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The Rangers show no life, and their season is pretty much over. A wonderful surprise from Oklahoma. And the great Mike Veeck, at it again.


Well that was a sucky way to spend an evening.
After a pretty good day of teaching, I came home to watch my beloved hockey team play Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals with all the heart and intensity befitting a September exhibition game.

The Boston Bruins dominated the Blueshirts, though the score was only 2-1. It was a disgraceful effort from the Rangers, as the Bruins, who were already up 2-0 in the series, completely showed more hustle, desire and just plain skill, to be honest, than the punchless Rangers.

Look, I knew this team wasn’t winning the Stanley Cup. They had a mediocre regular season, and barely beat a flawed Washington Capitals team in the first round.

But as a fan, you want to see your team go down fighting, throwing everything they can at the opponent. And the Rangers did none of that Tuesday. Henrik Lundqvist did all he could in net, and a few other guys made some plays, but overall it was just a terrible performance.
So the Rangers go down 3-0 in the series, needing a miracle comeback. Not looking likely. Dammit.

**With all the devastation in Oklahoma right now, we all could use a little bit of good news anywhere we can find it there. So here’s Barbara Garcia, who lost her home and possessions in the storm, getting a wonderful little surprise. Watch this video and see what happens around the 1:35 mark; I predict it’ll bring a big smile to your face.

**Mike Veeck is one of the great innovative minds in minor league baseball, a fun-loving son of former big-league owner Bill Veeck who knows how to make attending a baseball game fin.

Mike Veeck has come up with such wonderful ideas as VHS tape Demolition Night, and a Salute to the Cardboard Box, and my personal favorite back in the 70s, Disco Demolition Night, when fans burned horrible disco records.

Anyway, Veeck is at it again with another brilliant promotion; a few weeks ago he wanted to spice up an exhibition game between his St. Paul Saints and the Gary (Ind.) SouthShore Rail Cats, Veeck held an Umpire-Free game.
Instead of having men in blue call balls and strikes and “Safe” or “Out,” kids from a local Little League had placards and help them up on close plays. (Catchers called their own balls and strikes.) The call with the most votes won, naturally.

I love this idea; it totally should catch on elsewhere. After all, with the shoddy umpiring we’ve seen in the bigs this year, could the crowd-sourcing of calls be any worse?