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The greatest “Glee” promo in Japanese ever. The Kevin Smith/Southwest flap. And thoughts on pairs skating

OK, I’m not going to build this up.  But if you don’t watch this bizarre and brilliant “Glee” promo commercial from Japan and start smiling, well, something is seriously wrong.

God I love the Japanese people.

**So I’m a big Kevin Smith fan. Loved “Clerks,” absolutely think it’s one of the funniest and most original movies I’ve ever seen. Loved “Chasing Amy,” too, and sort of liked “Dogma” but it was wildly confusing.

Anyway, haven’t heard much from the film director lately; I know he’s got a big Bruce Willis movie coming out, but that’s about it.

Then this whole Southwest-kicking-him-off-the-flight-thing happened, and I’m not sure who to believe, or who’s right or wrong. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Smith, a rather heavy man, was thrown off a Southwest Airlines flight Sunday by the flight crew because he allegedly couldn’t fit safely into one passenger seat. Due to his girth, the flight crew did not think it was safe for him to fly. Smith says he absolutely fit into the seat, and could buckle the seat belt and was totally capable of seating in the seat like any other passenger.

Smith, who will most certainly win the war of words here (he has 1.6 million Twitter followers), has been blogging and tweeting about this, and now it appears that he wasn’t thrown off the flight because he was too heavy, but due to some Southwest Airlines mix-up with another passenger.

It does bring up a debate, though: Do airlines have the right to force heavy people to buy two seats? I think if it’s a safety risk to others, yes.

Southwest, who my wife and I love (we fly them like 6 times a year, easy), is going to get a lot of negative press for this. I’m just not sure they should.

**Finally, a couple thoughts on the Olympics figure skating pairs from Monday night.

— You talk about trust, can you imagine how trusting the female pairs skaters have to be of their male partners, when they’re up 10 feet off the ground and the guy’s holding them up with one hand? Forget all those “falling back, I’ll catch you” trust exercises you hear about; try getting lifted by someone else over their heads with a sheet of ice below you, then we’ll see about trust.

— I’m glad the Chinese pair who skated last won the gold. They were a great story. I just thought the Chinese pair who skated before them, Quing Pang and Jian Tong, were better, more in sync, and just more beautiful to watch.

— Maybe it’s just me, but pairs figure skating, with the moves and the music, can be pretty erotic. Just sayin.’

A fun flight home, the NFL gets serious about concussions, and a classic TV food fight

Greetings from the state of my birth.

Julie and I flew home to New York from the Fla. tonight. And boy are our arms tired (Ba-dum-bum). This is without a doubt my favorite time of the year, because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It contains three of my favorite things (eating, football, and family), so how could it not be great?

More on why I love Thanksgiving in Thursday’s post. Tonight, a few quick thoughts before I fall asleep at the keyboard:

**So we’re on the Southwest flight from Orlando, a route we now know so well we could direct the pilot if needed. And there’s a little kid, maybe 3 years old, sitting behind Julie, kicking the seat and crying hysterically for a good, I don’t know, 45 minutes.

And not once, not once, does the adult sitting next to this little terror pick the kid up, walk him around, move his seat, anything, to acknowledge the disturbance and try to rectify it.

Look, I know traveling with small children is extremely hard, and I have the utmost respect for parents. But isn’t there some societal obligation that kicks in there, that the person who paid a couple hundred bucks for a seat doesn’t deserve to get kicked for 45 minutes? Just wondering.

**I have bashed the NFL for a while for what I feel is their refusal to take the issue of concussions and their symptoms seriously.

But I was very happy to see that the league is actually working to rectify one of the biggest problems: NFL team doctors, under pressure from management and the team that pays their salary, putting players back in before they’re ready.

This week, though, came a big breakthrough: It was announced that teams will now be required to consult with independent neurologists while treating players with brain injuries, the New York Times reported.

Comissioner Roger Goodell and his execs were humiliated by Congress last month, which pointed out that the NFL clearly wasn’t doing enough to protect its players.

Now, with outside doctors who don’t care if Brian Westbrook or Tom Brady or anyone gets back on the field to help win the game, there’s a much better chance the players’ brains will be truly looked after.

Good step, NFL.

**Finally, this cracks me up every time I see it. The classic Thanksgiving food fight from “Cheers.” The good stuff starts at the 5:20 mark.