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We’ve got Harbaugh-palooza in the Super Bowl. Two baseball legends die on the same day. And do we really need inaugurations anymore?


We’re all going to get really sick of the Harbaugh brothers in the next two weeks.

But I don’t care, I’m jazzed up about the upcoming Super Bowl after two pretty thrilling conference title games Sunday.

The San Francisco 49ers, with their amazing running and throwing quarterback, made yet another dramatic comeback Sunday to beat the choking Atlanta Falcons, to reach the Super Bowl.

And then we got the Baltimore Ravens, looking for a half like they’d throw up another valiant but losing effort to the forces of evil that are the New England Patriots, before waking up at halftime and ripping off 21 consecutive points, making Tom Brady cry (OK I can’t prove he cried) and turning Bill Belichick into a sore loser, once again.

As a Jets fan, you take your joy where you can get it, and seeing the Patriots suffer is always nice.

But this should be a fascinating Super Bowl, even if, like me, you’re sick of Preacher Man Ray Lewis. Joe Flacco (a fellow Blue Hen!) becoming a big-time QB before our eyes. Two great running backs, Ray Rice and SF’s Frank Gore, going head to head. Two excellent defenses. And, you know, two brothers coaching against each other in a Super Bowl for the first time.

Should be a great game. And if you’re a Harbaugh family member of any kind, even a fourth cousin, your phone will be ringing off the hook this week.


**Tough day for baseball fans on Saturday, as two legends of the game died within hours of each other.

Earl Weaver, the legendary Baltimore Orioles manager who infuriated umpires but took the O’s to four World Series appearances, died at age 82. I always loved, as a kid, watching Earl stomp around the field berating umpires, and this is my favorite clip of him, though I warn you there’s a teeny bit of foul language. Weaver loved home runs, hated bunts, and didn’t take any crap from anybody, becoming one of the best managers in baseball history. He’ll be missed, especially now that today’s managers seem mostly devoid of personality.

And then a short time later Saturday, Stan (The Man) Musial, maybe one of the 2-3 greatest hitters who ever lived, and by universal agreement one of the finest gentlemen who ever lived, died at 92. Musial was before my time, but his Hall of Fame career ranks with anyone who ever played the game, and I’ve never read a bad word about him.

In St. Louis, where he is a God, there is much mourning today. The great Joe Posnanski, who tried for years to get Musial to cooperate on a book, has of course written a gorgeous tribute to Musial; read it here to appreciate the man.


**Finally today, the once every four years tradition of a Presidential Inauguration is taking place.

All weekend there have been parties, speeches and celebrations to hip-hip-hooray the fact that Barack Obama is still the President of the United States. And believe me, I’m thrilled he’s still the President, and not Willard Romney. I think Obama’s second term could be filled with greatness, from gun control laws to immigration reform to who knows what else he may grow a backbone about over the next four years.

But I mean, why do we need to go nuts and spend millions of dollars on an Inauguration when the same guy is basically just keeping the job? I understand why you need an inauguration when someone new takes over; you’ve got to swear him in, go over all the things he has to do Constitutionally, yada yada yada.

But when a President is re-elected, can’t we just go on with our lives and let him keep doing the job?

Just seems like a big waste of time to me.