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Good News Friday: A teacher gets a wonderful gift, and more teachers need help. A Muslim woman in Michigan set to make Congressional history. And a woman at Starbucks writes a beautiful note, thankful for a kindness

Happy Friday, world! Hope all is good with you today, a special day in our family since it’s my beautiful bride’s birthday. I won’t tell you how old she is because, you know, I value my life, but needless to say she still, seven years after I met her, is as young at heart as ever.

Lots of good news going on this week, but I want to start with this Alabama teacher who went above and beyond at her job. This educator, whose name has not appeared in the stories about this incident, would spend hours on the bus to get to her teaching job.

A parent who’s children had the teacher for several years learned she had to take the bus for so long decided to something about it. The parent, businesswoman Courtney Adeleye, gave the teacher her own car.

It’s a beautiful story and video, but as many have pointed out, wouldn’t it be nice if teachers got paid enough to afford reasonable transportation?

It’s unconscionable how poorly respected and paid educators are in America. But this video at least shows that many, many parents appreciate the sacrifice and try to make a difference where they can.

**Next up today, it’s so great to see barriers fall and diversity force its way into the way too male, way too white, halls of Congress.

Meet Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan woman who in January will become the first Muslim-American woman to ever serve in Congress. She won the Democratic primary last week and will run unopposed in November in the general election.

She’s 42, the son of a Ford auto worker, and was “at a loss for words” after her victory.

One by one, we’re getting a government that looks more like America. Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham don’t like it, but the Rashida Tlaib’s of the U.S. are the future. And it’s fabulous.

**Finally today, random acts of kindness can go such a long way. Something as simple as buying a cup of coffee for the next person in line at Starbucks can make a huge difference.

Check out this beautiful note a stranger sent to the woman who bought her coffee recently. You never, ever know what someone else is going through.

Good News Friday: Hundreds of Starbucks customers pay it forward all at once. A 99-year-old grandma knits clothes for girls. And dogs frolicking in a pool.


And a Happy Friday to you all out there in Internet Land, summer’s winding down but Lewis Baby Watch is just heating up; yep, we’re about two weeks out from my wife’s due date, a.k.a. the day my life changes forever. In the meantime, I read these stories Thursday and immediately felt better about the world. (Also, that picture above was foisted onto the world by my sister in a Throwback Thursday post on Facebook. That’s me on the right, about age 4, and already dressing impeccably. Seriously, what the hell is going on in that shirt? Way too much.)

First up, a terrific story of one kindness leading to hundreds of others. At about 7 a.m. Wednesday in St. Petersburg, Fla., a woman drove up to the drive-thru, paid for her iced coffee, then said she’d pay for the drink of the customer behind her as well.
That customer, touched, did the same, and the one after that did too, and it kept going all day, for 11 hours, for 378 people in total.

So simple. Yet so beautiful.


**Next up, more tales of nonagenarians doing amazing things: The other day I wrote about a nearly-100 year old woman running a 100-yard dash. Today, I give you 99-year-old Lillian Weber, who every day of her life makes a new dress for a child in need.

According to this Huffington Post article, Weber has made more than 840 dresses for a Christian non-profit group that gives dresses to poor girls in Africa.

“It’s just what I like to do,” Weber said to the Quad City (Iowa) Times.

You go, Lillian.

**And finally, just because you can’t watch this video and not smile: Two minutes of dogs frolicking happily in a pool.

Have a great weekend.


A wedding in Mystic, and Michael Phelps gets cocky


So I’m up in Mystic, Connecticut this weekend with my wife and in-laws for the wedding of one of their close family friends. Even though I grew up in New York, I’d never been here until Friday, when we took the ferry over.

(I highly recommend the ferry over I-95; less traffic and less aggravation, but fewer rest stops. There just isn’t a Starbucks or a Dunkin’ Donuts in the middle of Long Island Sound, though I’m sure somewhere, people are working on it.)

This is a very cool little town, and I can see why it has the reputation of being a big tourist area. It’s petty close to Providence, R.I., so naturally I’m finding a ton of Red Sox fans up here.

The shops and restaurants are pretty much clustered together, which made it easy for us to walk around. It also reminded me how much crap tourists buy, the fact that so many of these businesses, mostly selling similar items, are able to stay in business.

Being the 1980s pop culture lunatic that I am, I of course checked out Mystic Pizza, site of the not-so-famous Julia Roberts movie from 1988. Supposedly it was her first big movie, but I saw it and thought it was pretty bad. The pizza place, though, was cool. Movie posters were on the walls, and merchandise was for sale as well. They also have the movie playing all the time when the restaurant’s open.

Can you imagine how hellish that must be for the employees? I asked one of the women behind the counter, and she just rolled her eyes. I can sorta relate; when I worked at the great Rainbow Video in high school, we used to give out free popcorn to anyone who rented a movie. For years, I couldn’t stand even looking at popcorn.

Anyway, very cool little town up here, with great seafood restaurants, a great aquarium (the wedding I’m going to is actually being held at the Mystic Aquarium, to which I of course wondered, “will fish be served as a main course?” I’ll let you know what the verdict is!)

If you’re ever nearby, check it out. Sadly, the Mystic Chamber of Commerce didn’t sponsore this blog post.



**On another note, did you see Michael Phelps actually taunting his rival Milo Cavic after winning the 100 butterfly Saturday? The two swimmers, of course, had the most famous race of the Beijing Olympics, when, somehow, after trailing the whole race, Phelps won by literally a fingernail.

This time Phelps won by a “huge” margin of .13, and afterwards he puffed out his swimsuit, a la an NBA player, and stared at Cavic. Cavic had apparently talked a little trash a day earlier, mocking Phelps’ complaining about the new, faster swimsuits.

Nice to see the Golden Boy get a little attitude! One thing I’ve learned covering sports is at this level, guys like Phelps are always looking for any tiny reason to get extra motivated. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, all of them; they’ll use any perceived slight to fire them up.

Anyway, my man Ryan Lochte goes for one more gold medal Sunday in the 400 IM; if he wins, that would be four golds and a bronze.

To quote Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song,” that’s not too shabby.