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Good News Friday: Jerry Seinfeld, still really funny. NYC’ers show their creative and lazy side. And the most awesome sign-language interpreter ever

Jerry Seinfeld has been funny forever, back when my family and I would go to Westbury Music Fair on Long Island and watch him perform in front of a few thousand people and wonder, “Why isn’t this guy more famous? He’s terrific!”

Of course, he kind of got a little famous from this TV show he did.

Anyway, what I admire about Seinfeld these days is he’s a man who has all the money and career success you could want, yet he’s still out there doing stand-up, coming up with funny new material. He’s just a guy who still loves telling jokes, even when he doesn’t need to. He risks NOT being funny and tarnishing his rep, but he doesn’t care.

He was on Jimmy Fallon the other night and killed, as usual. His bit about golf was hilarious, especially to a golf-hater like myself.


**Next up, I tip my cap to the ingenuity of my fellow New Yorkers, which sort of counts as good news since I love it when citizens get around what the government wants.
What am I talking about? All over New York the last few weeks CitiBikes have popped up. This is the brainchild of our mayor forever Mike Bloomberg and Citibank, and basically it’s a bike-sharing service all over the city where people can swipe their debit card at any of 600 stations in the five boroughs, borrow a bike to get somewhere, then return it to another station.

Pretty simple, but my fellow Manhattanites have come up with a twist on this idea: Instead of going to a health club and paying hundreds of bucks a month to ride a stationary bike, they are going to the bike rental stations, leaving the bikes locked, and then riding them in place for a half hour for free.

Only catch? You can only ride the bikes backwards while they’re locked in place.
Still, it’s a hell of a workout.

**Finally today, something totally out of left field that made me smile (hat tip to my friend and fellow Blue Hen Rachel C. for pointing me to this). Check out this woman at the bottom right of the screen, a sign-language interpreter named Holly is totally translating the, um, un-clean lyrics of Wu-Tang Clan at a recent music festival.

Holly is totally into it!