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A terrific Jets win has them tied for 1st. A dispiriting Yankees loss pretty much dooms them. And the guy who jumped from outer space

Well that was a decidedly mixed and bittersweet sports Sunday for yours truly.
More sweet than bitter, because I’m a bigger New York Jets fan than I am a Yankees fan, but still (If pressed, I would say my diehard sports allegiances rank is: 1, Jets, 2. New York Rangers, 3. Duke basketball, 4, Yankees baseball, 5, Brooklyn Nets basketball. Not that you necessarily needed all that information, but I’m here to share.)

Let’s start with the good. I expected the Jets to have a shot to win Sunday against the Colts, because Indy’s not nearly as good as San Francisco, Houston (they get a mulligan for Sunday night) or Pittsburgh, but I did not expect a 35-9 walloping.

Everything went perfectly for Gang Green, starting with the running game, which to this point in the season had been MIA. Shonn Greene looked like the same guy from 2 years ago, bullying and bruising his way through big holes the O-line created.
Mark Sanchez did what he needed to, simply hitting his receivers when they were open and making two really nice throws on his TD passes. The defense realized it was allowed to hit the other team’s QB, and did so repeatedly.

Really good win for my boys. I still don’t think they’re any good, but hey, look at the standings, everyone in the AFC East is 3-3 right now. A four-way tie for first, or for last (I guess it depends on your perspective on life which way you see it.)

Some other quick-hit NFL thoughts on Week 6:
— Man, that was a hellacious beatdown the Packers put on Houston Sunday night. Where’s that Green Bay offense been all year, Aaron Rodgers?
— That was one serious statement by the Giants in San Fran. They obliterated the 49ers, 26-3. I have no idea which Giants team will show up week to week, but they looked like the best team in football on Sunday.
— Hell of a comeback by Seattle to stun New England. Brady and his boys looked pretty mortal in the 4th. Jets-Pats, next Sunday in Foxboro. Even after Sunday, I’d say 38-10 New England sounds about right.
— If you haven’t seen RGIII’s incredible touchdown run in the 4th quarter Sunday, watch it here. Man this kid is fast.

**And then there’s the Yankees. Let’s face it, the Bronx Bombers were fortunate to get by the Orioles; those two teams were pretty dead even. Now against Detroit, even with some Raul Ibanez magic Saturday night, the Yanks’ offense has been beyond putrid.
Pathetic, awful, whatever you want to call it. Sunday night, with the great Derek Jeter out with a broken ankle, the Yanks mustered four measly hits.
It’s amazing how every single guy in the lineup, especially A-Rod and Cano (the latter is O-for-his-last-26, which is really hard to do for a big leaguer. 0-for 26!) look so lost at the plate. They’re barely even hitting the ball hard.
So the Tigers are up 2-0, and have Cy Young likely winner Justin Verlander going in Game 3, and yeah, the Yankees seem pretty much done.

Delighting millions of haters everywhere.

**OK, is there any doubt that Felix Baumgartner has the all-time best story to tell at his next high school reunion?

“So Felix, whatcha been up to?”
“Oh, not much. Just, you know, jumping out of a capsule from outer space and breaking the speed of sound.”

Sunday, Baumgartner, a 43-year-old Austrian achieved one of the coolest feats in recorded history, leaping 120,000 feet from the edge of space in the greatest skydive you could possibly do.

Watch the video (below), and if your jaw doesn’t drop in the first 30 seconds, it may be wired shut and you should consult a dentist immediately.


A huge win for the Jets, Tebow-mania begins, and other NFL thoughts. The play of the year in college FB. And politicians + science = hilarity

I knew they were in there somewhere.

