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Why I’m kind of a Scrooge about Halloween. Big wins for the Giants and Steelers. And despicable behavior from a foreclosure firm

Happy Halloween to all you kids out there, and grownups who still want to be kids and therefore celebrate this holiday.
Sorry to be a Scrooge about Halloween, but I don’t really get the big deal. Sure, as a child it was wonderful to go around to everyone’s house and get Snickers bars and Taffy and the granddaddy of them all, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and then come home and eat it all.
And yeah, I guess it was cool dressing up as Spiderman or Snoopy or Batman for one day.
But once you hit, I don’t know, 11, doesn’t Halloween just seem kind of silly? Ghosts and goblins and haunted houses and all that stuff?
I know what you’re thinking, that I had some Halloween childhood trauma in my past. But nope, nothing too bad ever happened to me at Halloween, beyond being pelted by eggs and shaving cream by kids.

I just don’t see the big hoo-ha about it. Maybe it’ll be different when I have kids. For now, I just see it as a sort-of made-up holiday.

But hey, if anyone has some 3 Musketeers they’re not eating, give me a call.
And now, for a very different take on Halloween, Mr. Jerry Seinfeld (it gets good about :45 in)

**Couple quick NFL thoughts on the Jets’ bye week, when I have the rare stress-free Sunday…
— Man, that would’ve been an embarrassing loss for the Giants. For three quarters they were getting badly beaten by the awful Dolphins. But then, Miami being Miami, the Giants were able to come back, as Eli Manning had a hell of a game.  The Giants are two games up in the NFC East, and I can’t for the life of me figure out if they’re a good team or not.
— Not sure if the Eagles are as good as they looked Sunday night, or the Cowboys are that bad. But that’s the Eagles team we’ve been expecting all year.
— Hey Tim Tebow fans, how’s that NFL starting gig treating your hero? Oy. Ugly for Timmy on Sunday.
—  I’m officially scared of the Buffalo Bills. I know the Redskins stink, but that was a hell of a dominating performance Sunday. Jets now play the Bills and Pats back to back the next two weeks. Oy. To win the division, my boys will have to win both. Not looking likely.

**The terrific politics writer John Harwood (who, like me, is a big Duke basketball fan, go Blue Devils) pointed me toward this story on Twitter the other day. It’s truly one of the most cold and heartless stories of employees belittling other people’s pain that you’ll ever see. A law firm near Buffalo, N.Y. called Stephen Baum specializes in foreclosures, often evicting people from their homes with little notice.
Last year, at the company’s Halloween party, employees dressed up as people they had evicted, mocking them with signs and dirty clothes. (that’s one photo of them, above)
This is apparently par for the course at this firm; read Joe Nocera’s excellent story and see how disgusting this business operates.
Laughing at people who can no longer afford their homes. That’s real classy.