Monday’s blog, let’s just say this was something I was looking forward to since 1986 and it only slightly disappointed).

Lots of good stuff to choose from this week, but we have to start with the msot adorable human I’ve seen in some time.

Meet Austin Perine of Birmingham, Ala., a 4-year-old boy turned superhero who has an amazing power: He feeds homeless people. Once a week, he and his Dad drive around the city and, using money from Austin’s allowance, give chicken sandwiches to hungry folks.

Asked by Steve Hartman of CBS News why he does it, he replies: “You know what Mr. Steve? It’s just the right thing to do,” Austin says with a smile.

Followed by his slogan he uses after feeding a homeless person, dressed in his “President Austin” garb.

“Don’t forget to show love!” he says.

I mean, come on! Is he not the cutest thing ever??? You’ll be happy to know that since this piece first aired a week ago, Burger King has offered to give Austin all the chicken sandwiches he needs to keep feeding strangers, and a GoFundMe page set up for Austin has raised $54,000..

Austin and his Dad T.J. plan to use the money raised to open a rehab facility to help re-integrate struggling homeless people back into society.

“Feeding the homeless is the highlight of my life!” Austin exclaims in the update video.

Watching this kid… man, how can you not be hopeful about the future of America?

**Next up today, loyal reader Sanford sent this in and I think it’s fantastic.  Six-year-old Roman McConn wandered by a PetSmart about two years ago at a dog rescue event and was wondering why some of the dogs didn’t have homes. His Mom Jennifer explained to him that some of the dogs needed families to adopt them, and so Roman got to work.

In just two years he’s helped 800 dogs find homes, making videos of these pups in need of love and affection, and publicizing them on the Internet.

“All dogs need homes, right?” Roman said.

How could you not love this kid? If Austin doesn’t save the world, my money’s on Roman.

**And finally today, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and while I have often expressed my appreciation for the amazing teachers who have helped me in my life (including the fantastic Mr. William Gehrhardt, of whom I wrotemaybe my favorite blog post ever, which you can read here), I think what maybe almost as important is apologizing to those teachers who we have wronged.

I personally should apologize to Mr. Scalzetti, my eighth grade math teacher, for dozing off in class because I hated math so much.

Jimmy Kimmel wandered out into the Hollywood streets this week to ask random people if they wanted to say they were sorry, and the results were hilarious and even a little sweet.

Teachers are the best. Sorry for all the trouble kids cause. My favorite story is the guy at 2:30.