After six games of my New York Jets looking very little like the fabulous 2010 team, the 2011 Jets showed up big-time in the second half of Sunday’s win over San Diego.
Man, my heart could barely take it. But this time the drama was worth it. My boys rallied from 21-10 down to convincingly beat the Chargers, 27-21.
Some quick-hit thoughts on a victory that may vault the Jets into a strong run at the playoffs:
— OK, Plaxico Burress, you’re still an idiot for shooting yourself in the leg three years ago. But you earned your Jets salary Sunday. Three TD catches, each one a thing of beauty.
— Mark Sanchez, you’ve taken a lot of (well-deserved) criticism from Jets fans and media this year. But except for one really poor throw in the first quarter, you played very well Sunday. Excellent touch on the Burress passes, good poise in the pocket, and he ran for a huge first down late in the 4th quarter.
— ‘Bout time the Jets running game showed up. Huge day for Shonn Greene. Again, please.
— Philip Rivers is a terrific quarterback. But why does he always seem to shrink at crunch-time? And how good is Darrelle Revis?
— Such a strong game for the Jets in the tackling dept. Seems like they missed way fewer than they had the last few weeks.
— 4-3 now, with a bye, then Buffalo on the road and New England home. Gotta at least split those. Win them both, and suddenly a division title is back in play…
See how quickly I can get giddy after a big win?

Some other NFL thoughts from Sunday…
I could hear the screaming from my old state of Florida Sunday, as the most popular man in state history, Tim Tebow, won his first NFL start. Who cares that he was awful for the first 56 minutes of the game against Miami? The Bronco signal-caller led his team to an 18-15 overtime win.
Truly readers, unless you’ve lived in Florida, you cannot fathom how huge that man is in the state. God-like status doesn’t even begin to cover it.
— Hey Carson Palmer, great debut! Three interceptions for the Raiders.
— Sixty-two to 7. That was an NFL score Sunday. Saints over Colts. Oy.

**Check out how nuts this final play of the Michigan State-Wisconsin football game was on Saturday night. Game tied at 31, final play of regulation, the Spartans throw a Hail Mary and watch the craziness ensue. Oh yeah, instant replay is a great thing…

**Finally, my best friend Clay sent me this and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s a story from Scientific American magazine, and it details the many, many ways that politicians and celebrities have royally screwed up talking about science over the years.
Seriously, public figures talking out of their you know where should just be quiet and stick to what they know.

My favorite of these wonderful, horrible quotes?

Sally Kern, Oklahoma State Rep. (R), presenting some skewed social statistics:

“Studies show that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than, you know, a few decades. So it’s the death knell of this country.”—March 11, 2008

The Jets season continues to spiral downward. The sensational 49ers. And the best surprise kid’s video, ever

This is how a season blows up.
Players talking badly about coaches behind their back. Neither offense nor defense playing well at the same time in the same game. The players after yet another loss spouting things like “we’re getting there,” and “this was better.”
This is what my New York Jets have come to, five weeks into a season that was supposed to be so much better.
My boys lost again Sunday, to New England, in depressingly familiar fashion: They fell behind by double-digits early, mounted a comeback late, but once again when the chips were down, the defense couldn’t make a stop to give the offense one more chance.
So frustrating, and not just because they lost to the Evil Empire, Coach Hoodie, and the Golden Boy quarterback Tom Brady.
Couple quick thoughts on the game:
— Why, for the love of Emerson Boozer, must the Jets start every game in the middle of the second quarter? For a year and a half now they give away the opening 15 minutes. Sunday they didn’t get a first down until their fifth offensive drive. I’m sorry, but when you start the game badly every week, that’s coaching.
— I liked that the Jets finally got a pass rush going. Too bad Brady still carved them up when he needed to. Damn he’s good.
— Shonn Greene, welcome to the 2011 NFL season. That was his first good rushing game.
— I don’t want to hear another word about how good the Jets defense thinks it is. Once again Sunday, for at least the 7th or 8th time in the last 3 years under Rex Ryan, the Jets D had a chance to make a fourth-quarter stop, to give the offense the ball back with a chance to win the game.
And once again, the D melted like butter at a picnic in August. Brady led the Pats down for a game-clinching field goal, and that was that. Awful.

Some other NFL thoughts on another interesting Sunday…

— Nice to see the Raiders rally in honor of the great Al Davis, who died Saturday. Course, Matt Schaub of the Texans threw a horrendous interception at the end of the game by the goal line to help, but hey, a win’s a win.
— What a hell of a statement by the 49ers Sunday. Winning 48-3 in the NFL, against a 3-1 Tampa team? Wow. That was pretty shocking.
— The Panthers and Cam Newton don’t win much, but they sure are fun to watch.
— Awful loss for the Giants. Eli Manning, you gotta be better than that. Giants can’t be losing to Seattle at home.

