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Good News Friday: The coolest corn maze in the world. A unique and elaborate marriage proposal delights me. And Athletes Among Us: awesome photos

And a happy Friday to you all. Let’s get this edition of GNF up and running with a cool little tale about a corn maze in Illinois.

I freaking love corn mazes, by the way; I think they’re very cool and fun and challenging and because I have no sense of direction whatsoever, sometimes a little scary. (Last year in Massachusetts I was in a corn maze for, I think, 11 hours trying to find the way out. Maybe it was less. And maybe a 5-year-old had to show me the way.)

Anyway, the good folks at “CBS Sunday Morning” had a cool story about maybe the biggest corn maze in the world, on the Richardson farm in Spring Grove, Ill., where 65,000 people every year come to see their incredible designs.

This year’s theme? The Beatles. I’m telling you, this makes me want to get out to Illinois immediately to see John Lennon’s face carved into corn.

**Next up, a beautiful and elaborate marriage proposal I enjoyed immensely.  A woman named Alissa was at work this summer after, one night earlier, complaining to her girlfriend Jeanne that she wasn’t romantic enough.

Well, Jeanne got a busful of people, a little Lumineers music, and some giant flash cards, and gave Alissa a proposal no one who saw it will ever forget. It gets really good about 3 minutes in, but watch the whole thing, it’s all good.


**And finally, my old friend and awesome photographer Jamie Moncrief pointed this out to me on Facebook, and I think it’s all kinds of cool. A photo project called “Athletes Among Us” convinces pro athletes to do everyday activities in ordinary places, and snaps the reaction of the astonished passers-by.

The photo above is one of my favorites, but you can view a whole bunch more here (the roller derby girls one is also classic) or at the link above.