**This is fantastic. Watch as a little girl finds out that she’s going to Disney World for her birthday. The look on her face when her Mom tells her is just so priceless.

A thrilling win for the Jets. And a senseless tragedy in Arizona

It’s three hours after the game as I type this, and I’m still too pumped up for sleep.
In yet another heart-stopping game in this NFL season for my beloved Jets, the green and white got a last-second field goal from Nick Folk and beat Indianapolis, 17-16.
So much to digest from this game. Since there was much bigger, more important news on this day, I’ll be relatively brief up here in this part.
Some quick-hitting thoughts for a wonderful win:
— Mark Sanchez, you were terrible most of the game. But man did you have a great final drive.
— That was the Jets running game we saw last year. So great to see LT and Shonn Greene pound the Colts defense in the 2nd half.
— Antonio Cromartie, your defense lapse that led to a TD is forgiven, thanks to that enormous kickoff return on the final drive.
— Braylon Edwards, you’re still not getting a big contract next year. But you were huge tonight.
— Jets defense was superb against Peyton Manning. OK, they didn’t sniff a sack all night, but the coverage was fantastic.
— Not ready to worry/think about having to play New England next week. Gonna enjoy this one at last until  Monday.
Jets 17, Colts 16. My boys live to see another day. Halle-freaking-llujah.

**There are many elements of horror in Saturday’s despicable murder of six people, and the serious wounding of a U.S. Congresswoman named Gabrielle Giffords, at a public event at a supermarket in Arizona.
Of course my heart breaks for the victims, including a 9-year-old girl named Christina Taylor Green, who had just been elected to her school’s student council.
And it’s truly a disgusting mind that decides armed violence is the way to react to a situation.
Here’s what really stung me, though, when I first heard about what happened: I wasn’t surprised.
Not in this America, circa 2011. Not when the extreme partisanship and disagreements of our nation’s citizens have become so angry, so virulent, so filled with hate.
Not when a disgrace of a politician named Sarah Palin puts the map below on her website, a pathetic graphic with gun sights set over the districts of 20 Congressmen she opposes, and says “it’s time to take a stand.” (I wonder how Palin slept Saturday night, knowing her “idea map” was carried out by a citizen.)
This is what we have become, and a tragedy like this has been coming down the pike for a long, long time.
I’m not naive enough to think this horror will change things in America. But maybe, just maybe, it will convince our leaders in the media, on TV, everywhere, to turn down the rhetorical volume a little. To demonize a little less the other side’s leaders and views. This must stop, now, all of this hate.
Out of tragedy, can sometimes come hope.

Colbert before Congress? What a joke. Jets-Fins thoughts. And the greatest Falafel picker ever

In case anyone still wonders why the American people hold Congress in such low esteem…

Look, I like Stephen Colbert as much as the next guy. I think he’s hilarious, smart, and I’m glad he’s on TV every night.
But you’ve got to be kidding me with him testifying before a Congressional committee Friday. Colbert, in character, came before a House Judiciary subcommittee looking at the rights and issues confronting America’s field and migrant workers.

Colbert, who spent one day as a day laborer in the fields for a sketch for his show, spoke to actual members of Congress, at an actual hearing.
I’m sorry, but this is 10 times as stupid as Congress getting involved in baseball’s steroid issue. What in the hell does Colbert have to do with any of these real, legitimate issues? Nothing.
I swear, sometimes Congress is like the star-struck 12-year-old who just wants to be around famous people. What was the great line that Clinton adviser Paul Begala once had about “politics is show business for ugly people?” So true.

What a joke.

**Definitely nervous about tonight’s Jets-Miami game down in Miami. Forget for a minute that my boys don’t have all-world CB Darrelle Revis, or that the idiot Braylon Edwards, who the Jets desperately need, won’t play for some of the game thanks to his DUI this week.
The Fins are 2-0, have a strong defense, and have owned the Jets lately, with three straight wins.
This won’t, I don’t think, turn into a huge game for Mark Sanchez. Jets need to pound the rock with Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson, and play great defense against Miami’s Ronnie Brown. I always feel confident against Miami, because I hate them so much I always think the Jets are going to beat them.
But I’m definitely nervous about this one.

**Finally, because it’s Sunday and you want to be impressed, I give you the greatest Falafel picker in the world:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So close, but another heartbreak for Jets fans. And Brett Favre, torturing Vikes fans again

And so it ends. In a very familiar way for me.

The last time the New York Jets were this close to the Super Bowl, in Jan. 1999, they played an outstanding first half in the AFC Championship, and eventually led the Denver Broncos, 10-0.

I remember exactly how I felt at that moment, that finally, after all the pain and suffering of my Jets fan lifetime, the Jets were going to go to the Super Bowl.

And yep, that’s how I felt about 5:45 p.m. Sunday, pacing in a packed Houligan’s, high-fiving my Sunday buddies Sean the ex-firefighter and Bob the Dolphins fan and the two Jets fans, man and wife, who started coming around playoff time (and whose names I never learned). The Jets were going to the Big Game.

17-6 Jets. Two minutes to go until the half. The Jets were playing great. Mark Sanchez, playing like a 10-year veteran. The defense, all up in the great Peyton Manning’s face. It was really going to happen.

And then, well, you know the rest. Under a hailstorm of perfect Manning throws, Indy came all the way back. The Jets season, for the 41st straight year, ends before the Super Bowl.

So many things to digest and analyze after this one, as I sit here near midnight, disappointed, but damn proud of my team.

— First, I feel so good about Sanchez being the Jets’ QB in the future. The kid made huge improvements in the last month. He’s got the arm, he’s got the poise, he’s got the guts (did you see that hit he took before throwing the TD pass to Dustin Keller? Tremendous.)

— I still cannot believe Braylon Edwards, Mr. Butterfingers, caught that 80-yard touchdown pass. I figured after that happened, this had to be the Jets day.

— Peyton Manning. I mean, the guy is just the best I’ve ever seen. He makes every throw, puts it exactly where he wants it, where only his receiver can get it. I’m convinced he could take a couple of D-III wide receivers, and in a month have them catching six balls a game.

— Shonn Greene’s injury was a killer. An absolute killer. I’m not going to say the outcome would’ve been different, because I think the Colts still win. But when the Jets’ top back goes out early in the third quarter, it sucked the life out of the team.

— The Jets’ offensive line did an outstanding job in pass protection; neither Dwight Freeney or Robert Mathis were big factors Sunday.

— Jay Feely, I’m not blaming you for missing the 52-yard field goal try. The first one from 44, yes, that one I blame you for. Gotta make that.

— The Jets’ future looks really, really bright. Young QB, young stud running back, outstanding defense, great head coach … but you can’t say they’ll definitely be back here. It’s too hard to win in the NFL. Who knows when they’ll be back in the AFC championship game? That’s why this loss really hurts.

— It was a great ride, for the Jets and the crazy fans like me. At 4-6, no way you could’ve made believe they get this far. I’m down tonight, but in a few days I know I’ll be so happy for the last few weeks’ worth of excitement.

**Oh yeah, the other game was pretty good, too. Drew Brees and the Saints set up what should be a sensational Super Bowl with a 31-28 win.

But all I want to say about that game is this: Let’s say you’re a Vikings fan. You rooted against Brett Favre for 15 years. He killed you in big games, he led the Packers to a Super Bowl win while your team continues to come up short. Then, finally, he retires. You’re done with Favre forever.

Only, in 2009, he comes out of retirement to play for you. Suddenly, black is white, up is down. You’ve got to root for No. 4. And you learn to love him, as he plays great and leads you to the NFC Championship game.

And then, with the game tied and the Vikings ready to kick a possible game-winning field goal to send you to the Super Bowl for the first time in more than three decades, ole’ Gunslinger Brett comes out and throws a ridiculous, across-his-body, off his back foot interception. And of course you lose the game.

I mean really, how much more can Brett Favre torture the good people of Minnesota, including my delightful cousins, the Haases? How much more can they take?

I’m just asking.

*And oh yeah, tennis fans, check out my Australian Open blog here.

Pinch me, the Jets are 60 minutes from the Super Bowl. And some Golden Globes thoughts

I have resided in sports nirvana just once before. It was on June 14, 1994, when something I never thought would happen in my lifetime occurred: The New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup.

I never thought a moment in sports could ever make me that happy again.

Dear readers,  the professional football team I root for is 60 minutes away from giving me that feeling again.

Unbelievably, improbably, ridiculously, the New York freaking Jets, a team that couldn’t beat the Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Buffalo Bills earlier this season, won their second straight playoff game on the road Sunday.

They beat the San Diego Chargers, a team many thought had too much offense, too many weapons, and too strong a pass rush.

But by God, the Jets did it the way they’ve done it the last seven weeks: Pound the ball with the running game, play excellent defense, hang around, hang hang around, make a few passing plays with our rookie QB Mark Sanchez, and then put the game away in the fourth quarter.

I mean, this game unfolded exactly as the Jets hoped it would. They didn’t do much early, but they kept the game reasonable (7-0 at halftime).

They got some tremendous breaks, yes, as Nate Kaeding, who just never misses against other teams, melted down and missed 3 field goals (although 1 was from 57 yards, which wasn’t his fault), but were 40 yards or less.

But the Jets earned this win every which way, and I cannot tell you how excited I am that they’ve got a shot next Sunday in Indianapolis, to go the Super Bowl.

God, just saying it gives me goosebumps.

Some ruminations from today’s 17-14 win:

— Rex Ryan, God bless you, you’re the Jets coach I’ve been waiting my whole life for. Not just because you’re smart and funny and know what you’re doing, but because today, and always, you don’t play not to lose, you play to win. Fourth and 1, at the Chargers 28, up 17-14, little over a minute to go.

EVERY other Jets coach in my lifetime either kicks the field goal there, which makes it 20-14, but gives San Diego the ball back with a (slight) chance to win, or even worse, punts it, to try to pin the Chargers deep.

But Rex said, nope, I trust my line, I trust my running back (Thomas Jones), and dammit, we’re not giving them the ball back. And the Jets got the first down,( with me on my knees, on the floor of Houligan’s, with my hands clasped). Game over. Fantastic. A coach with balls.

–What a tremendous game by the Jets defense. They got just enough pressure on Philip Rivers to rattle him a little, and the Chargers’ run game was totally shut down, and Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates were held pretty well in check (though Gates did make a sick catch in the first half). You hold the Chargers to 7 points through 3 1/2 quarters, that’s damn impressive.

— Sad to see LaDainian Tomlinson a shell of his former self. Man, did he get old.

— Lot of people criticized the Jets for trading up to get Shonn Greene in the draft last April. Not hearing those people now. How about the strength of this kid, to run through tackles on his way to the end zone in the fourth quarter?

— Darrelle Revis, that interception in the fourth quarter was spectacular. Just spectacular. And Mike DeVito, the nose tackle no one talks about, had a fantastic game pressuring Rivers.

— Can’t say enough about the Jets’ offensive line. Nick Mangold, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Damien Woody, Brandon Moore, and Alan Faneca did such a great job run-blocking, and protecting Sanchez today.– Rich Cimini of the Daily News said this was the Jets’ biggest upset win since Super Bowl III. Hard to argue.

—Man the Chargers totally lost their poise Sunday. Stupid penalties after the whistle, Vincent Jackson kicking the challenge flag and taking a 15-yarder? Just stupid.

— I’m sure Norv Turner will get criticized for the onside kick attempt with just more than two minutes left, but I thought it was the right call. Ah, Norv. So good to see you on the other sideline.

–Finally, there’s this: Everything is going right for the Jets the last four weeks. Everything. Why won’t it continue? Especially with the Super Bowl just 240 miles from my home?

This week, I’m going to honestly think about how much I’d be willing to spend on Super Bowl tickets. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be doing that this year.

What a country, America.

**OK, some quick thoughts on the Golden Globes, since this post is running way too long:

— Thought most of the big awards went to the right people; was thrilled to see Toni Collette rewarded for the underappreciated “United States of Tara” on Showtime (seriously, check it out on DVD if you can, it’s a great show), and equally thrilled that “Glee” won for best musical or comedy (though “Modern Family” getting a win would’ve thrilled me, too.)

— Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men,” wow, that was quite a dress.

–Robert Downey Jr.’s speech was very funny.

— Did James Cameron look like a guy who had just signed the Declaration of Independence, or what? Seriously, he was channeling John Adams or something.

— Sorry to see Jane Lynch from “Glee” not win, though Chloe Sevigny is awesome in “Big Love.” So glad to see good TV getting rewarded.

The New York Jets can win today. Seriously. But they won’t. And that Manning kid is pretty good

It’s extremely rare I get to watch the Jets in the AFC Divisional playoffs, but today will be the third time in the last eight years.

Which for this woeful franchise, qualifies the past decade as almost a dynasty.

In 2002 the Jets went to Oakland, had a tremendous roll going with a young quarterback named Chad Pennington, and got their doors blown off by Rich Gannon (Delaware Blue Hen!) and his friends.

Three years later came one of the most agonizing losses of my Jets lifetime. Doug Brien misses two late field goals, including one that would’ve won the game, and the Jets lose to Pittsburgh on the road, 20-17.

Today could be the day. All week I’ve been reading and hearing that my beloved Gang Green have a chance.

Here are the ways it can happen:

— The Chargers can’t run the ball, so the Jets No.1-ranked defense stuffs the rushing game, then harass QB Phillip Rivers into some interceptions and sack him a bunch.

— Darrelle Revis, the Jets’ awesome cornerback, shuts down Vincent Jackson of the Bolts.

— Mark Sanchez makes a few big plays, and the Jets running game, led by Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene, gashes a bad San Diego run defense.

— Chargers coach Norv Turner, last seen advising Napoleon that Waterloo “would be a piece of cake, no problem” could do something monumentally stupid and cause his team to lose. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

Look, this can happen. I’m not deluding myself, nor were the other writers, pundits and friends who I talked to or read this week. It’s entirely possible I’m going to be going out of my mind with joy around 8 p.m. tonight, as the Jets would be one game away from the Super Bowl (and believe me, if the Jets get to the Super Bowl, I will be there. I don’t care how much it costs.)

But I just don’t think it will. San Diego is really, really good. Rivers is a sensational quarterback on a wonderful, and the Chargers have too many weapons on offense.

I think my boys will keep it close, and it’ll be something like 20-13 going into the fourth quarter, and I’ll be walking around Houligan’s bar telling everyone the Jets are in it, they’ve got a shot, and talking myself into it, too.

But I just don’t think my boy Sanchez is ready to win this one yet.

And by the way, if you’re a Jets fan and that video above didn’t get you fired up, you might not be alive.

Final prediction: Chargers 23, Jets 16. And a hell of an entertaining season for my Jets.

***Couple thoughts on the two NFL games Saturday:

–Arizona gave up 90 points in two playoff games this year. NINETY! Hard to do.

— Another sign of Peyton Manning’s greatness: Twice Saturday when he was about to get hammered, he went down himself and saved himself the punishment. As Joe Theismann once said, you don’t have to be a genius like “Norman Einstein” to play this game.

But it helps.

The future is now for the Jets, a crazy idea by Seattle, and NBC’s bad Olympics promo

How am I feeling today? Well, maybe this will give you a good idea:

Yes, yes, yes, Ren and Stimpy speak for all of us Jets fans this morning. What a glorious, glorious afternoon and early evening of football the Green and White played Saturday. It went about as well as we could’ve possibly hoped, and for one afternoon, you could squint hard at the TV and see the Jets future:

Mark Sanchez, playing poised and confident, making every big throw he needed to. Shonn Greene, the rookie running back, dashing and darting his way through the holes, and not fumbling; an aggressive defense, which save for one early drive and one big run by Cedric Benson, was terrific.

This Jets team is good now, as evidenced by their 24-14 victory over Cincinnati. But as both my fellow Jet-aholic friends Scott (who writes a great blog about “The Office,” by the way) and Jeff pointed out to me during the game, there’s clearly so much hope for the future. All the building blocks are in a place for a long run among the NFL’s elite.

But let’s wallow in the present for a moment. Saturday’s game was exactly the blueprint the Jets needed to win. Sanchez was terrific, hitting 12 of 15 passes for one touchdown. He should’ve had two, but Braylon Edwards, God love him, still seems to have trouble with perfectly-thrown bombs that are right in his hands.

The running game was terrific, thanks to Greene, who took over the main duties from Thomas Jones today (but hey, TJ did score a huge touchdown). The offensive line was fantastic. The defense shut down that loudmouth Chad Johnson, and got just enough pass rush on Carson Palmer in the second half to make him look terrible. And how ’bout Jay Feely, the placekicker who was forced into punting duties when Steve Weatherford had an irregular heartbeat right before the game? Feely was fantastic, very clutch as usual.

One down, two more to go to get to Miami and the Super Bowl. OK, I’m drunk with delusion; the Jets aren’t getting to the Super Bowl.

But if Baltimore can beat New England today, and I think it can, the Jets would play San Diego next week. I think that’s winnable, especially since Norv Turner coaches the Chargers.

Sweet, sweet win. I’m going to enjoy this one for a few days. Heck, I’m not even mad that my Dukies played terrible today and lost at Georgia Tech.

**Hey NBC, is it really a good idea to run commercials starring Michael Phelps when you’re trying to promote the Winter Olympics? I’m just saying, you can’t give us some Bode Miller clips, or maybe Shani Davis the speedskater, or the Flying Tomato, Shaun White?

Just makes it seem like NBC is saying the only good Olympians are the Summer ones.

***We wonder sometimes why some NFL franchises are usually successful, and others aren’t. Other times, it’s quite obvious, like a smack in the face.

The Seattle Seahawks, for reasons I can’t possibly fathom, have decided to give a 5-year contract as their head coach to Mr. Pete Carroll, who we all know is a bang-up college football coach, truly just a swell guy, but an absolutely horrific pro coach.

He proved that with the Jets, and then New England, in the late 1990s, as his career record was 33-31. Yet for some reason, Seattle thinks he’s the answer, and will lead them to the Promised Land of the Super Bowl.

What an awful, awful decision. Everyone else in the NFC West is celebrating right now. Just like me. Here’s Seattle Times columnist Steve Kelley’s take; he’s just as enthused as I am about Pete.

Hey, one more time, with feeling…

So, how are they going to blow it this time? And JibJab brings the funny

My mind started wondering about it on the flight home from New York Saturday night, and I’m sure it will occupy my thoughts throughout Sunday:

How are the New York Jets going to blow this game tonight? Because make no mistake, my friends, they will blow it.

I know, it seems like the football gods have set up everything perfectly for them. Last game ever at Giants Stadium. They’re playing a Bengals team with nothing to play for, having locked up the No. 4 playoff seed in the AFC. All the Jets have to do is win, and they’re in the playoffs. But they’re going to blow it.

The drama, and the agony, is in how. Will it be a Mark Sanchez interception in the final three minutes, with the Jets driving for the winning field goal or touchdown?

Will it be a key fumble by our Butterfingers running back Shonn Greene, as he goes into the end zone in the fourth quarter? Maybe it’ll be a missed tackle on a run by Cedric Benson that goes for the winning score. Or, my old favorite, the missed field goal (hey Doug Brien, are you available tonight?) at the gun.

I will watch, and I will root like hell, and they will lose. I know this, and it’s OK.

I’m not the only journalist who has an unhealthy obsession with the Jets: check out this great column from Bob Herbert in Saturday’s N.Y. Times.

Bengals 21, Jets 10. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And, for some more suffering for Jets fans, here’s this classic YouTube of some of their greatest Draft-day blunders (pity this thing stops in the 1990s; they miss out on Vernon Gholston and DeWayne Robertson.)

***So Jibjab.com always puts out hilarious political videos; they also do a year-end roundup of news. Never fails to bring the funny.

Here’s their 2009 recap; they hit all the high notes and the illustrations are fantastic.

Vodpod videos no longer available.